Convincing a Skeptical Friend to Play The Escape Game

A picture of a man wearing TEG apparel
Posted: Wednesday, Feb 22 2017

When you’re feeling pumped to try out a new experience you’ve been waiting so long to go to, it’s the worst feeling to hear your friend say “nah, I don’t want to.” What? How could you not want to try something so awesome? Escape rooms are one of the most fun things you could do, what’s stopping you? Believe it or not, the amazement of these attractions is not clear to everyone when they first hear about it. Some people will make up excuses to avoid trying this new experience, but here’s some advice to give your friend who might be a little harder to get out of the house.

“It sounds scary.”

Prison break is a fun room from The Escape Game

There is a certain fear that may come with the explanation of being locked in a room for 60 minutes and using only your surroundings to get out. But once you’re in the room, all this fear melts away. It’s not like you’ll be in a tiny closet with nothing in it….the rooms are filled with tons of things to explore and use to your advantage! Plus, you’ll be there with several people trying to accomplish the same goal. There’s nothing to be scared of when you and your buddies are having a fun adventure!

“I’m not good at working under pressure.”

Special Ops is a fun, mission oriented room from The Escape Game

The great thing about The Escape Game is that you’re not alone! Not only do you have the support of your team, but you also have the game guide to give you clues! You can get some help, fix anything you missed, and still be able to move forward. The game guides are there to help you and give you a great escape experience! They are there to take all the pressure off and just leave the fun!

“A whole hour? Do you really need that much time?”

The Depths is a room from The Escape Game

Yes. For some who have never been, it may seem like you’ll solve it in the first several minutes you’ll be there, and then you’ll have to figure out what to do with the rest of your time. This isn’t the case, though. The games were designed to be a challenge, but getting out in an hour is definitely possible. You might think there’s time to sit around and talk idly, but in reality there isn’t. These games are fast-paced and keep you thinking the whole time so that the entire hour can be used to try to escape.

“I don’t want to be trapped.”

Not really trapped in The Escape Game

You are never trapped at The Escape Game. An hour isn’t a lot of time and we encourage the teams to try and stay in the room for the entirety of the game, but you’re allowed to leave whenever you want. If you really have to go to the bathroom, if you need to take an important work call, or even if you just need some air…there’s a green button next to every door at The Escape Game that you can push to unlock the door and step out. While the idea is to escape and you’ll get the best experience staying in the room the whole time, you are definitely not required to.

“I’m bad at puzzles.”

Playing chess in The Escape Game

The different escape rooms all have something in common: they play to all different kinds of strengths. You might be the courageous friend who’s willing to explore the more adventurous parts of the room. You might be the quiet, reserved friend who can solve the game-winning puzzle. You might be the friend who divides the workload among the team to keep everything running smoothly. Puzzles are not the only element to the game. In fact, there’s a job for everyone! Escape games are meant to bring a group of people together highlighting their unique skills and talents.

Escape rooms are for everybody and anybody, even your most skeptical friend!