Guide to The Escape Game Austin’s Rooms

Jun 12, 2017

With 4 great rooms to choose from at The Escape Game Austin, how are you supposed to decide? This guide walks you through each game, so you can choose the experience that is best suited to your interests. Keep reading for some suggestions that will hopefully make the choice a little bit easier.


Difficulty: 7/10

escape game austin

The gist: Be a hero to the world and stop an impending attack.

Your mission: You and your team have reason to believe there’s about to be an international attack that will threaten lives around the world. You’ll have to think like the attackers to try to figure out as much information as possible related to the threat. If you succeed, the authorities will be able to step in and prevent the attack before it happens. If not, the future of the world is at stake. Time is ticking – you better get started.

These people would make great teammates for Classified: Nancy Drew, James Bond, Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds

You might like Classified if you like… The TV show Sherlock, the CIA, secret codes

Gold Rush

Difficulty: 8/10

escape game austin

The gist: You’re on the hunt for hidden gold…but so is the mob. Find it first!

Your mission: You and your team have learned that infamous gold prospector Clyde Hamilton has gone missing, leaving his gold stash up for grabs. You have an idea of where the gold might be hidden, but so does the mob. Whoever gets there first gets to claim the fortune, so you’d better move quickly!

These people would make great teammates for Gold Rush: Indiana Jones, Benjamin Gates from National Treasure, John Locke from Lost

You might like Gold Rush if you like… The TV show Gold Rush, camping, shooting ranges, being outdoors

The Heist

Difficulty: 8/10

escape game austin

The gist: A priceless piece of art has gone missing. Can you pull off the ultimate art heist and steal it back?

Your mission: A famous art piece has gone missing, and no one knows what happened to it. We suspect the curator of the museum has stolen it himself, so it’s up to you and your teammates to break into his office and return the painting to its rightful owners. Here’s the problem – you only have one hour until the curator returns, and if you aren’t out by then, you’ll be treated as criminals yourselves. The choice is yours – are you going to come out a hero or a crook?

These people would make great teammates for The Heist: Banksy, Ross from Friends, Bob Ross

You might like The Heist if you like… The movie Ocean’s 11, art museums, bank robberies

Prison Break

Difficulty: 9/10

escape game austin

The gist: The merciless warden will be in a meeting for 60 minutes. Can you escape in time?

Your mission: You’ve been convicted of a crime you didn’t commit, and the next thing you know, you’re locked up at Iron Gate Prison. You decide to try to escape since you know you’re innocent and don’t deserve the prison sentence. There’s another problem, though – the guy who used to live in your cell went missing and no one knows what might have happened to him, so you’ll have to be extra careful. Can you make it out before the warden returns from his staff meeting to bust you?

These people would make great teammates for Prison Break: Sawyer from Lost, Harry Houdini, Neal Caffrey from White Collar

You might like Prison Break if you like… The TV show Orange is the New Black, The TV show Prison Break, striped jumpsuits, chess


A picture of one of our former games, Underground Playground

Guide to The Escape Game Rooms

Jun 7, 2017

Underground Playground


That Time We Built a Prison Escape Game

May 25, 2017

Imagine this scenario: you’ve been convicted of a crime and assigned to a life sentence at Iron Gate Prison, but get this – you’re innocent. It looks like you only have two options: you can live out your prison sentence knowing that you deserve to be free, or risk your life by trying to escape. The risk of trying to escape could be even more significant than it seems, because the inmate who used to live in your prison cell has gone missing, and he left no sign of what might have happened to him. As dangerous as it might be, you decide that you have no choice. With only the contents of your cell and some information from fellow inmates, you set out on your escape mission.

This scenario is no longer just in your imagination when you play Prison Break at The Escape Game. After arriving and going over some basic game points, you and your team will walk into Iron Gate as convicts hoping to break free as quickly as possible. You’ll start out divided into two adjacent prison cells, but make no mistake – you’ll still need to work together with your teammates in the other cell if you want another chance at life beyond the prison walls. After you find a way to break out of your cells, you’ll have to figure out how to get into the warden’s office to complete your final task and walk free.

To get a glimpse of what escaping Iron Gate really looks like, check out this quick 30-second video.

As you can probably tell, escaping a prison is no easy task, and there’s one more thing – time is of the essence. Your one shot at escape is the warden’s hour long staff meeting, giving you exactly 60 minutes to make it outside the prison walls or risk being stuck in Iron Gate forever.

As The Escape Game’s most difficult room, Prison Break is comprised of a variety of puzzles that will require ingenuity, resourcefulness, and quick thinking from teams. Everyone’s strengths will come in handy, whether your team includes your mom who has a knack for problem solving, your best friend who has sharp eyes, or your boss who is great at keeping everyone on track. It won’t be simple, but we think you’re ready to take on the challenge.

