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Play an Escape Room Online Right Now!

Do you love crime shows or secret agent movies? Unlocked by The Escape Game is the online escape room game for you!

Apr 3, 202111 min read

Anecia Ascalon
Anecia Ascalon
Team Building Expert

Do you love crime shows or secret agent movies? Unlocked by The Escape Game is the escape room online game for you!

We’ve all been spending a lot of time at home these past few months, and every day can start to feel like the last. Playing an escape room online is a great way to shake up your daily routine with an activity that exercises your brain and provides you with entertainment! So, put down the Firestick remote, step away from the true crime documentaries, and head on over to play an Unlocked online escape room once you’re finished reading this. You might just find that it’s your new favorite pastime!

First, we’re going to give you all the information that you need before you start playing your escape room online so there are no surprises. Until you start playing the online escape room, that is. We can’t give away too much!

What Is Unlocked?

Unlocked is your chance to be a secret agent. A real James Bond type. Once you sign into the game, you will receive your mission, comb through the clues, conduct your own research on the internet, and solve the mystery at hand! It might some seem like some of the clues have anything to do with one another at first. But you’ll surely have an “aha!” moment after you start digging around.

The Escape Game Unlocked Trailer

You can start playing online in minutes after choosing your mission. An activation code will be sent right to your email inbox and it can be used right away or at another time that works for you. Unlocked activation codes don’t ever expire!

If you love virtual escape rooms, solving mysteries, and doing some serious sleuthing on the web, Unlocked is for you. It’s your chance to go down the rabbit hole to dig up absolutely everything you can about a criminal and their crimes.

In an Unlocked escape room online game, you’ll solve puzzles and crack codes to advance through the game – just like in any other online escape game. In an Unlocked game, however, you’ll be able to go at your own pace. There is no host or timer. You can start and stop and pick back up whenever you’re ready.

The Escape Game Unlocked

That being said, you don’t have to play an Unlocked online escape game all by yourself! There is an option to play Unlocked for teams so you can turn your group of friends into a group of spies that will stop at nothing until the mystery is solved. We’ll get into how to play Unlocked with a group of friends in a bit.

How To Play An Unlocked Escape Room Online Game

It’s super easy to get started with an Unlocked game! Here’s how you do it:

Select Your Mission

There are three missions for you to choose from when playing an Unlocked escape room online:

Chasing Hahn: The Heist Volume 1: In this mission, you’re a brand new Special Agent that has just finished their training. Your first mission: the case of Vincent Hahn, an internationally infamous art thief. You are tasked with uncovering his real identity, connecting his past crimes, and capturing him before he strikes again!

The Escape Game Unlocked - Chasing Hahn

The Silk Road: The Heist Volume 2: By now you’re a seasoned Secret Agent that is familiar with the art thief Hahn. Despite your best efforts at stopping his crimes, he is back on the run. Luckily, you are only a few steps behind him! As Intel tracks him across the globe, you will have to make sense of the ancient artifacts that he’s been leaving behind. Intel’s reports will help you connect the dots and finally get steps ahead of this art thief to bring him down!

The Escape Game Unlocked - The Silk Road

Rogue Scientist 1990: You’ll be taken back to the year 1990 when a rogue scientist by the name of Dr Humphrys has been performing dangerous genetic experiments. The Agency for International Reconnaissance (AIR) has asked you to help put a stop to Dr. Humphreys’ work by digging up clues, connecting the dots, and tracking him down. He must be stopped before his research goes too far.

The Escape Game Unlocked - Rogue Scientist 1990

Select the mission that sounds the most exciting to you and purchase the activation code. You’re only minutes away from playing an Unlocked escape room online!

Sign In

After you purchase your activation code, you’ll use it to log in on TEG Unlocked. This is where you’ll get your mission from headquarters and get into action. Sign in with your activation code immediately after purchasing or wait a couple of days until you’re ready to dedicate some playing time to the game.

The Escape Game Unlocked - Login

Gather Clues And Evidence

You’ll be given an online dashboard with lots of clues that have been gathered by headquarters. Your job is to sift through the documents and conduct your own research on the internet to figure out how to catch the criminal at large. You’ll have to use critical thinking and puzzle solving skills in order to catch the bad guy!

