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The challenge of an escape room, 100% online

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You could be fully immersed in a mission just minutes from now!

Ready for an escape room style adventure? Unlocked is an at-home adventure game packed with codes to be cracked, clues to be uncovered, and puzzles to be solved. If you love escape rooms, you'll love solving your way through these online mysteries. Success will require deductive reasoning, critical thinking, and a bit of wit! Players can take on their mission on their own time. Start, stop, save your progress, and pick back up when you're ready to keep going.

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Chasing Hahn

Chasing Hahn

The Heist Volume 1

You’re a Special Agent, fresh out of training, who’s been assigned to the case of Vincent Hahn – an internationally infamous art thief. With the help of your Intelligence Agent, you must use your wits to uncover Hahn’s true identity, connect him to his past crimes, and track him down before another priceless piece goes missing!

60-90 minutes of gameplay


The Silk Road

The Silk Road

The Heist Volume 2

Hahn is back on the run! This time, you’re hot on his trail. Intel is tracking him across the globe as you make sense of priceless old-world artifacts left in Hahn’s wake. Use Intel’s reports from the field to connect the dots and get ahead of Hahn! This is your chance to finally bring him down.

60-90 minutes of gameplay


Rogue Scientist 1990

Rogue Scientist 1990

The year is 1990. A rogue scientist, Dr. Humphreys, has begun pushing his research over the line and performing dangerous genetic experiments. The Agency for International Reconnaissance (AIR) needs your technological expertise to dig up clues, connect the dots, and track down Humphreys before he goes too far.

60-90 minutes of gameplay

Unlocked is created by The Escape Game, America's top escape room company with 40+ locations and millions of guests served!

Puzzle Solver

Getting Started

Step One

Step One

Purchase an activation code to get started.
Click here to select a mission and purchase your code.

Step Two

Step Two

Log in at TEGUnlocked.com with your activation code to receive your mission from headquarters.

Step Three

Step Three

Use what you find in the Online Dashboard and on the web to advance through the adventure.

Step Four

Step Four

Scour the evidence, solve puzzles, and follow clues to solve the mystery!

Unlocked Reviews

chrome unboxed

"Not only affordable, but crazy fun, too. I honestly can't emphasize how much fun this was!"

Escape Goats

"This is a high quality production with a slick website that contains our digital dossier and tasks, as well as professionally produced."

Escape Monster

"Slickly produced and smartly executed puzzle product. This was such a nifty little bundle of joy."

Escape the Roomers

Best Overall Digital Game 2020 Bullseye Awards

Escape Authority

"We've played a lot of home games - but there's simply no doubt that none have been as successful in immersing players into a virtual "at home" experience as The Escape Game Unlocked."

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What makes Unlocked like an escape room? What makes it different?

In Unlocked games you'll solve puzzles and crack codes to progress, much like in an escape room. Unlike an escape room, your game isn't live or hosted. You can start, stop, and play at your own pace. If you're interested in playing a live escape room hosted by a game guide, click here to learn about our Remote Adventures. In our Remote Adventures, you'll have 60 minutes to complete an escape room at one of our physical store locations via Zoom. You will direct a Game Guide who is in the room streaming live! Playing a Remote Adventure is very similar to a typical escape room experience except it takes place completely online.

Unlocked for Teams

Virtual Team Building

Virtual Team Building

You can play Unlocked in a live, competitive format, hosted by Game Guides from The Escape Game! Unlocked for Teams is collaborative, competitive, and so fun, and is perfect for teams of 30 or more. These guided events start with all players in one Zoom conference and then splits those players into teams using Zoom breakout rooms. Events even include a live leaderboard with team scores! (PS – our favorite team name so far is Zoom & Gloom. Can you top that?)

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Frequently Asked Questions

I love escape rooms. Will I like Unlocked?

Unlocked was created by The Escape Game, America’s top escape room company. If you like cracking codes, following clues and solving puzzles, you’ll love Unlocked. Think of it as an online escape room that you can play at your own pace. You can also play The Escape Game’s actual escape rooms from wherever you are in the world. Click here to learn about Remote Adventures.

How can I play with friends and family remotely?

The host would need to use a video conferencing app, like Zoom or Google Hangouts, to screen-share because only one person can be logged in at a time. Watch this video to learn more! [It is recommended for each remote group to have at least one code for their own unique account.]

