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The Complete Guide For Things To Do In King of Prussia

Read below to find out about some of the top things to do in King of Prussia!

Jul 17, 202019 min read

Anecia Ascalon
Anecia Ascalon
Team Building Expert

Things To Do In King Of Prussia

Valley Forge National Historical Park

Valley Forge National Historical Park

Valley Forge is known for being the winter encampment site in 1777-1778 where General George Washington led the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. It is at this very site that General Washington took his fearless leadership and pulled his packs together to create a cohesive unit, a true turning point in which people say was the birth of the American Army. Whether you are walking on trails, taking tours via bikes, bus, or self guided, or having a picnic (in their designated picnic areas of course), feel like a part of history while also taking in a beautiful view.

American Treasure Tour

old record player

Get your camera ready, you’re going into a 75,000 square foot ToyBox! Whether you would rather take a self guided tour through the Classic Car Exhibit, or go on a Guided Tram Ride (don’t worry, it goes slow so you don’t miss a great picture moment), there is something for everyone to be entertained by! We’re not sure if we would want to see so many clowns and dolls in any other setting than this one.

Steel City Coffeehouse & Brewery


As Phoenixville’s oldest coffeehouse and live music & listening venue, this is a must visit. Whether looking for a place to do an open mic, a place to meet up with friends after work and eat, or a place to work and drink coffee during the week, Steel City offers it all. Open 7 days a week for food, coffee, and fun! Check out their virtual tour to pick the best seat in the house.

Elmwood Park Zoo

zebras and a giraffe

Ah, the zoo. A place to look at epic animals, learn more about our exotic world, and feed giraffes. That’s right- Elmwood Park Zoo has so many interactive exhibits and shows, it’s otter-ly exciting to think about all you can do! Don’t miss out on a chance to have a grand time with the family.

Wissahickon Valley Park

Wissahickon Valley Park

Want to get out of the city feel but not travel far? Visit Wissahickon Valley Park, a beautiful place to bike, hike, and even fish. With over 50 miles of trails, steep or flat, it is a place to “choose your adventure” and get what you are looking for! Did someone say they want to go horseback riding? Look no further, there are 3 stables that offer lessons for all ages and levels.

The Carousel At Pottstown


Built in 1905 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, the 2nd oldest wooden carousel made by the PTC in the United States is here to stay in Pottstown! Also available are arcade games, a lobby with souvenirs, and if you are hungry, they also have a horse drawn trolley car from 1860 that operates as the “snack car!” Ride on a part of history at the Carousel at Pottstown!

Eastern State Penitentiary

hallway in old Eastern State Penitentiary

After playing The Escape Game’s Prison Break, you may want to visit a real prison. Once holding “Slick Willie” Sutton and “Scarface” Al Capone, Eastern State was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world. Guests usually stay at the haunting, crumbling cell blocks for about two hours, but there is a lifetime’s worth of things to do! Learn how to open a cell, look at the punishment rooms, and maybe how to escape out of prison!

Pat's King of Steaks


We couldn’t get through this blog without talking about Cheesesteaks, could we? Every person knows that there is a feud between two restaurants that are literally across the street from each other (that may be included after this one…) Pat’s has been open and in the same place since 1930 and claims to be the inventor and originator of the Original Philly Cheesesteak. Pats cuts their meat up into bits and has been featured on Rachel Ray, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the food network, and much more! Open 24/7, there is no reason to not try out this place and get a little taste of Philly. Who wins for the best cheesesteak?

Geno’s Steaks

Geno’s Steaks

There is no way to include one without the other. Geno’s opened in 1966 and has been grilling up those cheesesteaks across from Pat’s since the day they opened. They are known to have long lines, but very speedy service. They don’t claim to be the first, but they claim to be the best. The difference between their sandwiches is Geno’s finely slices his meat, which guests say changes the whole taste of a sandwich. Having a hard time deciding which cheesesteak to try? Try them both!

King Of Prussia Town Center

box of donuts

Lets just say it, the KOP Town Center has it all. With outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment at the tips of your fingers, this is a place for locals and tourists alike to come out and get something different from KOP’s new downtown destination. Eat one of the best brunches of your life at Founding Farmers, celebrate your anniversary and accomplishments at Fogo De Chao, or get a fantastic treat at Duck Donuts. Pets, parents and people of all ages will enjoy the Town Center!

Spruce Street Harbor Park


Although only open in the summer, Spruce Street Harbor Park was named one of the best places to visit in Philly by many. There are over 50 colorful hammocks strung around the park, making this a great place to relax by yourself, with a loved one, or with great friends. Lights hang down from the trees that gradually change colors and make this a lovely evening destination as well. You can’t miss getting a snack while playing bocce ball and skee ball on the boardwalk or drinking a refreshing beer at the award winning beer garden.

