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Team Building Activity in Los Angeles

Escape room team building at our LA location in Westfield Century City or hosted at your office, offsite, or conference.

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Games that bring out the best in your team.

Our team building activities are crafted with expert-level care by pros at The Escape Game. They are designed to be collaborative, integrated experiences that leave teams stronger than when they started. Each invites group members to collaborate on challenges, communicate effectively, and use each other's strengths to escape. The best part, however, is that whether your team escapes or not, it's an unforgettable team bonding experience.

Our LA location is within walking distance of highly-rated restaurants for a pre-game or post-game meal!

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Team Building at The Escape Game LA

LA Location

The Escape Game LA at Westfield Century City
Westfield Century City
The Escape Game LA
10250 Santa Monica Blvd
Space 2945
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Capacity: 40
Pricing starts at $42.99 per player

Our LA location is near various different restaurant options — great for making an event out of your team building experience and having another opportunity to bond with your group. This location also has the capacity to host up to 40 players at once, which is perfect if you have a large team. We are also within 1-2 miles of numerous hotels around Century City and Beverly Hills.

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3 Ways to Team Build with
The Escape Game LA

The Escape Game LA
At our location in Westfield Century City
The Escape Game In-Person Team Building
We’ll bring games to you!
The Escape Game Virtual Experiences

Can your team escape?

First and foremost, escape rooms are fun! They also get the competitive juices going as your team has to prove that they have what it takes to escape. An added bonus of team building at The Escape Game is the chance to watch your team tackle a problem together. You’ll get to see who takes the lead, who motivates the others, and who has a knack for cracking codes and solving puzzles.

Reach out to our events team!

Fill out the form below to contact an Event Coordinator. We’ll be in contact within 1 business day. You can also email us at LA@TheEscapeGame.com or call us at (310) 928-6074.

Make it practical with Team Building Packages.

Team building packages enrich your experience by connecting the game to exclusive insight from renowned business leaders. Packages challenge your team to think about their escape game experience on a deeper level, connecting it to a topic like communication, collaboration, or problem-solving. All packages come with a debrief guide so you can lead a discussion with your team to make the learnings not only practical but also personal.

Image of Donald Miller

Donald Miller

CEO of Business Made Simple and Storybrand

Donald Miller breaks down the four roles you play in life. He’ll explain how two of these roles will help you succeed and how two of them will ruin your career. This package will give your employees a framework for how to be great teammates.

Learn More
Image of John Maxwell Speaking

The John Maxwell Team

The Team Development Package

The team development package is for teams looking to revolutionize their training and development. The package provides an integrated, experiential approach to team building that will improve your team’s communication and collaboration. It’s easy, transformative, and fun.

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Where to Eat Before or After Your Escape Game Experience

If you’re looking for places to eat before or after your game, we’ve got you covered. The Escape Game LA is in Westfield Century City so there are plenty of options for food and drinks! This location is situated in a great spot and makes it easy to keep treating your team!

Tocaya Modern Mexican - You can't go wrong with Mexican food when trying to satisfy a large group of people. Tocaya prides itself on serving up the best cuisine California has to offer with fresh flavors and options for every kind of eater. They have plenty of vegan and gluten-free menu items so this is a great choice if you've got a dietary diverse team!

Eataly - For delicious Italian food at Westfield Century City, you simply have to go to Eataly. With an extensive menu of pasta and pizzas, you can have a satisfying meal with the team. Don't forget to check out their dessert menu!

Ramen Nagi - Sometimes the best place to go with a group is one where people can customize their meals. Ramen Nagi does just that with customizable combinations of ramen dishes. Get ready to sit down and slurp with the team!

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot - This is one of the highest-rated restaurants at Westfield Century City, so if you're searching for a place to take your team for a meal, look no further! You can take team building to the next level with a hot pot meal since this style of dining requires a little collaboration.

Wushiland Boba - Boba is a SoCal staple and Wushiland does it right! Choose from an extensive menu of everything from milk teas to macchiatos and enjoy this yummy treat with your team.

The Escape Game Is An Epic, Interactive Experience

Whether you choose real life or virtual team building games, there are tons of reasons people come to The Escape Game LA with their teams. Some teams are looking to break the ice with new hires. Others would like to boost work culture and improve employee engagement. There are also teams looking for an opportunity to celebrate a big win for the office. No matter the specific occasion, The Escape Game is an epic way to bond and develop any effective team!

