Answering Your Top 10 Questions About Escape Rooms

Three players in the Prison Break Cells
Posted: Friday, Nov 9 2018
At The Escape Game, you’ll have 60-minutes to recover a priceless work of art, find lost gold or break out of prison. Never completed an escape room before? We’ve got you covered on everything you need to know before stepping foot into one of our epic escape games.

1. Am I really locked in the escape room?

No! If you need to leave the game at any moment, you are always able to leave. Each escape room has an easily accessible exit that your game guide will be able to show you before you begin. Escaping to the bathroom or to make a phone call is much easier than completing your mission!

2. Will I be playing with other people?

If you don’t bring a team that fills the occupancy of the escape room, you may be paired with other players. However, if you want the challenger and would like to guarantee that only your team will be playing, The Escape Game does offer you the ability to book a private experience.

3. Is it scary?

We make sure that our escape rooms are epic for everyone. Your mission will be centered around a compelling story that is suspenseful and thrilling, but nothing will be scary or horror-themed.

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4. What’s the dress code for escape rooms?

There is no strict dress code, but you should dress for comfort and for movement. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Don’t wear anything that would prevent you from participating in unique experiences like crawling through an air duct or sliding down a mine shaft. If you are looking to do something special for your escape room experience and want to wear a costume to fit the theme of your mission, here are some ideas.


5. What game is the best one?

Each of our escape room games has its own themed mission and provides a unique experience. In The Heist, you are tasked with recovering a stolen painting from the personal office of the museum curator. In Gold Rush, it’s a race against time as you need to find gold before the mob finds you! Prison Break challenges your team to break out of prison before the warden returns to lock you away forever. To see which additional games are in each city, go to and select your escape game location. Figure out which mission should be your first by clicking “Learn More” before you book!

6. Is there more than 1 room in each game?

When you begin your game, it may not be immediately apparent that there are additional rooms, but all our games at The Escape Game are multi-room experiences.


7. Are the escape rooms claustrophobic?

We have designed our escape rooms to be comfortable experiences for all players. We carefully determine player maximums for each game to make sure that everyone will have plenty of room at each point during the experience. We also provide alternate paths to the more enclosed routes within our games. For example, if a game involves a slide from one room to another, players could also choose to use a door to enter the second room instead.


8. Is it physically demanding?

Though you should dress for movement, no special skills or agility is required. Each experience is a game of wits. You’d be better off to warm up your brain with riddles and puzzles than to warm up your body with pushups and a 2-mile jog.

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9. Is it like a maze?

The Escape Game is nothing like a maze. In our games, you do have to be able to solve puzzles and overcomes and challenges and if you like that about mazes, you will love escape games. However, the main difference is The Escape Game is a truly immersive experience. Whether you choose to repair your spaceship and escape Mars, or to uncover a secret plot and save the world, or anything else, you will not be in a maze. When you are inside our escape rooms searching for clues and cracking puzzles, you will truly feel like you are in another world. Everything you interact with inside these 60-minute adventures has the chance of being the big clue that you need to complete your mission!


10. Am I sitting in a room and just doing puzzles?

No! This immersive experience allows you to step into worlds you have only seen on screen. Our games feel more like starring in an action movie than just solving sudoku. Sneak through an art gallery and break into the curator’s office and private vault to recover a stolen painting, or plan your daring escape from prison–you can be the hero of any mission you choose.


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