Types Of Players You’ll Find In An Escape Room

Three players in The Heist Gallery
Posted: Friday, Dec 14 2018

Every escape room team is comprised of a few characters: the clue collector, the problem solver, the adventure addict, and the puzzle buster. Together these 4 personalities make up one stellar team that is on a mission to escape the room and beat the clock. When playing an escape room – who are you?

Clue Collector

Clue collectors are observant and curious. They are great at spotting things that look out of place and identifying important pieces of the escape room. Clue collectors are the first to start taking any room apart by opening drawers, taking pictures off the walls, looking under rugs, and picking up objects. They also have a keen eye for finding pieces of the same puzzle that are scattered across a room. The best clue collectors are also great communicators. In an escape room, clue collectors have to let their team members know when they have found clues so they can hand them off to their problem solvers and puzzle busters so they can get to work.

Signs of an escape room clue collector —

  • your observational skills are ???
  • you are great at hide-and-seek
  • you never misplace your keys (or can always find them immediately)
  • you are not afraid to make a room a little messy
  • you have an eye for details

Problem Solver

Every team needs a problem solver because these are the players that are making sure their team communicates and stays organized. They keep track of what is going on in the room and work to create a plan and delegate tasks to tackle the escape room. Problem solvers generally keep one eye on their clue collectors and the other on their puzzle busters. They make sure that anyone trying to solve a challenge has all the pieces of their puzzle. Problem solvers are usually great at spotting what the answers to completed puzzles might unlock. They are skilled at thinking outside the box, which is helpful for some of the more abstract clues a team will encounter in an escape game room.

Signs of an escape room problem solver —

  • you are a great communicator
  • you are good at seeing the whole picture ?️
  • you can keep track of lots of activity simultaneously
  • you can easily delegate tasks

Adventure Addict

The adventure addicts bring energy to your team and your task. They are excited to tackle the room together with their fellow players and are always on the lookout for surprises in the escape game. They may be the first to notice that there is a hidden room behind the bookcase or they may volunteer to crawl through the uncovered air duct. They make sure their team is supporting each other and using each person’s strengths.

Signs of an escape room adventure addict —

  • you are always trying new things
  • you love solving problems with a team
  • you have always wanted to experience an action movie IRL?

Puzzle Buster

Puzzle busters are a vital piece of every escape room team. They are great at noticing patterns, solving challenges, and cracking codes. They will tinker with ideas and puzzles until they figure out how to solve each challenge they face. When team members get stuck or feel like their time would be best spent moving on to help somewhere else in the escape room, they look to their puzzle busters to follow up and help complete the challenge.

Signs of an escape room puzzle buster —

  • you find patterns everywhere
  • you are persistent when faced with a challenge
  • you are a master of puzzles ?
  • you spring into action when you hear “I can’t solve this”

Every successful escape room team needs each of these personalities. When all the different types of escape room personalities work together, they bring complementary skills that help them work together to successfully complete their mission and escape the room! No matter which personality you have in an escape room, you are sure to have a blast.

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