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Team Building Resources

puzzle inside of Prison Break Escape Room at The Escape Game

How To Coach Your Team

Jul 12, 2019

If you lead a team, you should have an intentional strategy you use to coach your team members. At TEG, we use Danny Meyer’s CPG (Continuous, Gracious Pressure). We have outlined below the ways in which we apply CPG at The Escape Game.



Consistent across all situations and team members, every day.


Respectful, caring, encouraging, with the team member’s best interest at heart and the benefit of the doubt in mind.


Intense accountability to our mission, vision, and values.

You have to have all 3 to effectively coach your team! Leave out continuous and you’ll give your team emotional
whiplash by leading with your mood. Forget gracious and you might come off as a jerk. If you skip pressure because
it feels uncomfortable, you’re not enabling healthy accountability that leads to growth and success for your team.

Combine all three effectively, and you have a proven, winning leadership philosophy.