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Team Building Activity in Chicago

Escape room team building at our Chicago location in River North or hosted at your office, offsite, or conference.

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Games that bring out the best in your team.

The expert design division at The Escape Game has created all of our team building games to be interactive, collaborative, and effective for every member of your group. The teams who end up escaping are those that use the games to their full advantage and work through each problem together. However, whether your team wins or loses, they'll have a fantastic experience and a chance to bond together.

Our Chicago location is within walking distance of great restaurants for a pre-game or post-game meal!

The Escape Game Chicago Team Building

Team Building at The Escape Game Chicago

Chicago Location

The Escape Game Chicago in River North
River North
The Escape Game Chicago
42 East Ontario Street
Chicago, IL 60611
Capacity: 40 players per hour
Pricing starts at $39.99 per player

Our Chicago location is a 10-minute walk or less from a wide selection of quality hotels, bars, and restaurants, perfect for a pre- or post-game meal with the team. There also multiple co-working spaces within a 10-minute walking radius from our location if your team is looking for access to offices or conference rooms, depending on what kind of team building event you're hosting.

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3 Ways to Team Build with
The Escape Game Chicago

The Escape Game Chicago
At our location in River North
The Escape Game In-Person Team Building
We’ll bring games to you!
The Escape Game Virtual Experiences

Can your team escape?

First and foremost, escape rooms are fun! They also get the competitive juices going as your team has to prove that they have what it takes to escape. An added bonus of team building at The Escape Game is the chance to watch your team tackle a problem together. You’ll get to see who takes the lead, who motivates the others, and who has a knack for cracking codes and solving puzzles.

Reach out to our events team!

Fill out the form below to contact an Event Coordinator. We’ll be in contact within 1 business day. You can also email us at Chicago@TheEscapeGame.com or call us at (312) 453-7753.

Make it practical with Team Building Packages.

Team building packages enrich your experience by connecting the game to exclusive insight from renowned business leaders. Packages challenge your team to think about their escape game experience on a deeper level, connecting it to a topic like communication, collaboration, or problem-solving. All packages come with a debrief guide so you can lead a discussion with your team to make the learnings not only practical but also personal.

Image of Donald Miller

Donald Miller

CEO of Business Made Simple and Storybrand

Donald Miller breaks down the four roles you play in life. He’ll explain how two of these roles will help you succeed and how two of them will ruin your career. This package will give your employees a framework for how to be great teammates.

Learn More
Image of John Maxwell Speaking

The John Maxwell Team

The Team Development Package

The team development package is for teams looking to revolutionize their training and development. The package provides an integrated, experiential approach to team building that will improve your team’s communication and collaboration. It’s easy, transformative, and fun.

Learn More

Where to Eat Before or After Your Escape Game Experience

If you’re looking for places to eat before or after your game, we’ve got you covered. The Escape Game Chicago is in River North, so there are many options for food and drinks! This location is situated in a great spot and makes it easy to keep treating your team!

Pizzeria Due

Less than a minute walk away from The Escape Game Chicago is Pizzeria Due, home of the legendary Chicago deep dish pizza. Their menu also features a variety of pastas, salads, soups, meats, desserts, and cocktails.

Big Bowl Chinese

For a variety of bold Chinese and Thai flavors, check out Big Bowl Chinese. With all the classics, like orange chicken, vegetable pot stickers, and spicy sichuan beef, everyone in your escape squad is sure to find something delicious to eat there.

Gordon Ramsay Burger

For a meal at an iconic restaurant, try a bite at Gordon Ramsay Burger. Started by famous chef Gordon Ramsay, this Chicago eaterie is just one of many highly-rated restaurants across the country. Make sure to try the Hell's Kitchen burger and sticky toffee shake.

Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock Cafe is an iconic American eatery with locations all across the US, including one conveniently 0.2 miles away from The Escape Game Chicago. Make sure to try the Legendary Steak Burger or the Cowboy Ribeye.

