4 Reasons Why Special Ops Is The Coolest Escape Room Ever

Two players in Special Ops: Mysterious Market
Posted: Wednesday, Jan 3 2018

Can you escape?

Special Ops is The Escape Game’s newest room and offers our most immersive and thrilling adventure yet. See why reviewers on TripAdvisor are calling Special Ops “UNBELIEVABLY COOL” and “above and beyond” all other escape rooms! Here are 4 reasons why Special Ops is the coolest escape room you’ll ever play:

1. State-of-the-art technology

Special Ops is built with the most advanced escape room technology out there. Highlights include an 82-inch digital map with a corresponding touchscreen that allows you to run on-screen simulations. When you’re in the Special Ops room, you are surrounded by equipment that will make you feel like you’re in James Bond or Mission: Impossible.

2. In-game elevator

That’s right, this game contains an in-game elevator that will make you feel like you’re traveling underground. Unlike ordinary escape rooms, Special Ops utilizes advanced robotics that allows players to feel as if they are entering another world.

3. Immersive storytelling

Special Ops boasts our most interactive and immersive plotline yet. By playing interspersed videos play throughout your mission, Special Ops continually draws you back to the story’s plot line. With its immersive and engaging plot, Special Ops truly makes you feel like the main character in your own adventure.

4. Wide variety of challenging puzzles

The best part of Special Ops may just be the wide array of puzzles ranging from tactile and sensory to digital and high-tech. Some puzzles require you to interact with a digital interface, some require you to solve them with your physical senses. (One is even solved by smell!) This interplay of multiple mediums form the most challenging and fun puzzles you will ever encounter in an escape room.