How many people can play at once?

Unlocked is recommended for 1-4 players.

For what ages is Unlocked recommended?

Due to the challenging nature of the puzzles, TEG Unlocked is recommended for ages 12 and up, but is appropriate for all ages.

Does Unlocked have a time limit?

It does not! You can play at your own pace and your progress gets saved, so if you need to log out and come back you can do so.

Do I need to redeem my activation code immediately?

No, you can activate it whenever you’d like, it does not expire!

I redeemed my activation code, but didn’t start the game. Now I’m trying to log back in but my code is already activated.

A code can only be activated once, so you would need to log in with the information you used when completing your profile.

Can I use a gift card or store credit for The Escape Game to purchase Unlocked?

Unfortunately, you can not. The gift cards and store credits can only be applied toward our physical escape rooms.

Is internet access required to play Unlocked?

Yes, internet access is required to play Unlocked.

Are there any special system requirements to play?

For the best game play experience, we recommend using the most updated versions of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Can I play on any device?

Yes, Unlocked games can be played on any device with internet access. We recommend a desktop or laptop for the best experience as it will be slightly easier to navigate with a larger screen.

Where do I find the digital evidence files for the game?

You will unlock all evidence files via the dashboard as you progress through the game. Once a file is unlocked, you will be able to download it to your device.

Are all online escape rooms and virtual escape rooms the same? Are there different kinds?

Following COVID lockdowns, online and virtual escape room style games exploded with new ones popping up all of the time. That’s great news for escape room enthusiasts! There are 4 main types of online escape rooms you’ll encounter. Here’s a brief overview of each.

Online Mystery and Crime-Solving Games
Our Unlocked series fits in this category. In these games you typically aren’t escaping anything. Instead you must sleuth your way through the mystery. You’ll review evidence and surveillance and follow clues, each bringing you one step closer. At first the information may not seem to connect, but after a few “aha” moments you’ll be hot on the trail and closing in on completing your mission. If you like secret agent movies or crime shows, you’ll love these games. These games aren’t live or hosted so you can play at any time. If you’d like to play with friends, just share your screen using a video conferencing software.

Live-Camera Virtual Escape Rooms
In live camera games you are playing an actual escape room live via camera feed. You’ll direct a Game Guide through the physical environment and collaborate with friends over Zoom. Many companies play live camera escape rooms for team building because collaboration is absolutely essential to success. If this is what you are looking for, click here to learn more about The Escape Game’s Remote Adventures. These games are the most similar to a traditional in-store escape room experience.

Audio/Narrated Escape Rooms
In these games, you’ll use your imagination quite a bit. These all digital games are hosted events, but you won’t be viewing a camera feed. Your host will tell you the scenario and you and your team will progress by working through puzzles together. In most cases the hosting company will show you graphics or a map on screen to help guide your progress, but most of the direction is audio.

Point-And-Click Escape Games
This is where it all began. In point-and-click games (many of them mobile and in the App Store), you’ll work to escape a room by exploring the items and clues you find in the room. Look for patterns and crack codes to progress. Typically these games are illustrated and you’ll direct the POV camera by swiping, scrolling and zooming (in similar fashion to other mobile games).

What’s an escape room?

If you are new to escape rooms, no problem! Many fans of our Unlocked online games have never played an escape room before. In an escape room you enter a themed environment with friends, family, or co-workers and collaborate to get out. In many modern escape rooms, the game isn’t centered around escaping. You might be navigating an ancient ruin looking for gold or trying to repair a martian spaceship in order to launch before a solar flare. In all cases, collaboration is the key. In escape rooms you are searching for codes and clues and solving puzzles to progress. Anything could be a clue. Players start by searching the room. Is there anything under the rug? Let’s say you find a string of numbers under the rug. Save them, I bet you’ll need them to open a lock. There are 6 pairs of shoes, is that significant? Maybe and maybe not. It’s up to your team to connect the dots, spot patterns, and finish in under 60 minutes. Escape rooms are popular because they are social, they are challenging and most importantly, fun! Win or lose, you’ll have a great time.

For any questions regarding setting up your Unlocked account or for any technical difficulties, please email Support@TEGUnlocked.com.