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Top 9 Escape Room Directories and Blogs

We’ve compiled all the resources you need for epic, physical and virtual escape room experiences!

Oct 25, 20214 min read

Anecia Ascalon
Anecia Ascalon
Team Building Expert

With more than 2,000 escape rooms in the United States and even more around the globe, there are plenty of resources for fans to get all the insider information.

If you’re looking for data on nearby rooms, top-rated companies, enthusiast groups, and avid bloggers, we can help!

Here we’ve compiled all the resources you need for epic, physical and virtual escape room experiences!

Blogs + Directories

One of the best places to find news is through blogs. Here are a few active and popular blogs that also feature directories.

the depths escape room at The Escape Game

1. Room Escape Artist

Part blog and part directory, Room Escape Artist keeps followers up to date with escape game reviews, national event coverage, and remote and regional recommendations.

They even have a podcast for those of you who enjoy listening over reading! You can subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

2. EscapeRoom.Com

Escaperoom.com shares national escape game news stories, anthologies of rooms per city, blog posts, testimonials, and prices for different games. They cover 6,000 games, 2,000 companies, and over 1,000 cities!

3. Escape Room Addict

Whether you want a review of a physical room, at-home game recommendations, or just to find an escape room near you, Escape Room Addict has got you covered!

When searching for games you can filter by company, immersion, puzzle design, and even fun-factor. You can also follow them on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter.

4. Escape The Roomers

Created by a couple-duo, this enthusiast blog offers reviews for in-person and remote games, behind-the-scenes articles, and a YouTube vlog series. They’ve currently played over 500 escape rooms in over 30+ countries! You can subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Ultimate Quest - "The Last Pyramid: The Sands of Time" TRAILER

5. Escape Room Tips

Escape Room Tips offers advice and tricks on how to beat escape games! They also have lists of the top ten escape rooms in cities throughout the U.S.

playground escape room at the escape game

6. Every Escape Room

This extensive directory lists rooms all across the United States and online games. Every Escape Room (https://www.everyescaperoom.com/blog) shares locations, companies, reviews, ratings, and photos for all the games listed on their website.

Their blog covers everything from real-life escape situations to the scariest escape games in America!

7. Live Video Escape Rooms

Are you looking specifically for rooms you can play at home? Live Escape Rooms has all in information you need! They share live, hosted online rooms available to play as well as pricing information and website links.

They also include games that aren’t hosted live but are still playable online at your own pace.

special ops escape room at the escape game

8. World Of Escapes

World of Escapes divides up their data by state and city so you can find the top escape rooms in your location. In addition to listing hundreds of escape rooms in the U.S., they also cover other countries!

Popular included American cities are New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, and Miami.

World of Escapes also shares reviews of new U.S. games and documents their player counts, time limit, and difficulty levels.

9. The Room Escapist

For an extensive list of rooms and reviews, check out The Room Escapist. For each room they’ve played, they cover everything you would want to know: pros, cons, game theme, difficulty level, location, cost, and parking.

You can also read their ratings of each game based on puzzle logic, craftsmanship, story, and ambiance.

Now that you’ve found some awesome rooms to play, check out our Ultimate Guide on How to Beat an Escape Room in 60 minutes!

the depths escape room at the escape game