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The Escape Game is perfect for groups who want to become more effective teams together. Forget the icebreaker questions and murder mystery parties and try an escape room for a truly epic experience.

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The Escape Game Pigeon Forge is a fantastic team building outing to develop communication and create connections.

after team building at The Escape Game

after team building at The Escape Game

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Companies all around the country are using The Escape Game for their epic team building activities. Whether intentional team building is a part of your regular work routine, or your company has a special occasion on the horizon, you should try The Escape Game Pigeon Forge for your team building event. 

What makes The Escape Game so well-suited for team building? How can a fun event teach work skills? Well, yes escape rooms are definitely an enjoyable way to spend time together as co-workers!

However, The Escape Game is so much more than an entertaining afternoon! Read on to understand why.

Why Team Build in an Escape Room?

Team building with The Escape Game requires and develops the essential skills and practices necessary for any effective team and office. While playing, your team will utilize skills they never knew they had, or simply haven’t had the opportunity to use yet.

Communication, collaboration, and creativity are all keys to uncovering hidden clues and solving intricate puzzles to escape before it’s too late! An escape room is the perfect venue to exercise those skills.

Instead of sitting in a conference listening to a lecture about these skills and writing notes on a sheet of paper, your team can actually put these skills into practice. While there’s nothing wrong with lectures or presentations, doing a hands-on activity afterwards will target a larger group of learners and allow the information to become more useful for your team.


Communication is one of the most important things a unified group needs! Your team will not be able to escape if they aren’t able to communicate well.

An escape room has many synchronous puzzles happening at the same time at a fast pace. Your team will have to talk to each other and delegate tasks as they move around the room, especially if they are a large group.

The communication skills they practice in an escape room carry over into the work environment. Your team will be able to communicate more effectively on team projects and assignments. Enriching communication skills is especially important for remote workers, which is an especially relevant concern for companies.


Collaboration is at the heart of a successful escape. In The Escape Game, you enter and exit a room together. Whether winners or losers, you do it as a team.

Each person is vital to the mission. The beauty of a team is that everyone has different skills to bring to the table, and they’re all needed!

Delegation is going to be key when getting into the flow. Everyone needs to be working together for a singular goal, but often on separate tasks. This is a great time for you to see who makes a great team leader, who excels at critical thinking under a time crunch, and who is great at encouraging their team. You’ll be able to help your team members improve overall when you see what they’re capable of and where their natural aptitude lies!


According to Psychology Today, “creativity is the thinking that fuels innovation,” and “creativity is or is related to 9 of the top 10 skills that global executives say is essential for 2020 and beyond.”

Many underestimate the power of creative thinking. But there truly is no innovation without creativity. Your team will unleash creativity like never before as there are twists around every corner in an escape room. Keeping an open mind and being ready to think outside of the box will serve your team well in your escapes!

Work Culture

Not only will your team learn some awesome real life work skills, but you’ll be able to invest in a positive company culture. When you invest in your team by planning an escape room activity, you’re showing your team that you’re invested in creating a warm, cohesive environment where every employee is valuable.

According to Gallup, “A strong company culture is a competitive advantage. But building one that positively influences your employee’s performance and your customer engagement isn’t easy.” We’re living in a time where people are getting called out for bad work environments. Do something different in your office and create a culture that your team members can be proud of and one that helps them operate at a higher level than other jobs.

Understanding the importance of communication, collaboration, and creativity is a great first step. Let The Escape Game help you facilitate an epic adventure that brings all of these things together!

What You Can Expect at The Escape Game — An Immersive Atmosphere

Are you feeling a little skeptical about playing an escape room together as a group of professional adults? Perhaps you’re picturing a cheesy room, with tacky decorations and easy to solve puzzles. However, that isn’t what you’ll discover at The Escape Game Pigeon Forge!

Our escape rooms are expertly crafted with a team of designers, developers, and specialists. They’re designed to transport your team to another time and another place! Your team will be talking about this adventure and the quality for days to come. Take a look at this video to get a peek inside our rooms.

When your team walks through the door into one of our escape rooms, they enter a new world. They can be astronauts working to repair a broken spacecraft before running out of oxygen on Mars. They could be special agents on a top secret mission, gathering enemy intel to thwart an impending attack.

As they discover clues and solve puzzles, they’ll develop the essential problem solving skills that any successful team requires in the workplace. Everyone gets to have an “aha” moment when at last, the puzzle comes into focus, or a vital clue is finally uncovered.

Effective Virtual Team Building Creates Cohesion In A Group

It’s important to understand this concept because one of the biggest priorities in a workplace is to have a cohesive and unified team! Connected teams work better together and are significantly more productive. In fact, research shows that teams who work well together generate quicker results, experience lower levels of workplace stress, and have higher job satisfaction. It appears that teamwork really does make the dream work! 

The challenge, however, is creating a unified group, but that’s where team building activities come in! These exercises strengthen company culture and communication and have gained popularity in recent years. Many sources even call team building efforts the “most important investment you’ll make” due to their countless positive benefits.

What Other Teams Have To Say

People have been loving coming to The Escape Game Pigeon Forge with their teams. Check out what they have to say:

“This was a celebration event. Had so much fun playing. You’ll love all the clues and it’s a great team building game!”

“I have been visiting Pigeon Forge my entire life (28 years) and have pretty much seen it all when it comes to attractions offered. That being said, I can confidently say that the Escape Game stands above all the others as my absolute favorite.

So far I have done the Heist (challenging – we escaped) and Prison Break (very challenging – we didn’t escape). Can’t wait to go back for more!

If you are looking for a fun double date, team-building exercise or just an overall adrenaline rush then look no further. The staff is friendly, the experience is worth the $ and the memories / laughs will last a lifetime.”

“I loved it! First time doing it and it was amazing! Great team building skills for a group.”

“Love this place!! We did Prison Break last year and loved it. This time we did Classified and had a great time. We made it out with 10 minutes to spare but we did get one clue.

The rooms are elaborate and have more than one room, which we enjoy. I have done other escape rooms and they only make me appreciate this place even more. Book your escape today and have fun!”

Places To Eat Nearby

There are great eateries right by The Escape Game Pigeon Forge. Check out any of the nearby places before or after your escape game!

Blue Moose Burger and Wings – Down the street

Pigeon Forge’s only family sports grill has been kept a secret by the local residents for years. Blue Moose serves a variety of casual American fare from the juiciest angus beef burgers, award winning jumbo chicken wings in 16 different flavors, and ice cold beer. This is a great spot for your team to come and debrief after an epic escape.

Smoky Mountain Brewery – Down the street

Smoky Mountain Brewery began like the story of many great beers—with a lot of passion and trial-and-error. They appreciate simplicity and consistency. When your team comes to SMB after your great escape, you know you’ll receive quality beer and food every single time. Enjoy the hospitality and chill vibe.

Timberwood Grill – Down the street

Enjoy the woodsy feel of Pigeon Forge at Timberwood Grill. You’ll enjoy classic American comfort food and drinks in a rustic, lodge-inspired space. When in Pigeon Forge, you might as well immerse yourself in the feel of the mountains. If you play Gold Rush, you’ll have an entire cabin-in-the-woods day!