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Team Building Options in Jacksonville

In Jacksonville, Florida, there are many different team building activities that you can embark on, and you’ve got the added bonus of the Florida sun and beach. Keep reading for our list of team building options that you can check out between surf time.

Jul 16, 202112 min read

Anecia Ascalon
Anecia Ascalon
Team Building Expert

If You’ve Ever Worked On A Team, You Know That It Can Take A While To Build The Kinds Of Relationships With Your Coworkers That Lead You To Do Your Best Work Together.

Enter the concept of “team building,” which is simply engaging in activities that boost your team’s productivity. Getting a team out of the office for one of these activities has numerous positive effects for when they get back in the office — it increases collaboration, improves communication, builds trust, helps build conflict resolution skills, and so much more. Plus, they can be a lot of fun.

In Jacksonville, Florida, there are many different team building activities that you can embark on, and you’ve got the added bonus of the Florida sun and beach. Keep reading for our list of team building options that you can check out between surf time.

#1. The Escape Game Jacksonville

The Escape Game Jacksonville

If you want a guarantee of a team building activity that will improve your team’s communication, look no further than The Escape Game Jacksonville. For one hour, you’ll be locked in a room with your team, solving puzzles and searching for clues together in order to escape.

You can expect moments of excitement, surprise, maybe a bit of anxiety, but even more fun. And even if your team doesn’t get out, so much teamwork is involved in The Escape Game that it’s like a booster shot for your ability to work together.

The Jacksonville location has five different rooms that your team can choose from, and there’s always the opportunity to do a virtual escape room if you have teammates that work remotely.

Reserve your room now!

Group size: Rooms typically vary from 2–12 players. Contact them here for groups of 13 or more. 

#2. Topgolf

girl playing at Topgolf

With over seventy locations across the country (and they’ve even gone international!), Topgolf has gained traction as a dependable good time, no matter who’s good or bad at golf. It’s a fairly simple game — players hit golf balls from an elevated bay, aiming for pit-like goals to score points.

This will bring out some (friendly) competition amongst your teammates while giving them space to cheer each other on. Topgolf Jacksonville has climate-controlled bays, a full-service restaurant and bar, free WiFi, and even a rooftop terrace with a fire pit. It’s a great spot for team building and to relax afterwards.

Visit their site to book your bay today.

Group size: Up to 6 people in one bay.

#3. Osprey Challenge Course

Osprey Challenge course

The Osprey Challenge Course is perfect for teams who like adventure and want a little thrill. These zip-lining courses will be a team building activity to remember, and whichever course your team chooses, they’ll be sure to grow as leaders, problem-solvers, and communicators.

Located on the campus of the University of North Florida, the Osprey Challenge Course offers a safe and personalized environment for your team to zipline over Lake Oneida while growing together. Before you book, Osprey will want to get to know your organization and about the team you’re bringing for the best experience possible.

Choose from their basic zip line option, the three-hour low ropes and zip line course, or the six-hour low/high ropes and zip line course.

Visit their website for more information and to reserve your slot.

Group size: Varies per program.

#4. Adventure Landing

Right at Jacksonville Beach is the highly rated Adventure Landing, a theme park that has two wonderful team-building packages. Choose between “The Amazing Adventure,” a tailored race throughout the park, or “The Fun Factor,” which consists of a variety of activities that will give your group some fun-filled competition.

To make the best out of your team building experience, Adventure Landing provides each group with their own coordinator, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy (more like compete and have fun).

Both team-building packages will increase team unity and creativity, and you can expect stronger relationships amongst teammates after they work together in these competitions.

Reserve your adventure here!

Group size: Minimum of 15 guests.

#5. Up The Creek Xpeditions — Kayaking, Canoeing, And Paddleboarding


Adventures Up the Creek is known for offering some great kayaking tours around the greater Jacksonville area, but they also offer unique team building experiences on the water. These are great for helping your team bond while seeing the great outdoors. If your group wants to kayak together, Up the Creek can accommodate up to 24 paddlers and sometimes more depending on the equipment availability. Even beginners can join a kayak trip at Lofton Creek. 

For a team building activity to help your group learn to rely on one another, check out Big Canoe Fun, which is also through Up the Creek. These canoes really are big — they’re 25 feet long and are ideal for teams who want a memorable experience. You can either race each other or simply hang out on the water, but you’ll quickly learn that “many hands make light work.” Each canoe can hold between 6 and 18 people with up to 20 people on lakes. Canoeing is a little easier on the less experienced as you travel on the St. Johns River through Jacksonville.

If your team doesn’t mind getting wet and even wants to jump in the water, then you should rent a 18 by 5 foot paddle board, or a “mega SUP.” Enjoy the beautiful Jacksonville waterways as you and your group learn how to steer in the same direction, balance together, and bond as teammates. These are great for smaller groups of 4 to 16 people, but you’ll want to go in the warmer months since there’s a high chance of getting wet.

