An Escape Room for Your Next Corporate Team-Building Activity

Four players in the Prison Break Warden's Office
Posted: Monday, Oct 15 2018

Corporate team building is an important part of achieving success in the workplace. It is essential for team members to learn how to work together toward a common goal, preferably before that common goal is an important deadline or project. Participating in a corporate team-building activity is a great way to develop your team’s effectiveness and help them build confidence in their ability to overcome challenges together.

Team Building Should Be A Way To Make Great Memories

The problem with most team-building activities, however, is that they are awkward, overused, or just not fun. Ice breakers and trust falls, staples of traditional team-building events, do not inspire anything but awkward silences and rolled eyes. Team building should be where people make fun memories with their coworkers so that when they are stressed or racing to finish a project, they can look back and remember that they already know how to work together successfully and have a bit of fun doing it. One effective corporate team-building activity that will help your team create amazing memories (no trust falls required!) is an escape room. What is an escape room? It’s a live interactive adventure in which teams must work together to solve puzzles and overcome challenges in order to complete their mission and escape a room. Escape rooms are perfect for corporate team-building activities, as each successful escape requires communication, skill, and a considerable amount of teamwork–and they’re tons of fun!

The Escape Game - Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building At The Escape Game

As TripAdvisor’s #1 escape room in the US, The Escape Game provides highly immersive adventures with detailed environments and challenging puzzles. The Escape Game is a corporate team-building favorite. As a review from TripAdvisor user Kim said, “I had a chance to do this as part of a company outing. What a super fun, highly interactive, challenging, collaborative opportunity. Each person contributed to solving different aspects of the mystery… We solved the one we had with just minutes to spare. A great time. Highly recommend this for team building or just to have a very interesting, memorable time.”

Choose from several unique options for your mission: recover a priceless painting, find gold before the mob finds you, make your daring escape from wrongful incarceration, and more! Most importantly, regardless of the mission you choose, these adventures encourage and require people to work together toward a common goal, which makes them excellent corporate team-building activities.

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