Creativity And Escape Rooms

Creativity is an important element that successful businesses want to harness to produce the best possible work. Creativity and innovation allow companies to continually elevate themselves to the next level.

Take Play-Doh, for example. The product was first created by a soap company to clean wallpaper in the ‘30s. It wasn’t until the ‘50s that a family member began using it as a toy with her students. Now owned by Hasbro, it’s the #1 reusable modeling compound, with over 500 million cans produced each year! That’s what creativity does for companies.

But how does The Escape Game work to develop creativity on a team? Escape rooms place teams in a situation that requires innovative thinking in order to succeed. Your team will have ample opportunity to problem solve and find new solutions together. An escape room also allows every member of a team to shine.

People are often apprehensive to go out on a limb for fear of failure. However, escape rooms are the perfect environment to learn that failure isn’t final. It’s inevitable that a team will try solutions that don’t work. But eventually your team will try a solution that does, bringing the group closer and closer to success! Exercising that creative muscle will lead to consistently trying new ideas and more innovative thinking in the workplace!

Personalities At The Escape Game

In an escape room, every team member is important and everyone works on a level playing ground. The individual skills of each team member will get a time to shine as you all work together. Creativity, communication, collaboration, and leadership skills will all be a part of your team’s successful escape.

There are several types of personalities that often present in escape rooms. Each type possesses unique skills that aid their team.

  • THE BRAIN: The Brain has an analytical mind that is quick to see a pattern and crack a code.
  • THE COMMUNICATOR: The Communicator is a great listener that can quickly assimilate new info and relay it to the team.
  • THE SPOTTER: The Spotter is observant and is the first to notice something that changes the course of the experience.
  • THE ORCHESTRATOR: The Orchestrator can take a lot of complex information and direct team members through a series of small steps towards victory.
  • THE TINKERER: The Tinkerer is naturally curious. They are patient and will approach challenges from new angles until finally something clicks.

Who do you think will fit into some of these player personality types on your team? As team leader, watch as playing together in an escape room brings out the natural creativity and leadership we’re all looking for in our teams. But, it’s also just really fun. It’s a great way to treat your team to a unique and exciting afternoon!

Escape Room Options

The Escape Game Atlanta offers both in-person and virtual team building events. For in-person, all you have to do is book your event and we’ll prepare the rest. You’ll step through the door and spend the next 60 minutes fully immersed in another world as your team collaborates to solve puzzles and find clues on an epic adventure of a lifetime!

The Escape Game also works for remote teams! If you’d like to organize a virtual team building activity for your company, our team will make it easy to pull off an epic event! Our virtual escape rooms can accommodate teams of three all the way to teams of thousands!

While you won’t be in the room physically, our Game Guide will be your eyes, ears, hands, and feet in the room. Your team will also have access to a digital dashboard to track your progress and keep up with your clues as you navigate your way to escaping!

What Other Teams Have To Say

Curious about other team’s experiences at The Escape Game Atlanta. This is what people have to say about The Escape Game Atlanta:

“A must-do in Atlanta! The Escape Game has the greatest escape rooms! All of their rooms are AMAZINGLY themed (it’s like Disney World level), and the challenges are so unique & engaging. Every room has something that I would never expect to find in an Escape Room (especially Spec Ops!) And because the rooms have varied puzzles & challenges, every person on our team got a chance to solve something!

I’ve loved all 5 of their games, but Gold Rush is my favorite! Also shout-out to their Game Guides & the whole team, they are so fun & helpful! If you’re not sure which game you’ll like best, just ask ‘em!”

“Hands down one of the best experiences I’ve had. We booked an event for our salon as a team building activity, and everyone absolutely loved it. A few of us ended up going back a few days later to do another one…..we ended up doing EVERY SINGLE ROOM! (and escaped!) The staff, especially Liz, was phenomenal, they made it so much fun for our little group of 3 and accommodated one of the larger meeting rooms for us. I wish they had more rooms as we would be doing those as well. I recommend going 100%!”

“It’s a brilliant place for a good team building activity. Well thought out in terms of the different escape games they have.”

“The staff was extremely nice!!! And it was a really good team building activity for my work group. Also, this is a great location because it is near Suntrust Park, restaurants, shops and very convenient parking.”

Yours can be the next team to experience the epic, high-intensity adventure of an escape room at The Escape Game Atlanta!

You may have already enjoyed the beauty of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, or you’ve caught a Braves game, but now it’s time to experience The Escape Game Atlanta! Whether in-person or virtual, we’ve got your covered. We can’t wait to see you!