Here’s what people are saying about Remote Adventures

“You may be spoiled for all
future escape rooms.”
“So Amazing. I’m absolutely
-Chris Ramsay
“We were still hooting and hollering
as we would in the real room.”
-Opinionated Gamers
“The best escape room experience you
can possibly have from the comfort of your own home.”
-The Gamer

Teams that have escaped with us!


Experience a live, hosted adventure from the comfort of your own home!

Getting out, meeting and going travelling are all a challenge right now but we know you still want fun and interactive ways to spend time with friends, family, or coworkers. That’s why The Escape Game is offering a brand-new remote way to play our award-winning US escape rooms for adventurous UK companies or groups of friends.

Log into Zoom (or your preferred video conference service) with your team. Our Host will join to get you started and help throughout the game. Your guide’s already in the room with a live camera feed. Work with your team to direct your guide through the adventure. Pick up clues in your digital dashboard to solve puzzles and complete your mission in 60 minutes!

Small groups of 8 or fewer can book their virtual escape room below using our online booking system. Large groups of 9 or more can fill out our contact form and a member of our guest experience team will be in touch to help you plan the perfect event!

Escape From a Virtual Escape Room With Friends

So, you’ve binge-watched all your favourite series, chatted online with family and friends countless times and taken up/put down more new hobbies than you can remember over the recent months of COVID-19 lockdown — what’s next? For our British friends across the ocean seeking interaction and entertainment, we have the answer for you: a virtual US escape room!

Just like physical escape rooms, our digital escape rooms provide a challenging adventure for you and your friends, family or loved ones. You’ll get the same cooperative gameplay, puzzles and tasks to overcome as you all work towards a shared goal — escaping the room, except it’s all virtual. No visa or air-tickets required as you and your friends enter one of our amazing stateside located escape rooms and enter into a race against time.

Watch real gameplay below!

Experience a brand new way to share a digital adventure with family, friends, and coworkers!



Login to your Zoom meeting where you
are met by your Host and Game Guide.



Your Host will give you clues and instructions while your Game Guide will be in the escape room with a live video feed acting as your eyes, ears, hands, and feet.



Use your online dashboard to watch videos and to keep track of the items and clues you find along the way.

FAQ and Important Info

Minimum Purchases

There’s no minimum player count, but you must purchase a minimum of 4 spots to reserve a game Monday – Friday and 5 spots to reserve a game on Saturday and Sunday.

Can more than one person play from the same device?

Reservations are made for players, not devices. If you have more than one player on a single device, each of those players would require a paid reservation.

How do I start my game?

You’ll receive a confirmation email after reserving a game time. You’ll receive a Zoom link to your game at least 12 hours in advance of your game time. Share this link with your team.

Is there an age limit?

Not at all! We recommend our games for ages 13 and up, but can accommodate players of all ages. Some game content may be too difficult for players under 13 and an adult, 18 or older, must participate with anyone under 15.

$30 per player (£22) +TAX | Up to 8 players per game

All Remote Adventures are private experiences. We can accommodate groups of up to 500+. Large groups will be split into teams of 8.

Have a Group of 8 or less?

Small groups can book their adventure below using our online booking platform. All Remote Adventures are private experiences.

Select a date and then a game and time. After checkout, you’ll receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. We will send you a separate email with your Zoom link at least 12 hours before your game starts. A Host and Game Guide from The Escape Game will join your team to help you throughout your adventure.

All Game Times Listed In US Central Time

The current time for US central time is . (GMT -6)

To reach our Guest Experience Team, please email us at or call us at (615) 488-3163.

Have a Group of 9 or more?

Fill out the contact form below and a member of our guest experience team will be in touch with you shortly to help you plan the perfect event! Your group will be divided into teams of 8 with everyone participating onscreen in their epic adventure.

Filling out this form is not required for every group of 9 or more. If you do not need assistance and have no special requests, you may scroll up to our online booking platform and reserve games for your group direct on this page. Please remember, each game holds up to 8 players.

All Remote Adventures are private experiences.

To reach our Guest Experience Team, please fill out the form below or call us at (615) 488-3163.


Virtual Escape Rooms

Remote Adventures are virtual escape rooms in a new, exciting, and fresh format. You’ll get all the fun and adventure of a regular escape room from anywhere in the world. It’s a great option for remote team building or playing an online game with a group of friends or family!

*All games are in English

Remote Adventure Game Options – 4 Great American Stories

Click The Arrows To See All Four Game Experiences.

If you can’t be together, be together virtually.

Here at The Escape Game, we understand that in-person activities, meet-ups and travel are a challenge right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have memorable experiences with friends and family outside of your bubble. With our virtual escape room experiences, you can laugh, problem-solve and work together as you make your way through one of our challenging adventures, no matter where you’re all located.

