• Q: How can I play with friends and family remotely?

      A: The host would need to use a video conferencing app, like Zoom or Google Hangouts, to screen-share because only one person can be logged in at a time. Watch this video to learn more!

    • Q: How many people can play at once?

      A: Unlocked is recommended for 1-4 players.

    • Q: What ages is Unlocked recommended for?

      A: Due to the challenging nature of the puzzles, TEG Unlocked is recommended for ages 12 and up, but is appropriate for all ages.

    • Q: Does Unlocked have a time limit?

      A: It does not! You can play at your own pace and your progress gets saved, so if you need to log out and come back you can do so.

    • Q: Do I need to activate my code immediately?

      A: No, you can activate it whenever you’d like, it does not expire!

    • Q: I activated my code and did not start the game, now I am trying to go back in but it is saying it is activated?

      A: A code can only be activated once, so you would need to log in with the information you used when completing your profile.

    • Q: Can I use a single-game gift card or store credit towards the game?

      A: Unfortunately, you can not. The gift cards and store credits can only be applied towards our physical escape rooms.

    • Q: Is internet access required to play?

      A: Yes, internet access is required to play Unlocked.

    • Q: Where do I get the digital evidence to play?

      A: You can download the digital evidence folder for Vol. 1 here. For Vol. 2, you will unlock all evidence files via the dashboard as you progress through the game.