Why The Avengers Make A Perfect Escape Room Team

Apr 15, 2019

What kind of teammates would the Avengers be in an escape room?

The Avengers are the ultimate team. They have fought together for years and have saved the world on multiple occasions. They have been so successful in defeating their enemies (with the notable recent exception of Thanos) because their amazing abilities and skills complement each other. They each bring something different to the team that is necessary for their success, and their collective ability to play to their strengths is what makes them such a strong team on the battlefield. This same teamwork, however, would also make them an incredible escape room team.

We have determined 5 main roles that teammates play in an escape room, and every great escape requires these roles to be filled. Some people can fulfill more than one role on the team, but most teams work best when each person focuses on his or her strengths. The Avengers would make an amazing team in an escape room because they fit seamlessly into the escape team roles!



Captain America (The Orchestrator)


While Captain America is a scientifically engineered super soldier, he brings more than strength to the Avengers. After all, Steve Rogers was chosen for the experimental super serum not for his physical stature but for his heart. He is a great leader and strategic thinker. He gathers the team together and delegates tasks. He communicates with his team to make sure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.



These skills help Captain America lead on the battlefield, but they also mean that he would be The Orchestrator in an escape room. He would walk into a room and immediately start making a plan. Keeping the big picture of completing the mission in mind, he would delegate puzzles and tasks to his team to best tackle the challenge of the room. He would always keep one eye on the clock and another on the team’s progress, so he could make sure that his team was working together and on track to escape.




Iron Man (The Tinkerer)


Saying that Tony Stark is smart would be as large of an understatement as saying that Tony Stark is rich. As a self-proclaimed “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist,” Stark obviously brings a lot of value to the Avengers team. He makes tons of gadgets and suits and machines that help his team, and he is always trying to create things that solve problems. Sometimes those things create problems (see: Ultron), but for the most part, Iron Man spends his time, energy, and brain power for good.



In an escape room, Iron Man would be The Tinkerer. As an engineer, he is always tweaking his projects and working to make them better. In an escape room, he would be great at fiddling with puzzles until he solved them. He would walk into the room and immediately start picking everything up and putting pieces together. He would probably spend more time figuring out how the mechanics and technology behind the game work than he would spend actually cracking codes, but he would probably use that investigation to discover valuable insight that helped his team complete their mission.


(^^^please don’t do this in an escape room^^^)



Hulk (The Brain — well, Bruce Banner would be The Brain, Hulk would just smash)



The Hulk is a valuable member of the Avengers as both versions of himself. Bruce Banner is a physicist and works with Stark on his projects, and the Hulk will smash anything you put in front of him.



In an escape room, Bruce Banner would fulfill the role of The Brain. He’s analytical and he likes to use his intelligence over his other strengths whenever possible, so he would walk in and immediately find a puzzle to start solving. Whenever his teammates came across something that they couldn’t figure out, they would bring it to him to see what he could do with it. The Hulk, on the other hand, would not be allowed into an escape room. His strategy of smash would disqualify him, since brute force is never necessary and always actively discouraged in escape rooms.




Thor (The Communicator)


Thor is the god of thunder, and he brings a lot of physical power to the Avengers team. His first interactions on Midgard (Earth) were a bit bumpy, but he has firmly established himself as part of the team, and has a soft spot for our little corner of the nine realms. His presence is a kind of glue that holds the team together, and his absence had disastrous consequences for the team (see: Civil War). His insight and ideas are valuable, and the team always knows exactly where he stands.



Thor would be The Communicator in an escape room. His skill of saying exactly what he means would help keep the team on the same page. He would be clear and concise, letting everyone know when something has been solved or when a secret door opened up. He would also probably be the main point of contact between his team and the game guide, probably wondering why he was talking to the all-knowing robot in the television screen but also going along with it for the sake of completing the team’s mission.




Hawkeye (The Spotter)



Hawkeye is the Avengers’ eye in the sky. Whenever possible, he finds a high vantage point and uses his incredible sight and aim to pick off the enemy. Once we forgive his little brain-washing episode, he is a valuable addition to the team for his precision and his ability to spot (and remove) the enemy’s key assets.



Hawkeye’s sight and attention to detail would make him a great Spotter in an escape room. He would be invaluable from the very beginning, turning the room inside out and finding clues everywhere. He would be responsible for making sure that his teammates had all the tools they needed to start solving things as soon as possible. He could also easily identify the challenges that still need to be tackled and help his team put the pieces together. As the game progressed and the team unlocked additional rooms, he would once again put his incredible skills to use to make the most efficient use of his team’s time and resources.




Black Widow (wild card)



Black Widow was trained as a spy, so she’s a bit of a chameleon. She is a skilled fighter, a keen observer, and an experienced tactician. She can fight, sneak, steal, or lie her way into or out of anything. She never shies away from a fight, but her greatest contributions to her team often involve subterfuge and covert operations.



Black Widow would be a Wild Card in an escape room, because she has been trained to be whatever she needs to be. She has many skills that would be useful across the 5 escape room teammate roles, and she could fill in whichever piece her team needed in that room. If the team is taking on a room that has several tricky tactile puzzles, she could be a Tinkerer and divide and conquer with Iron Man. If the room was large and detailed, she could partner up with Hawkeye as a Spotter and turn the room upside down until they found everything they needed. Her adaptability and vast array of talents make her an invaluable asset to her team. Her ability to fill in any role necessary means that she can help her team tackle many different escape rooms of various difficulty levels, and her experience with covert operations means that she would keep her cool under pressure as the clock winds down and her team still needs to crack that final puzzle to escape.



Hopefully the Avengers can use their escape game skills to figure out how to defeat Thanos and bring half of their friends back into existence.

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