5 Reasons Why An Escape Room Is The Perfect Winter Activity

Jan 31, 2019

It can be challenging to find indoor ideas for things to do when the weather is cold. Regardless of if it’s a date night, a team building activity, or a night out with friends, The Escape Game has an adventure for everyone.

Wanting to go on an adventure but stuck in the house because of cold weather? Head to your local Escape Game location for an inside adventure that takes you to a different world. Here are 5 reasons why an escape game is the perfect winter activity for groups!


It’s Inside

No matter what the adventure is, all of our escape games are inside, allowing you to be comfortable while immersing yourself in a different realm. You and your group will completely forget about the wintery world outside when you’re solving interactive puzzles and uncovering hidden clues to complete the mission.


Memorable Date Night

Switch up your date night routine and go beyond the movies or having a night in. The Escape Game is a fun, challenging, beyond-the-ordinary date night activity. You and your date will have fun and be engaged in a whole new world – all while making memories together.



Epic Adventure For Groups

The Escape Game is thrilling and exciting regardless of age or experience. Escape rooms put you in a whole other world without having to travel far, avoiding that cold winter weather. Groups of all sizes can embark on our epic adventures and create memorable experiences. If you’re looking for a fun family event, a spot to host your next team-building activity or something new to do with friends, an escape room is a great way to bring people together!


Fun Family Activity

Trying to find a fun family activity that everyone can enjoy? Whether you’re on vacation and looking for a fun activity that everyone will enjoy or want to spend a night out together, escape games are the perfect way to get the whole family involved. This family-friendly activity brings everyone together, plus everyone has the chance to leave as heroes!


You Can Play Again!

Each of our escape game locations feature more than one escape room! If you and your group are up for another mission, there are other worlds you can immerse yourself into. Take a look at our escape rooms near you to see what’s available to play!


Interested in playing an escape game for your next group activity? Book your adventure now!


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