How To Build A Successful Team To Play An Escape Room

Dec 28, 2018

Are you planning on doing an escape room? Want tips for solving an escape room? It all starts with building your team! Even the best, brightest, and most talented cannot take on breaking out of prison or finding lost gold on their own! If you want to know how to beat an escape room – it starts with your team. For most successful escape room team possible, you need to follow some proven strategies when picking your team. Want to assemble the perfect team to help you win the best escape room game? Here’s how.

One of the most important strategies to use when building a team is to make sure that you recruit people who think differently than you do. No team should be filled with individuals that think exactly alike! You want a team with a variety of skills so that you can spread out and conquer the escape room together. A variety of strengths are needed in order to uncover clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately escape the room. This strategy has been implemented across all the greatest teams.

In the same way, you should build your team with each person’s skills in mind. Too many “problem solvers” could cause communication issues during the escape game. If you have a team of only “clue collectors,” nothing will ever get solved! We have identified the four types of players you find in escape rooms, but now we will help you figure out the best way to find those people. Here are 9 ways to recruit your escape room team.

Family Announcement

Whether you gather at the dinner table or communicate through a group text, a family announcement can be a great way to find team members for your escape room game. Families make great escape game teams, because they are often in tune with each other’s skills, which helps them take advantage of the different strengths during an escape room. Families also have a history of working together and often through some serious stuff. Remember mom and dad building furniture together? If you can work through missing parts on your new entertainment center, beating the best escape room games will be nothing.


Group Chat with Friends

There is no better use for a group chat than to build your escape room team. The larger the group chat, the better, as it gives you the best chance to recruit a full team of friends with various skills and different levels of experience. Use the group chat to talk strategy, explain what’s an escape room, roles on the team, and gameplay inside the escape room before you play. It is also the perfect time to blow up the chat with emojis: ?️????️?


Water Cooler Talk

You probably know enough about your coworkers to know if you will be able to work well with them in an escape room, but they also may have skills that will surprise you. Not only can you build a successful escape room team with your coworkers, but you can also build relationships and trust that you can bring back to the office with you.


Facebook Invite

A Facebook invite is a great way to cast a wide net while recruiting your best escape room team. You can make a group or a calendar event to invite your friends. You might end up gathering enough people for more than one team, and then you can split into groups and compete for the best time!


Twitter Poll

You may have success in finding teammates for your escape by creating a twitter poll. You could use a simple Yes/No poll to find people who want to escape the room with you, or you could get creative and say “Let’s escape! Pick which room you want to conquer with me.” and then give options in the poll. This could help you find teammates and make new friends from your followers.


Carrier Pigeon

If all forms of modern communication fail and you still need to assemble your team, fallback on the tried and true method of the carrier pigeon. Though it will take some planning, if carrier pigeons are your only way to recruit your escape room team then it is worth the time. Of course, you will need to train them, and it will be especially difficult since they are only able to fly one direction: home. So, you will need to train them to fly to you and then deliver them to your friends. Then, when your friends want to do an escape room with you, they can release the pigeon and it will fly back to you, and you will know your friends are ready to play. Hopefully the group chat works out…


Sky Writing

Putting a message in the sky is a great way to find new friends in your area. Write “Escape game?” and your email address or phone number in the sky, and then just wait for people to contact you! There will be a range of responses, but it is very likely that you will collect people with a variety of skills. Think of it like clue collecting IRL. You would also definitely find people who are observant and adventurous, which is a great foundation for an escape room team.


Shouting From Your Roof

You love The Escape Game and you are ready to shout it from the rooftops. Just continue shouting until someone answers and eventually you will have your escape room team. Either you will make friends with your neighbors or you will be arrested for disturbing the peace and you can put all your escape room skills to work in a live prison break with your new best friends in jail.


Book With Strangers

If all these options fail you, you can book an escape game that already has a small group of people booked to play in it. Maybe there is a team of four in a room that holds eight–grab a spot and join that group! They may be strangers now, but they will quickly become teammates as you work together to accomplish your goal and escape. Ready to play? Find an escape game location near you and book an escape room today!


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