Escape Room Conferences and Conventions

Posted: Wednesday, Oct 27 2021

Escape room conferences and conventions take place all over the world. These are the best places to experience various kinds of escape rooms in one day, learn more about the growing industry, and meet fellow escape room owners and enthusiasts. 

We celebrated International Escape Room Day on October 1st with special edition pins and stickers for guests! Here, we’ll share other awesome escape room conferences, conventions, and events.

1. TransWorld’s Room Escape Conference

room photo from The Escape Game

TransWorld’s Room Escape Conference takes place yearly in St. Louis, Missouri. The conference features in-depth room seminars led by leaders in this industry, escape room exhibits, hands-on floor demos, local escape room attractions, networking parties, as well as exclusive resources that you won’t find anywhere else.

This is, without a doubt, the largest conference dedicated to the escape room industry in the United States. Escape room owners and enthusiasts travel from not only all over the country, not to mention from Canada and even the world to attend this iconic event!

Undoubtedly, there is something for everyone at the TransWorld Room Escape Conference – you won’t want to miss it!

In 2022, the TransWord Room Escape Conference will take place on March 17-20 in St. Louis, Missouri.

2. Reality Escape Convention

The Reality Escape Convention (RECON, for short) is an immersive experience for industry professionals and escape game enthusiasts. During the 2021 RECON, visitors could attend any of 14 talks that focused on the future of the industry. Tickets are available in three tiers, along with two add-ons:

  • Basic: Name your price
  • Pro: Includes a workshop
  • VIP: Gain special access
  • Play Pass Add-on: Allows gameplay
  • Virtual Escape Jam Add-on: Create your own game

In 2022, RECON will take place on August 21-22 in Boston, MA.

3. TransWorld’s Room Escape Summit

This is another room escape event hosted by TransWorld, but this summit takes place in Rosemont, Illinois. It’s the perfect place to learn, network, create and connect with all things escape rooms! 

Here, escape room owners find inspiration to develop their businesses, gain industry connections, absorb curated educational content, and can also participate in hands-on workshops.

TransWorld Room Escape Summit has not released event dates for 2022.

4. Escape Room City

escape room convention

Escape Room City is “a trade show within a trade show!” In March 2022, the TransWorld Room Escape Conference will host a special Halloween-themed conference. This is a great opportunity for escape room owners to expand their offerings and add an element of fright to escape room fun. 

The Halloween & Attractions Show will exhibit the latest in escape room tech, interactive puzzles, and games and room concepts. Additionally, attendees will find design, consulting, and marketing services.

The show also offers the latest information in graphic design and web design. Lastly, attendees can see incredible show-floor demonstrations and receive online promotions.

It’s the perfect place to develop your business so you can solidify yourself as a leader in the escape game industry.

Check Out These Awesome Escape Room Conferences and Conventions in 2022!

This industry is getting bigger and better every year. As it continues to grow, the number of conferences and conventions likewise will grow. In the meantime, we highly suggest making an effort to attend one of these conferences as soon as you can! You can also play a virtual escape room in the meantime here!