Why You Should Spend Date Night At The Escape Game

Dec 21, 2018

Tired of spending your nights on the couch with your boyfriend watching Netflix? Want to impress your date with something adventurous instead of the standard dinner and drinks? Want to make your next date night epic?  Make memories together, discover hidden worlds, and have a blast in an escape room. We’re counting down the top reasons to bring your next date to The Escape Game.  


  1. Communicate like never before.

You’ve probably heard that communication is key, and we can help with that. Whether it’s your first date or your 100th, you’ve never communicated quite like this. Your epic adventure will require all hands on deck, with everyone working as fast as they can to escape the room. That means you will have to talk, listen, organize, and understand your teammates in order to complete your mission and beat an escape room.


  1. Build trust.

An escape room date night will help you build trust with your partner quickly. You’ll need to find clues, crack codes, and communicate to solve an escape room. Your strong suit will likely be in one (or a few of these areas), but chances are you’ll have to rely on others to help you conquer it all. Can you trust them to help escape the room? The clock is ticking! If you can break out of prison or repair a spaceship in under 60 minutes with your partner, you can do anything together!


  1. You’ll have the chance to embark on a new adventure –  without having to travel very far.

Our epic escape rooms will immerse you into a whole new world, whether it’s on Mars or in an art museum. For those 60 minutes, your mission to escape the room will be your sole focus. You may be wondering whether there’s an escape room near me. The Escape Game locations can be found across the U.S. so look for the one in your area!


  1. It’s fun for everyone.

No matter your age, skill level, strengths, or weaknesses, the best escape rooms offer exciting and inclusive opportunities for everyone. Are you analytical, always looking to solve puzzles and discover patterns everywhere you go? Or are you empathetic, prepared to listen and understand what others are telling you? Regardless of where your talents may fall, there is a place for you in an escape room.


  1. Create new memories to last a lifetime.

Find the stash of gold, stop the criminals, or escape to start your summer break. Whichever adventure you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Our escape rooms are custom-built to offer you the most immersive, most inclusive, and most epic experiences. You’ll leave your date night feeling like a hero with new memories to share and new stories to tell. Can you escape? Book an escape room!


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