The Escape Game Unlocked - Player Dashboard

Solve The Mystery

There’s no time limit in Unlocked games so work as hard as you can until you hit a roadblock! Take a break and then come back when you’re ready with a fresh mind. It doesn’t matter if it takes days to catch these criminals – it just matters that they get caught!

How To Play An Unlocked Escape Room Online Game With Friends

Get your friends in on the fun and adventure of an online escape game by inviting them to play an Unlocked game with you! The fact that there’s no time limit or a host makes Unlocked great for friends that can’t get together for an escape room that requires everyone to block out an hour of their day at the same time. You can get together at the time that works best for you – even if it’s just for a few minutes a day.

Inviting your friends to play an Unlocked escape room online is very simple. You only need to purchase one activation code for your whole group. Once you’ve purchased the activation code, you’ll get a confirmation email with login instructions.

Next, you’ll sign into your favorite video conferencing app (we recommend Zoom or Google Hangouts) and invite your chosen team of sleuths to the call. After everyone is together, sign into TEG Unlocked with your activation code. Go back to your video conferencing app and share your computer screen with everyone on the call. 

The host will be responsible for listening to the group’s thoughts and taking direct action within the game. Teams that work well together and exhibit great collaboration skills will be the most successful!

How To Play TEG Unlocked Digital with Friends Using Video Conferencing

Tips For Playing An Unlocked Escape Room Online Game (By Yourself Or With Friends!)

Getting all set up to play an Unlocked escape room online is definitely the easiest part of this online adventure. Still, there are a few things you should know so your experience goes as smoothly as possible!

  • We recommend starting with Volume I before moving on to Volume II. It’s always best to start at the beginning, right? We are willing to bet that you’ll love Volume I so much that you just can’t wait to get to the second one! So it’s recommended to purchase both volumes together, but it certainly isn’t required.
  • If you’re playing the game alone and get stuck, but don’t necessarily want to play a whole online game with friends, you can “phone a friend!” Just go through the steps to invite friends to play the escape room online with you, have a chosen friend (or two) help you through the tough parts, thank them for their service, and end the call! This Unlocked version of the game is meant to be played however you want – solo, with a group, or a combination of both!
  • Make sure you use a video conferencing app that makes it easy for you to share your screen with everyone on the call. We recommend Zoom or Google Hangouts because screen sharing can be done with just the click of a button!
  • Take your time. Remember that Unlocked escape room online games aren’t timed like the regular ones are! Your activation code can be used right away, but it will never expire. You can take days, weeks – as much time as you need to solve the mystery at hand. It’s always better to take a break and revisit the game if you feel like you’re getting stuck. That way, you can sleep on the clues and come back with a clear head, ready to put the bad guy behind bars!
  • When playing an escape room online game with friends, we recommend giving everyone a task. For example, the host will be responsible for taking action within the game. Two others could be responsible for combing through the digital files, and two more could take to the internet to gather information.
  • Unlocked escape rooms can be played on smartphones, but it’s recommended to play them on a laptop or desktop. You’ll want to be able to see the game very well and cell phone screens are quite small.
  • Make sure everyone in your group has their microphones turned on while you’re playing. It’s not as important for their cameras to be turned on, but you will definitely want to make sure you can all hear each other.

Traditional Escape Room Games

Unlocked is a lot like a traditional escape room. Players crack codes and solve puzzles to progress. If you like escape rooms, it’s very likely that you’ll love Unlocked. It’s different because you are timed and you don’t have a live Game Guide. You won’t be “escaping” anything, but rather solving a mystery or crime. You’ll also get to take on the adventure on your time. Any time, day or night. Stop and save your progress if you’d like a break!

For those that are new to escape rooms, here’s how they work. You and your group enter an immersive environment. You have 60 minutes to complete a mission and “escape the room.” That might be finding lost gold, escaping prison or taking part in a heist. Escape rooms are famously hard to explain, so we couldn’t resist having a little fun with it….

The Escape Game Team Shoots A Commercial

Play An Escape Room Online Right Now!

Alright, that’s probably enough information about our Unlocked online escape games. We bet you’re just itching to play one right now! Luckily, you can start playing in just a few minutes. Head on over to The Escape Game Unlocked and choose your mission. You’ll be fully immersed in another world before you know it!

If you have any questions about Unlocked escape rooms online, check out the Unlocked FAQ. Contact one of our team members for even more detailed information before you purchase your activation code! We’re more than happy to answer all of your questions so you can have as much fun as possible while playing one of our escape room games online.