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The Escape Game Unlocked for Teams

Available online and in person for groups of 15-1,000+

The Escape Game's Unlocked for Teams (Virtual Team Building) video

Unlocked For Teams Explained in 90 Seconds

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Ready, Set, Win! Who's ready for an online office competition?

We all know team building is more fun when you win. Unlocked for Teams is the ultimate team building competition, ideal for groups of 15+!

Steps Background
Conference Call

Join the event kickoff call with your team of 15+.


Work with your team of 7-8 to solve the crime.

Game Guide

Ask your Game Guide for a clue at any time.

The first team to complete their mission wins!

How does Unlocked for Teams work?

First, all participants will join a kick-off call on Zoom (or Google Meets) where they will be briefed on their mission and how to play. If you’d like, your company’s leadership can address everyone before the event begins.

Next, groups of 7-8 “secret agents” are assigned to Zoom Breakout Rooms. Once in their breakout rooms, players will receive an important message from headquarters giving them their mission. Once that message concludes, players analyze evidence files, audio recordings and channel their inner detective. If teams need assistance, they can ask for a clue at any time.

The first team to solve the mystery and re-enter the main Zoom call, wins. While bragging rights are always an awesome prize, you can add prize packs for top teams to raise the stakes. At the end of the event, all teams rejoin the main Zoom to debrief, hear from the winning team and to celebrate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this different from your Remote Adventures (Virtual Escape Rooms)?

Yes. Remote Adventures are our actual escape rooms played virtually, using 360 degree scans of our rooms and a live camera feed into our rooms. Read more about Remote Adventures here. In Unlocked for Teams, players don’t view an actual escape room, they are collaborating over Zoom, reviewing evidence and solving a crime. Visit our Virtual Team Building page to learn about all of our corporate activity options.

Do I need any special technology?

You do not! Events take place on Zoom, a free video conferencing software. We also support Google Meets.

How many people can play at one time?

We recommend at least 15 players. There’s no player limit.

How long are events?

Team events range from 75-90 minutes.

See how it works!

The Escape Game's Unlocked for Teams (Virtual Team Building) video
The Escape Game Unlocked for Teams