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A New Take-Home Adventure

May 21, 2019

TEG Unlocked is a game you can play anywhere, by yourself or with a few friends.

Here’s how it works. You will have a packet of physical items and access to an online dashboard. There will be clues and puzzles in the physical items as well as online that you will have to solve in order to complete your mission. The online dashboard will serve as a source of information and clues, the way to input your answers, and a guide through the game.

Our first installment is The Heist Volume 1: Chasing Hahn, which is a continuation of our escape room The Heist. However, you don’t need to have successfully escaped (or even played) The Heist in order to enjoy “Chasing Hahn.” Though the story picks up where the escape room leaves off, the TEG Unlocked game also gives you enough context that it can stand alone.

While the game is designed to take about an hour to complete, there is no clock or countdown, so you can play at your own pace. You can plan a game night and play with a group of friends, or tackle the mission by yourself. You can also pause your game and come back to it, or solve it over the course of a few days. The online dashboard will keep your progress and allow you to pick up your mission where you left off.

Learn more about the game here or purchase it here!