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14 Things That Happen At An Escape Room Office Outing

Escape rooms great for team-building, and our games are a fun activity that allows groups to leave the office and enjoy time together!

Jan 8, 20194 min read

Anecia Ascalon
Anecia Ascalon
Team Building Expert

What is an escape room? An escape room is a 60-minute adventure where players will have to complete a mission and escape before time runs out. Not only are escape rooms great for team-building, but our games are a fun activity that allows groups to leave the office and enjoy time together!

The Best Workday Ever!

1. The Secret Is Out.

Your boss comes in and tells you, “We’re doing an escape room office outing today!” And you’re like, “Score! I’ve always wanted to go to The Escape Game!” Or perhaps you already been and are ready to share some valuable tips on how to beat an escape room. Either way, your day just got way more awesome!


2. Anticipation Takes Over.

You realize, “Wait a minute, I’m going to be doing an escape room team building activity where my chances of solving an escape room depend on my ability to collaborate with my team members in order to uncover hidden clues, solve puzzles, and complete a mission in under 60-minutes?”


3. Confidence Grows.

Remember, escape rooms are challenging but not impossible. Forget sitting at your desk doing paperwork or taking notes for a board room meeting – you’re about to launch a spaceship, find hidden gold, or recover a hidden painting from a notorious art thief!


4. It’s Game Time.

You arrive at The Escape Game, and your guide walks you through the rules. Seems easy enough! Now, you have one hour to complete the mission and escape the room. Bragging rights are on the line! The game time is set. 3…2…1…GO!

Game Time

5. Your Epic Adventure Begins.

The escape room is filled with lots of furniture, cool props, and colorful knick knacks. What should you examine first – the backpack in the corner or the piano near the door? CALM DOWN. Channel your inner hero, and let’s get this party started!

Everyone Calm Down

6. Excitement Builds.

Everyone else in the escape room is excited too. It’s only been three minutes, but one of your coworkers has already solved the first clue. Everyone is starting to get into the groove of things!


7. Challenges Arise.

Forty-five minutes in and you have solved another four clues to beat an escape room! But then, your coworker keeps getting the answer wrong to the puzzle that needs to be solved in order to crack the next clue. Don’t panic! You can ask your game guide for a clue – don’t wait too long – this isn’t a time for pride.


8. The Team Comes Together.

You take deep breaths and remind yourself that the point of an escape room team building activity or office outing is to practice patience—even when it is very hard to be patient.


9. Panic Starts To Set In.

You realize the group might not be able to escape the room in time. There are only twenty minutes left, and you still have to collect six more clues, unlock the treasure chest, AND find a dozen more keys.


10. Will You Escape?

All you want to do is get out of the escape room. You’ve never wanted anything more in your life than to escape. You feel like wailing, “LET ME OUT!”


11. A Hero Emerges.

Your heart is pounding, and you’re hyper-conscious of the clock reminding you there are only five minutes left to escape the room. But then! You help figure out the last clue, and it unlocks a box with a key. Could this be the last key that unlocks the escape room?


12. Success!

Nothing’s greater than the feeling of sweet victory when you unlock that door and celebrate solving an escape room with your coworkers. It’s high-fives and hugs all around. Celebrate – you earned it!


13. Reality Check.

Then it’s back to the boring office…

Desk turn

14. Life Goes On.

…where you’re counting down the days until the next escape room office outing!

Life goes on

Can Your Office Beat An Escape Room?

There’s only one way to find out! Find an escape game location near you!

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