See their website for an overview of each activity.

Group size: Varies per experience, approximately 4–24 people.

#6. Scavenger Hunt With Tuk’n

Tuk'n Ride from the JTA and Go Tuk'n.

If your teammates are up for a challenge and a race against time, try a scavenger hunt with Tuk’n. Choose between the I Dare You Scavenger Hunt or the Photo Race Scavenger Hunt, and get ready for some hilarious moments to be captured on camera.

Your team will be broken up for (you guessed it) some friendly competition with one hour to complete as many items on the list as possible. This is a team building option for those who want their team to get more comfortable around each other or just to have a few laughs as you race around Jacksonville.

See their website for more information and to book!

Group size: Minimum of 4 people.

#7. Jax Cooking Studio

making a salad

What better way to collaborate than to get in the kitchen together? A cooking class with Jax Cooking Studio will give you and your colleagues some helpful tips you can use daily, and is also a fun and innovative team building activity.

They offer hands-on, step-by-step instructions with a personalized menu that you and your colleagues can enjoy. Or, if you’re really in the competitive spirit, request a Top Chef-like challenge for your group. However you choose to enjoy the culinary experience, your team will walk away with a better sense of collaboration and an idea of how coworkers tackle something new.

Contact the studio for information.

#8. Creative Grain Studio


Get crafty at Creative Grain Studio, where you can transform unfinished wood into pieces of personalized art. This is the perfect spot to get the creative juices flowing. Their studio lets you build your pieces from scratch and they handle the clean up!

Some projects that you can create include signs, blanket ladders, decor, succulent holders, canvases, wreathes, and more. For teams that want to learn together, collaborate, and take something home, this is a great activity. Plus, the Creative Grain art instructors can tailor workshops specifically for a great team building experience, so you don’t have to go into a workshop guessing how this would benefit your team.

Contact the studio for information.

#9. Autobahn Speedway

go cart racer

To quote a mid-2000s movie, “The limit does not exist” on Germany’s Autobahn highway. That’s right — some areas of the highway have no speed limit, allowing drivers to go as fast as they want. In Jacksonville, the Autobahn Speedway is a little different in that these are go-karts on the track and it’s an exciting place for some team building.

Racers can still go as fast as their go-karts are able! Your team can take on the Blindfold Challenge, the Pit Crew Challenge, or a Grand Prix for some fun and challenging teamwork experience.

Autobahn can also provide catering for your team building day, and their facility includes conference rooms, axe throwing, and an arcade.

Contact Autobahn to book your event today!

Group size: Varies per event with a minimum of 8 racers on some tracks.

#10. Kraken CycleBoat Cruise

The Kraken CycleBoat Experience

Let your team experience more of Jacksonville’s waterways on a Kraken CycleBoat Cruise! Their boats have ten pedal stations around a central bar. However, there’s still plenty of room on the boat to walk around and get to know your teammates better.

This team building option is a great way for you to work together to power the CycleBoat up and down the St. Johns River, but it won’t be a difficult workout. Consider this for colleagues who like to be outside but aren’t ready for a more strenuous activity.

There’s the added bonus of being on the St. Johns River and seeing the beautiful Jacksonville skyline from the water. See if you can spot some big fish or dolphins!

Visit their website to book your boat cruise.

Group size: Up to 16 passengers.

#11. Just Add Rhythm

Community Drum Circle in Pensacola

To help your teammates reduce stress and improve communication, check out the team building opportunities at Just Add Rhythm.

The idea of a drum circle might not be on your list, but this really is a fun and unique way to invest in your team! They’ll get out of their comfort zones while learning and creating together, and you won’t need any drumming experience to have a good time.

Opt for a single session, a full-day workshop, or even an employee wellness program. If your team is fairly new to each other, this would also be the perfect icebreaker for coworkers to bond and even grow some musicality on your team.

Contact Just Add Rhythm for more information.

#12 Peerspace

Jacksonville team building can look like: boat rides, happy hours, Escape Rooms, and beyond. However, have you ever considered booking a Peerspace and gathering someplace outside the box like hidden rooftops, lush garden patios, funky bars, commercial kitchens, and sun-drenched lofts, giving your team a creative place to meet and collaborate or celebrate. Book a space by the hour and enjoy a private happy hour, team dinner, brainstorming session, or cooking class; we guarantee your team won't forget the cool change in scenery.

Ready To Go?

Now that you know the benefits of team building and have some options in the beautiful city of Jacksonville, what are you waiting for? Get ready to try something new and book an experience today! Click here if you’re looking for more things to do in Jacksonville!

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