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Team Building Tips

Apr 30, 2019

April was team building month at The Escape Game! Throughout April, we published videos with tips on how to develop your team. If you missed them, don’t worry — here’s a recap!

Painting The Big Picture

Your team members will be more engaged if they understand how the work that they do contributes to the larger goals of the company. When people know why their role is important to the success of the business as a whole, they are more likely to be efficient and effective team members.


Building A Better Culture

The best thing you can do to make sure that your team is on the same page is to create a shared mission, vision, and values for your company. The mission statement is the common purpose as an organization. Your vision statement is your big goals for the future. And finally, your values are your shared standards that will help you achieve your goals. These three things work together to give everyone’s work meaning, and allow each team member to understand how to best align their attitude and their efforts with the team’s goals.


Creating Traditions

Traditions can help your team members buy into the team culture you create. Whether it’s playing a song at the beginning of every meeting or having team sayings to inspire and encourage, you can make moments that help your team feel like they are working together towards a larger goal.


Asking Why

Encourage your team to challenge the status quo and to ask “Why?” whenever a process or request doesn’t make sense. Not only is it important for each person to understand how their role contributes to achieving the goals of the team and the company, but it also may be possible to improve your processes with new ideas. One of the most valuable things that each team member brings to the table is his or her own perspective–use it!


More Efficient Meetings

If your team spends less time in meetings, they can spend more time doing their work. Before you schedule a meeting, take a few moments to consider how you can make it as efficient as possible. Only invite people to the meeting who really need to be there. Only schedule the amount of time you think you will require (or a bit less). Lastly, as a good rule of thumb, if what you have to say could be just as effective as an email, don’t schedule a meeting!


Investing In Team Members

Spend time getting to know your team members! If you know each other better as people, it will help you create a culture where you can work better as a team. The time you take to invest in workplace relationships will be time well-spent.


Celebrating Wins

When team members meets their goals, it’s important to celebrate those wins. Your acknowledgement and praise will reward those team members’ efforts and encourage other team members to meet their goals as well. Just remember as you celebrate wins that people like to receive acknowledgement in different ways. Some team members may enjoy a big sign and an announcement, while others might prefer a nice hand-written card or the gift of a cup of coffee.


Every team member has different skills and personalities, and everyone has something that they can bring to an escape team. You could be a Communicator, an Orchestrator, the Brain, a Spotter, or a Tinkerer! Want to find out what type of teammate you would be in an escape room? Take our quiz to find out!

Bring your team for an amazing team-building experience! Get more information about team building at The Escape Game here.


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