Online team building activities and outings

We host the best virtual team building events anywhere.

Our virtual events are fun, challenging and they get everyone involved and engaged. Events are live, hosted by our team and very easy to organize. We are often told that the easy planning is the best part; that’s why thousands of companies team build at The Escape Game.

  • Click Here to See Booking Process Roadmap
  • All Events Hosted by Our Trained Guides
  • Most Events Are $28-40 Per Person. Customized Experiences Offered at a Higher Price

We work with companies to plan all kinds of virtual team events.

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Team Building
  • Leadership development
  • Conference and Convention activities
  • Client engagement

There are lots of reasons to plan a team building event that’s virtual.

1. Perfect for Remote Teams

Is your team remote or partially remote? We can bring everyone together for a great shared experience.

2. Great for Large Teams

We can host events for teams of 4 to well….infinity.

3. Events Can Take Place Any Day, Any Time

We host events at all days and times. We can work with an ideal time for you even if you are across the world, in a very different time zone.

4. Easy to Organize

Contact our team to see how easy it is to pull off a great event.

5. Dedicated Support

Think of us as your corporate concierge! You’ll have support before, during and after your event. You can reach back out to your point of contact at any time.

6. Cost Effective

Your virtual event will cost far less than an off-site experience.

Team Building Activities

Learn about our Remote Adventures and Unlocked for Teams Events below!

Remote Adventures

The Concept

Your team will take on one of our real in-store escape rooms via live camera feed. Your team will join the event and be greeted by a Host at The Escape Game. The Host is your MC and will provide instructions, clues and laughs along the way. They will intro you to your Game Guide who is in the escape room streaming live. The Game Guide will serve as your team’s eyes, ears, hands and feet in the room. You’ll progress through the game by directing your game guide and you’ll keep your progress organized in your digital dashboard which includes 360 scans of the room and an inventory system.


  • 60 minutes of gameplay
  • 75-90 minute total event time

Group Size

  • 4 – infinity
  • Large groups are split into groups of 8


  • Events are very easy to plan
  • You’ll receive a Zoom link for every 8 players

Here’s how Remote Adventures work:

Unlocked for Teams

The Concept

Unlocked for Teams is a wild online escape room race. Groups join a big Zoom kickoff call with all attendees where they learn to play. Groups are then broken up into teams of 3-5 secret agents who race to solve a mystery before other teams. The first team to stop infamous art thief, Vincent Hahn, wins the day! Some groups even raise the stakes by providing a prize back for winners. Because the event starts with everyone in the same conference call, your team leaders can easily share thoughts with everyone at one time. We will have Game Guides ready to jump in and assist any teams that click the “Ask For Help” button. Unlocked for Teams takes The Escape Game’s Unlocked online mystery series and puts it in a competitive format for large groups.


  • 75-90 minutes

Group Size

  • 30 – infinity


  • Even easier than booking a Remote Adventure
  • 1 Zoom link for your entire group

Here’s how Unlocked for Teams works:

We’ve created online games to bring teams together, no matter where they are in the world physically.

Our digital games can be played completely online using video conferencing. Our games live at the intersection of team building and team outing. Your team’s communication will improve as they work to solve a complex problem in under an hour. The game is so fun that your team will experience a massive morale boost as an added bonus. 9/10 team leaders surveyed said that their team’s communication improved after their experience at The Escape Game and 10/10 team leaders said morale increased.

Want to learn more or plan your event?

Fill out the form below, email us at [email protected], or call us at (615) 488-3163.

If you have a smaller team and want to go ahead and book your Remote Adventure games, visit this page to see our real time availability.

Booking Roadmap

Setting up an event is so easy! Our Event Coordinators will walk you through the process outlined below. In fact, our friends over at Haven Life recently told us one of their favorite parts of the event was that “it was super easy to set up.”

1. Reach out: Our typical email response time is 1-2 business hours and often quicker!

Fill out a form, email us email us at [email protected], or call us at (615) 488-3163. Our typical response time is 1-2 business hours. We can’t wait to chat about your event!

2. Plan With Our Team: 10-15 Minutes

Our Event Coordinators will plan with you over phone or email, whatever works best for you. If you already know what you’re looking for, we can typically get you booked within 10-15 minutes. We can also help you brainstorm the perfect event, which will take just a bit longer. On this call, we’ll land on the right activity for your group, select a date and answer any questions that you might have.

3. Payment

You can pay over the phone or we can send an invoice to your team. Whatever is best for you!

4. Event Confirmation Sent

We’ll send you a confirmation with details that can be shared with your team.

5. Receive Video Conference Link

The day before your event, you’ll receive the link(s) that your team will use to join the fun. You’ll send this to attendees who will click the link to join at your scheduled start time.

6. Have a Blast at Your Event!

Your event will take place over a video conferencing software like Zoom or Google Hangouts. Your team will collaborate and sometimes compete in an exciting, challenging, fun and funny experience. You are going to love it!

More About Virtual Team Building

What’s Virtual Team Building?

Building team engagement and morale is especially important for remote and distanced teams. Virtual team building events allow you to bring together a remote team for a shared experience. Virtual team building exploded during COVID-19 lockdowns, but they are sure to continue gaining traction even after COVID-19 ends. They are convenient, affordable and so fun. Your employees are tired of “virtual happy hours” on Zoom, treat them to an epic escape room experience.

What’s an escape room?

In an escape room, teams have 60 minutes to escape a room or complete a mission. They are challenging, immersive and fun. We offer the world’s best in person and virtual escape rooms so that anyone in the world can enjoy our games.

What’s The Escape Game?

The Escape Game is America’s premier provider of escape rooms with 19 locations. from New York City to San Francisco. In 2019, we started creating all virtual experiences.

Do you offer virtual team building events internationally?

Yes. We love hosting groups from all over the world. We often host groups from the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, India, Australia and many other countries. In some cases we can even translate parts of the game and offer Game Guides that speak various languages.

Can we select our video conferencing software?

In many cases, yes you can! Zoom is our default and works really well, but we offer Unlocked for Teams on Google Meet as well. We offer Remote Adventures on a handful of platforms including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and WebEx.

Do you host in person events too?

We do! You can book a team building experience at any of our locations around the country.
View our current locations at