Su Casa

Su Casa serves up delicious Mexican food from fajitas and enchiladas to classic rice and beans in River North. You'll recognize the place by the bright yellow, carriage house facade and the mariachi music coming from inside. Don't forget to order the crowd fave margarita!

An Epic Team Building Experience

Escape the monotony of meetings!

Let’s face it — everyone is “Zoomed out.” From virtual happy hours to ice breakers in team meetings, many workers are ready for a new way to interact together.

The Escape Game is a fun activity that people love where they can work together, solve puzzles, and be the hero of their own adventures! They might almost forget this is for work. Inside the escape room your mission is clear – work together with colleagues to escape and have a lot of fun doing it!

Why An Escape Room?

If your team has spent any time in Chicago before, they’ve likely already seen Wrigleyville and Soldier Field. They’re probably already hit up the popular happy hour spots in River North. For team building, it’s time to innovate and try something different! The Escape Game offers a unique opportunity to amplify innovation, bolster team motivation, and encourage creativity.

Companies all over Chicago have chosen The Escape Game as their go to place for team fun and adventure. From talent recruitment to corporate outings, our interactive adventures provide unique opportunities to promote teamwork and keep team morale flying high. Organizations including technology, legal services, banking and finance, recruiting, and more are looking to escape rooms for events that are as effective as they are fun.

Effective Team Building

Why do escape rooms make such effective team building and team bonding environments? Escape rooms provide a high intensity, rich communication scenario where people are able to actively engage with coworkers and spend time together while problem solving and working towards a common goal.

Escape rooms and the inherent urgency they create are especially effective at breaking down barriers. Barriers of all types exist in the workplace and often it can take years for teams to fully learn how to openly and honestly communicate with each other.

Your team will definitely leave more connected after an hour together playing an escape room. Team building doesn’t have to be boring. At The Escape Game we create a world where work meets play.

Escape rooms aren’t only great for breaking down communication barriers, but are also an incredibly valuable way to assess your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Whether you have a large group or a small group, everyone’s natural skills and personalities will shine during the game.

In the heat of the game who remains patient? Who communicates effectively despite the chaos? Who naturally steps into the team leader position? What does the rest of the group do while one person solves a puzzle?

These questions can all be answered in the situation a well crafted escape room provides. The best part about all these work benefits is that they don’t feel like working. An escape room truly provides an environment where work feels like play and play means your team draws closer together.

For more benefits of team building at The Escape Game, check out this article. Playing The Escape Room boosts team morale whether you play in person or virtually!

Creative Problem Solving

Psychology Today says that teams with creative problem solving experience generate 3.5x more ideas in brainstorming sessions than teams without similar experience. The Escape Game is a perfect place to get your team’s creative problem solving wheels turning. Our experience will turn up the heat and allow your team to work together and creatively solve problems. Otherwise you risk getting stranded on Mars, or locked in prison for a crime you didn’t commit.

Virtual Team Building Options

If you’re looking for a virtual option because your team is working remotely, we’ve got you covered. All you need is an internet connection and The Escape Game will handle the rest.

Your team will join a zoom call and play a hosted and guided adventure all from the comfort of your work from home space. The games include a live host and a game guide who will be your team’s hands and feet inside of the escape room. Click here to learn more about all of our virtual team building options! Here’s what virtual players have to say about their experience together:

“My work team was ‘totally juiced’ by the end of the game. It demonstrated that by working together they could work through problems that weren’t well known or defined.“

“We booked you for a corporate team building event and everyone LOVED it! Thank you for ensuring we had a great time!”

“It was wonderful! My team will definitely do the remote adventures again!”

Team Experiences

The Escape Game brings teams together and encourages collaboration. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Check out what some other teams have had to say:

“I learned more in 1 hour about my team than I have all year.”

“Within five minutes our team was communicating more comfortably with each other than ever before.”

“The escape rooms setting made everyone relaxed and forced the team to work through communication challenges in order to succeed.”

“It’s amazing to see professionals in suites suddenly crawling on the floor desperately searching for clues, the Escape room really provided an environment for people to drop all pretenses and work as a team on a mission.”