Frankford Hall

people cheering with beers

Across the city in Philadelphia’s neighborhood of Fishtown is a place that’s worth the detour. Frankfor Hall feels like you are in a german beer garden but with a little modern twist. With seating for more than 400 people (options inside and outside), how could this trendy, pretzels-the-size-of-your-head serving, fire pit and ping pong playing venue not be the place you want to eat every weekend? Grab a beer (or an ice cold water) and enjoy some time with friends.

Federal Donuts


Our mouths are watering just thinking about Federal Donuts. With eight locations in Philly, you know this place is good. Federal Donuts is known for their affordable comfort classics in unexpected flavors. Unique flavors of glaze are made each morning and served hot and fresh to the line of hungry people ready to get that donut they came for. But donuts are just one part of this scrumptious menu. Two words: fried chicken. Served with a honey donut, pick the type of seasoning you want and the rest is history.

The King of Prussia Mall

The King of Prussia Mall

The King of Prussia Mall took the title of biggest mall square footage wise in America and is continuing to expand. With a diverse choice of retailers, you’ll never be bored while strolling through the shops (although you will get a workout!) 5 Auntie Anne’s, 2 Shake Shacks, 450 retailers and over 20 million people visiting a year, what more could you ask for? Did you say The Escape Game? Well, they have that too!

The Justice Bell

The Justice Bell

In our very own backyard at the Valley Forge National Historical Park sits a replica of the Liberty Bell (foreshadowing!) that stood and still stands for something special. In 1915, the Justice Bell was made to gain support and to speak out about the campaign for Women’s Suffrage. On September 15th, the bell rang for the first time in Independence Square to celebrate the ratification of the 19th amendment. This symbolic bell is 100% something to check out if you are looking to be empowered and moved.

Reading Terminal Market

Reading Terminal Market

As one of America’s largest and oldest public markets, Reading Terminal Market takes the cake as being a place you need to visit in Philly. Since opening in 1893, the Market has everything you would need to impress your in-laws with a meal of any sort. It seriously has the widest variety of foods I have ever seen, which satisfies all of my taste buds. Get fresh cut flowers and an apple dumpling from Dutch Eating Place! The fruit in the pasty turns into this custardy-heavenly goodness in your mouth. The market is open 7 days a week, but keep in mind, the Pennsylvania Dutch Merchants are closed on Sundays (so make sure to go on a different day of the week if you want an apple dumpling!)

The Metropolitan Opera House (The Met)

The Met

A restored opera house is a no brainer place to go see your favorite performers live on North Broad Street while in Center City. Holding up to 3,500 people, you do not have to worry about not having room for the whole family (just make sure to pre order your tickets!) While walking through, your eyes will go to the bright flashing signs and the “wow-factor” lobby, but make sure you take a moment to look at the original parts like the arched arcades and the Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House crest right where you are standing on the lobby floor.



Everyone loves brunch, right? Located right on Main Street in the cute section of Philadelphia called Manayunk, sits one of the best places to get your fix for avocado toast. Winnie’s is known for their comfort food (brunch on weekends), but what we were really blown away by was their generosity and hospitality. On a weekend it does get a little busy but being polite goes a long way, and that’s just what they were. Parking on Main Street can be a little tricky, but it is definitely worth it to try out this epic place. Oh, did we mention they are famous for their bread?!

The Liberty Bell

the liberty bell

Imagine being on a search to find treasure that dates back to the creation of the United States. But get this, you’re not the only one searching. There are clues all throughout the country that help you search for what you are trying to find, but time and the government is not your friend. One clue leads to another, and you find yourself sprinting through the Reading Terminal (make sure to grab that apple dumpling we were talking about earlier!) and changing your clothes to disguise yourself at the Urban Outfitters on Walnut Street.

I think all of us have once thought about what it would be like to be Nicolas Cage (or is just me?) Well now is your chance. Visit the Liberty Bell- you won’t be disappointed.

QVC Studio Park

town hall meeting

Although QVC Studio Tours are no longer offered, they still do have LIVE QVC Broadcasts, and guess what, it’s free! Now is your time to sit in a 130 seat studio theater and to be there for the live programs. We all have the urge to buy the “as seen on TV items” so now is your chance to get up close and see how great they actually are! The park is not too far of a drive from Philly, but make sure to reserve your tickets online in advance.


indoor skydiving

Have you ever dreamt of flying but you’re also scared of heights? Imagine the thrill of jumping out of an airplane but there is no falling and you are just floating with a professional by your side. iFLY is the place for your flying dreams to come true. A sense of adventure is needed, but special skills are not. The more you go back, the more skills and freedom you have! This is fun for the whole family, with little fliers starting at the age of three. iFLY recently added an option of VR (virtual reality) into the experience, making it not only feel like you are jumping out of a plane, but like are actually seeing the beautiful scenery of places like Hawaii or the Alps.