Forget about sitting at home for another boring night of passively watching television. A virtual escape room gives you a real, interactive experience that is completely unique. Especially if you love being with people but uncomfortable doing so over this difficult time, we bring the escape room experience direct to you — all you have to do is jump on a Zoom call.

Learn more about Remote Adventures!

Why Remote Adventures’s make a great team building activity

Remote Adventures make for a great team-building activity for large and small teams alike. Team of 2? Great. Team of 200? Fantastic. Remote Adventures are also great for teams that work remotely, in the office, or a mix of both. Finally, you have an activity that can bring offices in different cities and countries together for one epic shared experience.

If your goal is to build morale, Remote Adventures are fun, funny and exciting. Your team will be talking about the event for a long time to come. If your goal is to develop your team and strengthen communication, few activities do that better. If your team is going to be successful, communication and collaboration are the keys to success. 90% of teams surveyed said that team communication improved following their team-building experience at The Escape Game.

Why did we make virtual versions of our games?

Remote Adventures were created during the COVID-19 lockdowns to give families, friends and work teams the ability to connect and play one of our adventures from the comfort of their home. Our virtual games are for long distance game night, virtual team building, and even a socially-distanced date night.

We have been so excited by the reception and feedback we’ve received so far. In fact, our Remote Adventure reviews and survey scores are as high as our in-store games.

When we set out to make virtual versions of our games, it was very important to us that the games still felt like a very full experience. We wanted to make sure that a Remote Adventures wasn’t just an escape room minus the immersion. We worked hard to explore what the internet would allow us to add to the experience that we can’t do in our stores.

We added a custom digital dashboard, 360 degree scans of the room, custom Zoom backgrounds, sound effects, and a lot of other fun surprises (with even more in development). And the best part? You can play a Remote Adventure with family and friends across the city, state, country, or world! All that to say, Remote Adventures are here to stay.

What differentiates your Remote Adventures from other virtual live camera escape rooms?

We think we’ve got the best virtual escape rooms not only in the United States but in the whole world. Here’s why:

1. Your event involves a Host AND a Game Guide: You’ll have a Host to greet your team, explain how to play and provide clues throughout the game. You’ll see their real face on screen the entire time. Meanwhile, your Game Guide is live streaming from the actual escape room and will be your hands, feet, eyes, and ears in the room.

2. Our custom player dashboard: While you navigate the room, you’ll have access to helpful items in your digital dashboard. This dashboard is where you’ll view video messages including your mission video at the beginning of the game. You’ll also have access to 360-degree scans of each room that you can view independently. Most importantly, you’ll have access to your inventory. Your inventory will house the items that you find along the way. Once an item is in your inventory, you can inspect it more carefully. Your inventory helps you to keep your discoveries organised.

3. We’ve made changes to our games to enhance the digital experience: Our Game Team (at our Adventure Factory in Nashville, TN) considered every single moment of our games when creating a virtual version, modifying elements to guarantee a perfect digital experience.

4. We’ve also added a few fun bells and whistles!: From custom Zoom backgrounds to end-of-game team pictures, we’ve worked hard to add fun surprises throughout our virtual games.

5. Huge groups: Because you are using our physical escape rooms across the US, we can host huge groups of hundreds of players at once. To do this your group can be hosted by The Escape Game team members in up to 17 cities across the US, all at the same time.

You have other virtual games and offerings. How are Remote Adventures different?

Remote Adventures are our actual rooms, just played virtually. You’ll navigate the physical environment through a live camera feed. All events are live, hosted, and just like in our physical escape rooms, you have one hour to complete your mission. Interested in some of our other virtual products? Learn more about Unlocked, Unlocked for Teams, TEG Field Trips and The Monthly Mystery.

How do you create your Remote Adventures?

Our team, at our Adventure Factory in Nashville, TN, creates our games, both virtually and in real life. Our game creation process for Remote Adventures has been a very collaborative one. First Game Designers reworked our games to flow digitally. Then developers built a custom software to power the experience, including our digital dashboard and inventory system. Finally, graphic designers created the look and feel of the experience. From there on, our Operations team worked to roll out our Remote Adventures, train up hosts and game guides, and let US customers experience them. Now they are ready and available for international use!

Thank you everyone!

We would like to thank everyone that’s taking part in our Remote Adventures. Your support means the world and is allowing us to continue to fulfil our mission – “to design and deliver epic interactive experiences for every single guest.” COVID-19 deeply affected us, just like many other businesses, and when all of our stores first closed in March, we were not sure what to do next? When we launched Remote Adventures in May, it was soon confirmed we had our answer. Remote Adventures allowed us to keep our business open with every booking helping us to keep team members working across the country.

Thank you again, we are so grateful.


No! We host groups from all over the world and mixed groups from many countries. We often have groups join us from the UK, India, Australia and pretty much everywhere! We can run games any time, day or night. If you don’t see a time that works for you on our booking system, email us at