The Grand Opening of our Opry Mills location in Nashville

4 Reasons Why The Escape Game is The Best Thing To Do In Opry Mills

Oct 26, 2018

We are so excited to announce that our newest store is NOW OPEN! Located in Opry Mills, this store is our 3rd location in Nashville and our 10th location nationally.


Here are four reasons why The Escape Game is the best thing to do at Opry Mills.

1. It’s the perfect break from all that shopping.

Opry Mills is an amazing place to explore. However, with 180+ stores and attractions, the complex is a lot of ground to cover. Even though it’s a mall, there is only so much shopping you can do before you drop. Take a break from loading up your arms (or your car) with purchases and have a memorable adventure before jumping back into shop-mode.

2. It’s a thrilling and exciting activity to do with friends…

…and family.

Whether you’re on a family trip to the mall or have met a bunch of friends here for a shopping spree, The Escape Game is a great experience to share with everyone. Grab your fellow escape artists and choose your adventure. The greatest thing you can do with your friends and family is make memories that will last forever, and there is no better place for this than The Escape Game.

3. It’s epic for everyone, regardless of age or experience.

Everyone can be a hero here! Some people will be great at spotting clues, others will be great at keeping the team on track, and still more will be amazing puzzle-busters. Each person has a role to play at The Escape Game, and everyone can contribute to your escape.

4. It’s a 60-minute adventure, so you can be the hero and still make your dinner reservation.

So, you’ve been at the mall all day and your dinner reservation isn’t for another hour? The Escape Game is the perfect place to experience the most exciting 60 minutes of your day. You can find gold before the mob finds you or save the world from destruction, and you can get in and get out before the maître d’ is looking for you.

Learn more about the two fan favorite games at Opry Mills, Special Ops and Gold Rush, and book your adventure at


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