Nashville Predators Play The Mission: Mars Escape Room

A photo from our Mission: Mars experience
Posted: Tuesday, Apr 4 2017

While preparing for the upcoming Stanley Cup Playoffs, Nashville Predators players Cody McLeod, Colton Sissons, and Brad Hunt took a break from hockey to visit The Escape Game Nashville. These hockey pros turned into astronauts for an afternoon in our Mission: Mars escape room. Nothing improves synergy on the ice like a trip to Mars!

The guys worked together exceptionally well through every stage of the escape room, even when things seemed dire. They also divvied up tasks in hopes of speeding up their mission: to repair their damaged ship on Mars before a wave of cosmic radiation destroys their ship beyond repair, leaving them stranded on Mars. The Escape Game’s Mission: Mars features an array of puzzles that require teamwork, innovation, and strategic thinking- three things McLeod, Sissons, and Hunt have been able to hone on the ice. Can they apply these skills to the Mission: Mars escape room?

Watch the full episode of Beneath The Ice here to find out if McLeod, Sissons, and Hunt escaped the room! Either way, The Predators proved that teamwork can make the dream work, so let’s cheer them on to the Stanley Cup! Go Preds!!

Do you think you have what it takes to repair your ship and escape the red planet at The Escape Game? If so, book a game of your own here!