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Team Building Packages

Develop your team with Team Building Packages

Team building packages enrich your experience by connecting the game to exclusive commentary and insight from renowned thought leaders. Packages are developed by business leaders who will challenge your team to think about their escape game experience on a deeper level, connecting it to a topic in their area of expertise such as communication, collaboration or problem-solving. All packages come with a debrief guide so you can lead a discussion with your team to make the learnings not only practical, but also personal.

The Escape Game's Team Building Packages Video

Packages Include

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1-3 minute video for your team to watch before playing The Escape Game

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8-12 minute video for your team to watch after playing The Escape Game

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Discussion Guide

Your investment: $10 per participant + the cost of your game.

* Games are typically $25-40 per participant


Donald Miller

Donald Miller

CEO of Business Made Simple and Storybrand. NY Times best-selling author and author of #1 Wall Street Journal best-seller, Building a Storybrand.

Becoming an unstoppable team

Donald Miller breaks down the four roles you'll play in life - the victim, the villain, the hero and the guide. Two of these roles will help you and your team succeed and the other two will sabotage success. This package encourages participants to operate as an unstoppable team of heroes and guides.

Lee Cockerell

Lee Cockerell

Former Executive Vice President of Operations at Walt Disney World Resort. Author of Creating Magic, Time Management Magic and host of the Creating Disney Magic Podcast.

Solving problems as a team

Lee Cockerell and Jody Maberry share tips for how teams can come together to solve problems that arise in the workplace. In an escape room and in the office, it takes a great team to get a win when time is running out and pressure is mounting.

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