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Charitable Donations

Are you looking for a donation for your organization’s raffle, fundraiser, or giveaway?

The Escape Game regularly offers donations of up to $200 in value through gift cards and experiences!

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While we can’t promise a donation to every form submission we get, we generally accept requests from the following types of groups who operate within about 30 miles from one of our locations:

  • Non-profits
  • Schools
  • Local community organizations

If you fit the description, fill out the form below and we’ll respond to your request within 5 business days!

If you don’t fit the description, still fill out the form! We’re happy to consider all requests!

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Charitable Donations Request

Fill out the form below to contact an Event Coordinator. We'll be in contact within 5 business day. You can also email us at Hello@TheEscapeGame.com or call us at (615) 488-3163.