Why You Should Do An Escape Room On Your Next Family Vacation

Three players in Mission: Mars
Posted: Friday, Mar 15 2019

Finding something the whole family enjoys can be a drag. The adults want to do one thing, kids want to do another, and it takes half the family vacation to agree on an activity. Good news for you, escape rooms are great for family vacations! The Escape Game is fun for every family member – no matter how old or young. Each escape room is hands-on, interactive, and has immersive qualities that give you and your family the epic adventure that a family vacation should have.

Family Escape Rooms

Planning a fun getaway with the family? Choose an activity that every member of the family can participate in and enjoy. Here’s why escape rooms for families are great for kids and adults!

1. It is a Whole New World

Whether you’re breaking out of jail, recovering a priceless piece of artwork, or escaping Mars, every escape room has its own fun backstory that immerses your team in a whole new world! The best part? These escape rooms are always epic for everyone meaning nothing will ever jump out and scare you or put you in an unsafe situation. You and your team will have awesome, thrilling missions to complete in an approachable, family-friendly environment.

2. Work Together

In our hands-on, family-friendly escape rooms, everyone has to participate in order to escape the room! Leave behind those family feuds and have fun working together as you find clues and solve puzzles. No cellphones or any other distractions are allowed inside the room so it is 60 minutes of quality family time having an epic adventure!

3. Leave as Heroes

This family-friendly activity brings everyone together – not one person can solve all the clues in the escape room. Every helping hand gets you one step closer to your escape. Plus, once you escape the room, you all leave as heroes! Now, that is something worth celebrating together and it leaves families with memories that last a lifetime.

4. Vacation in a Vacation

Solving an escape game is just like another vacation in itself! After you have transported your family to a new place for vacation, our immersive escape rooms transport you all once again! Your family will enter a new world, where you can find, solve, and conquer puzzles of all kinds. The good news is it will be epic for everyone and even if you don’t escape, you will have fun.

Ready to experience this epic adventure on your next family vacation? Most of our escape rooms are located close to other family-friendly activities! Book your adventure at an escape game location near you.

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