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Virtual Team Building

Virtual team building activites created by the award-winning game designers at The Escape Game.

Virtual Guest

100% Online Hosted Games

Events Run 60-90 Minutes

Unlimited Player Count

$30-40 Per Person

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The whole world's changed — and business & team development is shifting along with it.

But, fun activities your teams actually want to attend don't have to be a thing of the past.

We would know — after leading the escape room industry for nearly a decade, a global pandemic meant we had to rewrite our entire business model. Now? We've helped more than 3,500 companies take their team building up a notch, all online.

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Remote Game Show

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Team Building Activities

Virtual Depths

Remote Adventures - Virtual Escape Rooms

Play our real escape rooms, remotely! Your team will take on one of our escape rooms via live camera feed. First, you’ll join the event and be greeted by a Host and a Game Guide at The Escape Game. Your Game Guide is in the escape room streaming live and will serve as your team’s eyes, ears, hands, and feet. You’ll progress through the game by directing the Game Guide and by using a digital dashboard which includes 360 scans of the room and an inventory system.

Group Size: 4-500

Duration: 60 Minutes of Gameplay

Events are easy to plan! You'll receive a Zoom link for every 10 players.

Holiday Game Show
Present Pyramid Round

Holiday Game Show

We have two options for your team to celebrate the holiday holiday season! Introducing 'Santa's Showdown' and 'Winter Wonderland'. Compete and collaborate through five themed rounds of games and brain teasers. Whether your team is looking for some friendly winter-themed competiton or a festive Christmas competiton, we have you covered.

Group Size: 10-150

Duration: 60 Minutes of Gameplay

Events are easy to plan! You'll receive a Zoom link for every 10 players.

Unlocked for Teams
Unlocked Players

Unlocked for Teams

Unlocked for Teams is a wild online escape room race. All participants join a Zoom kickoff call where they learn how to play and are briefed on their mission. Groups are then broken up into teams of 7-8 secret agents who race to solve a mystery before other teams. The first team to stop infamous art thief, Vincent Hahn, wins the day! Because the event starts with everyone in the same conference call, your team leaders kick off the event or lead a debrief when it’s over.

Group Size: 15-Infinity

Duration: 75-90 Minutes of Gameplay

Events are easy to plan! You'll receive a Zoom link for every 10 players.

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Games that bring out the best in your team

Your team is at their best when connection is at its highest. Our games are designed to maximize participation, encourage collaboration, and create shared memories, ultimately building connection and chemistry.

Teams that team build together are more likely to stay together. 79.5% of employees are more likely to stay at a company that plans regular team building events.

NetApp Team

The Escape Game’s team-building activity was SO much fun! Being virtual we still managed to enjoy ourselves and were very engaged with the challenge. My favorite part was the game guide in the room’s ability to listen to commands and to make it fun. Would recommend it and definitely do it again.

Deloitte Team

Last week my boss surprised all of us with a virtual prison break escape room and it was exactly what we all needed to reconnect on a beyond-work level to get our minds off the daily grind. I highly recommend it.

CBJ&A Players
CB Johnson & Associates PLLC

My team and I participated in The Escape Game’s virtual Gold Rush as a team building activity. The game’s virtual aspect was extremely well done, and the facilitators did a great job of making us feel as if we were in the room(s). We laughed a lot along the way. Highly recommend!

Our Booking Process

  1. 1. Reach out: Our typical response time is 1-3 business hours and often quicker!
  2. 2. Plan With Our Team: 10-15 Minutes
  3. 3. Pay over the phone or by invoice. Whatever is best for you!
  4. 4. We’ll send a confirmation that you can share with your team.
  5. 5. You’ll receive the event link at least 24 hours before your start time.
  6. 6. Click the event link to join. Have a blast at your event!

9/10 team leaders surveyed said that their team's communication improved after their experience at The Escape Game and 10/10 team leaders said morale increased.

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