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The Escape Game is perfect for teams who want to learn and grow together.

From in-store adventures to virtual online team building solutions, our games provide experiential opportunities to connect and engage team members! Increase employee engagement and overall job satisfaction by forgetting work for a 60-minute adventure. Your mission is clear – work together to escape, all while developing creative problem solving skills with your colleagues… oh yeah, and have fun doing it!

Psychology Today says that teams with creative problem solving experience generate 3.5x more ideas in brainstorming than teams without similar experience. The Escape Game is a perfect place to get your team’s creative problem solving juices flowing. Our experience will turn up the heat and force your team to work together and creatively solve problems or else you risk getting stranded on mars, or locked in prison for a crime you didn’t commit.

You’ve done Wrigleyville and Soldier Field; you’ve hit up every happy hour spot in River North. It’s time to innovate – with the gift of game. The Escape Game offers a unique opportunity to amplify innovation, bolster team motivation, and encourage creativity.

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Escape the monotony of meetings!

Let’s face it everyone is “Zoomed out” these days. The Escape Game will boost team morale whether you play in person or virtually! You might (almost) forget this is work.

From talent recruitment to corporate outings, our interactive adventures provide unique opportunities to promote teamwork and keep team morale flying high. Organizations including technology, legal services, banking and finance, recruiting, and more are looking to escape rooms for events that are as effective as they are fun. Check out these case studies to see how companies like yours are engaging employees and taking workplace fun to the next level.

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The Escape Game Is Epic For Everyone

Companies all over Chicago have chosen The Escape Game as their go to place for team fun and adventure.

Why do escape rooms make such effective team building environments? Escape rooms provide a high intensity, rich communication environment where people are forced to actively engage or risk getting caught by the warden or having their spaceship permanently stuck on Mars. Escape rooms and the inherent urgency they create are especially effective at breaking down barriers. Barriers of all types exist in the workplace and often it can take years for teams to fully learn how to openly and honestly communicate with each other. Escape rooms force a level of intimacy and urgency that consistently leaves teams closer and and more connected after only 1 hour.

Escape rooms aren’t only great for breaking down communication barriers, but are also an incredibly valuable way to assess your team’s strengths and weaknesses. In the heat of the game who remains patient? Who communicates effectively despite the chaos? These questions all get answered in the intense microcosm that a well crafted escape room provides. The best part about all these work benefits is that they don’t feel like working. An escape room truly provides an environment where work feels like play and play means your team draws closer together. For more benefits of team building at The Escape Game, check out this article.

Team building doesn’t have to be what you’ve seen on TV, at The Escape Game we create a world where work meets play. The Escape Game brings teams together and encourages collaboration. Check out what some happy teams have had to say:

“I learned more in 1 hour about my team than I have all year.”
“Within five minutes our team was communicating more comfortably with each other then ever before.”
“The escape rooms setting made everyone relaxed and forced the team to work through communication challenges in order to succeed.”
“It’s amazing to see professionals in suites suddenly crawling on the floor desperately searching for clues, the Escape room really provided an environment for people to drop all pretenses and work as a team on a mission.”

If you’re ready for your team to work together like never before, while having a blast then head contact us.

PS. If you’re looking for a virtual option because your team is working remotely, we’ve got you covered. Don’t worry, you don’t have to mail s’mores, or breakfast kits to your employees homes in order to prepare for this team building. All you need is an internet connection. TEG will handle the rest. Your team will join a zoom call and play a hosted and guided adventure all from the comfort of your work from home space. The games include a live host and a game guide who will be your team’s hands and feet inside of the escape room. Join the thousands of teams who have taken the adventure online and are raving about the experience. Find out for yourself how the The Escape Games virtual team building rooms generated an NPS score of over 90!

“My work team was ‘totally juiced’ by the end of the game. It demonstrated that by working together they could work through problems that weren’t well known or defined.“

“We booked you for a corporate team building event and everyone LOVED it! Thank you for ensuring we had a great time!”

“It was wonderful! My team will definitely do the remote adventures again!”

If you do come in person make sure to check out some of our favorite neighborhood restaurants before or after your game:

Uno Pizzeria – Across the street
Looking for authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza? Head straight to the source! The Uno story begins in Chicago in 1943 when Ike Sewell developed deep dish pizza and opened a new type of restaurant at the corner of Ohio & Wabash. While Uno Pizzeria has grown to include 100 restaurants nationwide, the original pizzeria still stands in Chicago’s River North, and remains committed to cooking up the highest quality deep dish pizza in Chicagoland.

Portillos – Around the block
From humble beginnings as “The Dog House” hot dog stand, Portillo’s now has over 50 locations in the midwest. But hungry Chicagoans can still visit the first Portillo’s Chicago location at the intersection of Clark and Ontario streets for their fill of hot dogs, sandwiches, and more. Plus, the store serves as a sort of Chicago time capsule, as many of the items inside the store are purchased from the original Chicago Stadium, including the original Chicago Blackhawks 1938 Stanley Cup banner.

Au Cheval – A few blocks away
A diner-style bar and restaurant with a passion for eggs, Au Cheval elevates traditional diner fare. Burger enthusiasts, take note! Au Cheval’s signature cheeseburger has been touted as one of the top burgers in the world, and critics agree! There’s more than just burgers to be found here, though! Guests can indulge in dishes ranging from chopped chicken liver and roasted bone marrow, to traditional sandwiches and egg-focused entrees. To drink, the bar program showcases strong, classic cocktails and a robust draught beer list.

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