Escape Rooms you can play from your home or office!

Remote Adventures

Remote Adventures

Play one of our real in-store escape rooms LIVE with your friends and family from anywhere in the world using ZOOM!



Unlocked is a series of online mystery games packed with codes, clues, evidence and puzzles. Start, stop, save your progress and pick back up when you’re ready to keep going.

Space Race | Mission: Mars

Space Race | Mission: Mars

An all-new, live virtual experience. Team up on Zoom to repair your spaceship before oxygen runs out!

Virtual Team Building

Virtual Team Building

Looking for a live, hosted virtual building activity? Learn more about remote team building with The Escape Game. For groups of 4 to infinity.

Escape From Iron Gate

Escape From Iron Gate

This one isn’t played online, but it can be played at home! Act, draw, and solve your way to freedom in our Prison Break themed board game. Available on Amazon and at select Target, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million stores.

Monthly Mystery

Monthly Mystery

The Monthly Mystery is a free online puzzle hunt. Solve puzzles and follow clues across the internet to finish each mystery. Play on your own or with friends over video conference

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these all online escape rooms?

Our at-home options come in a few different formats. Space Race, Unlocked for Teams and Remote Adventures are live events and played with a group over Zoom. For these 3, you’ll reserve ahead of time. Unlocked and the Monthly Mystery can be played at any time on your own OR with friends over video conference.

Are these games all free?

Our Monthly Mystery games are completely free. Our other products require a purchase.

If I like escape rooms, will I like these games?

If you like escape rooms, it’s almost certain that you will like many of the options on this page. Remote Adventures most closely resemble traditional escape rooms, but if you like the style of gameplay found in escape rooms, you are in the right place.

How do these products differ?

There’s a lot of great information on each individual product’s page, but here’s a quick summary!

Remote Adventures: In a Remote Adventure you are playing our actual escape rooms located in one of our stores live over video conference. You may be playing The Heist in New York City or Gold Rush in San Francisco. These games happen live and are hosted by our team of Game Guides.

Unlocked: Unlocked games are not hosted and so you can play on your own time. You’ll have the option to start, stop and save your progress. Follow clues and solve puzzles to complete a mission.

Escape From Iron Gate: “EFIG” is our board game. It’s part party game and party strategy game. It’s awesome for family and friends and is completely replayable.

The Monthly Mystery: A free online puzzle hunt across the internet. The Monthly Mystery is not a hosted experience and can played on any device at any time.

Virtual Team Building: Our virtual team building experiences are all live and hosted by our Game Guides.

Space Race: An all new virtual experience. You and your team will work to repair and relaunch your spaceship from the surface of Mars before oxygen runs out. You’ll do this by directing “Hal” an out-of-service Android.

Can I play all of these games with friends?

All of our products can be played with friends. Some products require groups, others can be played on your own. Here’s a summary:

Remote Adventures: 2+ players needed

Unlocked: 1 player needed. Many people play Unlocked with friends over their favorite video conferencing software.

Escape From Iron Gate: For 3-8 players.

The Monthly Mystery: 1 player needed. Just like Unlocked, many play this with friends over video conferencing software.

Virtual Team Building: Our virtual team building experiences are for groups of 4 to well…infinity!

Space Race: 4+ players needed

Where can I learn even more about these products?

We have lots of information on each product’s website page. You can visit them by clicking the links below:

Remote Adventures
Escape From Iron Gate
The Monthly Mystery
Virtual Team Building
Space Race

Monthly Mystery

Welcome to the Monthly Mystery!

The Monthly Mystery is part online scavenger hunt and part mystery game and it’s completely free. You’ll follow a series of clues across the internet and solve puzzles along the way. Check out a few of the games below!

Jungle Journey

Our brand new escape room, "Ruins: Forbidden Treasure", is opening in Nashville soon and to celebrate, we made this month's mystery Ruins themed! Your goal is to get past the obstacles on your jungle journey to find treasure. If you need some help along the way, check out the Jungle Journey hint guide here.

Click here to start the game!

Update: Ruins: Forbidden Treasure is now open in Nashville. You can also play it as a Remote Adventure from your home!

Escape From Iron Gate

This month, we are celebrating the release of our brand new board game (yes, we made a board game!) by making the game "Escape From Iron Gate" themed. Your goal is to move through the different sections of the prison and escape. Click here to get started!

If you need some help along the way, check out the hint guide here.

Click here to purchase your very own Escape From Iron Gate board game!

Basket Case

The Easter Bunny has hidden your basket, and you need to follow clues and solve puzzles to find it. Watch the video and click here to get started!

If you need a few hints along the way, check out our Basket Case hint guide here.


There’s been a murder at the Patterson Mansion! During his monthly dinner party, Peter Patterson was found dead. The detective needs your help to solve the case. Use the clues collected in his briefcase to figure out where the murder occurred, who is responsible for the murder, and what weapon was used. Make sure you watch the video (clues are revealed) and then click here to get started! Good Luck!

If you need a few hints along the way, check out the hint guide here.