Creating Our Prison Escape Game


As difficult as it might be to escape from prison, creating the game was a significant task too. The creative division had a very specific intent as they decided on their vision of Iron Gate:

“The cells are very prison like. With the real steel doors and the CMU blocks, which are what prisons are made out of typically, we built a prison. That’s what we strive to do in our department, to build a game that makes you feel like you’re there. We did that with Prison Break.” – Marshall, Creative Division

To gain an even deeper understanding of what the game creation process looks like, take a peek at this clip that shows the early stages of visualizing a prison concept.

Our team is so dedicated to making our games as true to life as possible, they even included real prison toilets! They came right out of Memphis State Penitentiary – but don’t worry, they were extensively cleaned and sanitized before they ever came near our game rooms. To hear more about the behind-the-scenes game production process, take a look at this video from our creative division.

Clearly, no expense is spared when it comes to making our games as realistic as possible. Between the elaborate room designs and the thrill of trying to escape, you might even forget that you’re not actually stuck in prison! Do you think your team is ready for the challenge? Book your game now to see if you’ve got what it takes!


The Most Cost Efficient Way To Visit Mars

May 24, 2017

The Martian, Interstellar, Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Avatar, Wall-E, Moon, Life, and Guardians Of The Galaxy – What do all of these movies have in common? (Answer at the end of the article)

For hundreds of years, man has been obsessed with the idea of space travel and if we are truly the only lifeforms in the universe. Only fairly recently have we not only been able to breach our atmosphere to explore the never ending depths of space, but we have also seriously considered colonizing another planet. For years, the human race has questioned if that was possible and if so, what planet would be able to sustain human life. Finally, after years of research, NASA and countless other brainiacs across the world have concluded that the ‘Red Planet’ might have the resources to potentially uphold a civilization, if done properly.

Just imagine living out some of your favorite sci-fi movies as a kid and saying that you might actually, one day, live on Mars. But, if you’re like me, you might see one issue with making that a reality… It’s suuuper expensive

Yes, getting to the Red Planet isn’t exactly going to be the easiest task if you’re trying to manage a budget, BUT HAVE NO FEAR – THE ESCAPE GAME HAS A SOLUTION!

We have teamed up with our experts in the game department, who are basically NASA engineers (ok maybe not quite), to bring the next best thing for anyone looking to get a little closer to making a childhood dream come true.

Mission: Mars provides the closest look to Mars that NASA is able to approve of without you having to leave the comfort of planet Earth. (ok NASA didn’t actually approve it, but we think they would. Shout out NASA…we love you!)

But don’t be fooled, Mission: Mars isn’t all radiation rays and rock formations during your planetary visit. In order to enjoy the full view and amenities that the Red Planet offers, you’ll first have to repair your ship that has taken some damage upon its descent into Mars’ atmosphere. But if that doesn’t get your adrenaline rushing, you’ll have to also complete these tasks in under one hour or face the consequences of a rogue solar flare traveling your way!

Need a better idea of what your trip to Mars entails? Watch your mission video here!

And we ALL saw what happened to Matt Damon when he went to Mars right? (ie. bring some loyal friends to help out on your travels to Mars…or else you may be stranded)

Think you got what it takes? Click Here to book your next vacation destination – with a twist!

PS. The answer is they all have to do with either planetary or galactic discovery/travel/exploration, but I’m positive you already knew that!

Written By: DJ Meadows of The Escape Game Chicago

Header Picture From Julen Mauve’s ‘Greetings From Mars’


Treat Your Team to The Escape Game and Hard Rock Cafe!

May 18, 2017

Team building doesn’t always mean trust falls… instead take your team out for a day they won’t forget!

The Escape Game Chicago has partnered with Hard Rock Cafe to offer corporate teams the ultimate Team Building experience!

What does it include?

A ONE HOUR Experience at The Escape Game

Choose Your Escape:

  • The Heist
  • Mission: Mars
  • Prison Break
  • Gold Rush

Then, a TWO HOUR Food and Cocktail Reception at Hard Rock Cafe


  • Tupelo Chicken Tenders w/ Honey Mustard & BBQ Sauce
  • Classic Bruschetta on Grilled Artisan Bread
  • Caprese Skewers w/ Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese, Basil & Balsamic
  • Legendary Mini Burgers: Hickory BBQ Bacon Burger
  • 2 Hour Call Bar Package

Here’s What Corporate Groups Have Said About The Escape Game: 


For more information and to book your Corporate Outing, please call The Escape Game at (312) 453 – 7753.

A photo from our Mission: Mars experience

Nashville Predators Play The Mission: Mars Escape Room

Apr 4, 2017

While preparing for the upcoming Stanley Cup Playoffs, Nashville Predators players Cody McLeod, Colton Sissons, and Brad Hunt took a break from hockey to visit The Escape Game. These hockey pros turned into astronauts for an afternoon in our Mission: Mars escape room. Nothing improves synergy on the ice like a trip to Mars!