Cuba Libre


Celebrate the great Cuban heritage by going to Old City and eating at the original Cuba Libre. With now four different locations across the country, Cuba Libre brings great flavors and culture and signifies hope for the future of Cuba (Cuba Libre translates to “a free Cuba”). Cuba Libre is open 7 days a week, with a Happy Hour available every day. Looking for something to do late at night? Every Friday and Saturday from 11 pm-2 am there is Salsa Dancing and late night music! Talk about a fun weekend!

LEGOLAND Discovery Center


Practice your ninja skills or watch your favorite LEGO stars in 4D at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, located in the Plymouth Meeting Mall. This is a great place for families with kids aged 3-12 to come and enjoy about 2 hours. Everyone loves the MINILAND- an interactive attraction of Philadelphia, and if you’re hungry, they even have a cafe to get food at! Adults, sorry, but you will need to have at least one kid with you to go in to the Discovery Center, except for Adult Night taking place periodically throughout the year. Enjoy themed build activities, meet and greets with the Center’s Master Model Builder and more! You will want to be on the new show LEGO Masters after visiting.

Thirsty Dice Board Game Cafe

monopoly board and game piece

With a different event happening almost every day- this is a venue you will most likely want to go toat least once if you are a fan of games of any sort. With over 800 games, local craft beers, great coffee from Herman’s and the best milkshakes you can think of- you could hang out here for hours (2.5 hours allowed on weekends but as long as you want on weekdays!) Check out their calendar of events to see what sounds up your alley- whether it be Dungeons and Dragons, trivia night, live jazz music or a Super Smash Bros tournament!

Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens

If you are wanting to learn more about floral design, landscaping, or just want to visit a beautiful garden, Longwood Gardens is the place to go. They offer classes, grand tours, and different events year round to keep you wanting to come back. One of the main attractions is the Main Fountain Garden, where classic landscape design comes together with art, innovation, technology, and extraordinary fountains. This is said by many to be the finest performance fountains in the world. When visiting Longwood Gardens, you are immersed not only in the breathtaking surroundings but in a rich history as well. Take a few hours to get away from everything to learn and enjoy the true beauty in the world.

Yakitori Boy

food skewers

Yakitori Boy has a lot to live up to, winning the Diners’ Choice Award from OpenTable in 2019, but let us just tell you, it lives up to it. Yakitori Boy is an Izakaya, which is a Japanese pub that offers tapas style dishes, sushi, a giant variety of skewers of meat, seafood, and veggies and more. On the second floor is a Japas Karaoke Lounge as well as eight private karaoke rooms that can fit anywhere from 6-20 people! If you are afraid you won’t know any music, you have no excuse- they have their full song list on their website.

WXPN World Cafe Live

band playing on a sound stage

World Cafe Live, an independent music venue located in the University City District of Philly, has offered some of the best national and international artists since 2004. They have over 500 ticketed concerts per year, 200 free shows and most end before 10:30pm so it is easy to go and get back home so you don’t miss work the next morning. The venue is a renovated Art Deco factory building that adds a new feel to what a modern music venue should be. If you want to see some well-known artists like Vanessa Carlton or some locals, this is a great place to go. Plus, they have a lounge for dining, so show up to Walnut Street hungry and leave full and satisfied!

Mac’s Tavern

bartender pouring a draft beer

Mac’s Tavern is known for their great food, their jukebox, and their huge selection of drinks. How did Mac’s Tavern come about? It was formed by some old friends and some celebrities of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia-Rob and Kaitlin McElhenney, so you can only imagine the atmosphere of Mac’s. Unfortunately, Paddy’s Pub from the show is actually in Los Angeles, but this is as close to Paddy’s Pub as you can think of! Sit back, watch the Phillies on one of their 4 plasmas, and enjoy a sunny day in Philadelphia.

The Penn Museum

penn museum exhibit

If you are looking for an awesome educational visit for the whole family, we strongly recommend the Penn Museum. The Penn Museum helps connect cultures all around the world from the ancient times to different communities today. Go explore at your own pace and see where you land on the arc of humanity. Something to check out is their Adult Events, ranging from their Great Lecture Series to their “PM@PM:” experiences with experts both inside and outside the Museum in a relaxed setting with adult beverages. You should definitely dig up the time to come experience this museum.

The Escape Game King of Prussia

two people playing an escape room at the escape game

With a private entrance from the parking lot at the King of Prussia Mall, The Escape Game King of Prussia is easily accessible and an awesome spot to spend an hour on any day of the week! The Escape Game offers an hour of epic adventure by immersing you and your team into an adventure like no other (see, look at these reviews)! Whether you are on the hunt for gold or trapped in Prison (not at Eastern State Penitentiary), The Escape Game is made for any age. The staff will blow you away, the pressure of being against time will make your heart race, and the feeling of escaping (or getting close) will make you want to go back to do another! Take an hour out of your shopping at the mall to spend time with family and friends!