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Play one of our real escape games LIVE with your friends and family from anywhere in the world using ZOOM!


NEW GAME OUT NOW! Use your online dashboard to uncover clues, gather evidence, and complete the mission on your own time, on any device.

TEG Field Trips

Free online games designed to take students on engaging and educational journeys through famous museums, to historic landmarks and even back to major moments in time.


The Prison Break board game!
Act, draw, and solve your way to freedom!
TEG’s home party game – challenge your friends to this replayable adventure.


Part online scavenger hunt, part mystery game, full parts fun, and completely free. Solve puzzles and follow clues across the internet to finish each mystery.

The Monthly Mystery is part online scavenger hunt, part mystery game, and it’s 100% free!
Follow a series of clues across the internet and solve puzzles along the way.
We don’t create new game monthly right now, but enjoy some fan favorites from the past below!

Start each game by watching its video

GAME: Jungle Journey

Our brand new escape room, "Ruins: Forbidden Treasure", is opening in Nashville soon and to celebrate, we made this month's mystery Ruins themed! Your goal is to get past the obstacles on your jungle journey to find treasure. Start here!

If you need some help along the way, check out the Jungle Journey hint guide here.

GAME: Escape From Iron Gate

This month, we are celebrating the release of our brand new board game (yes, we made a board game!) by making the game "Escape From Iron Gate" themed. Your goal is to move through the different sections of the prison and escape. click here to get started!

If you need a few hints along the way, check out our Escape From Iron Gate hint guide.

If you need help with Solitary Confinement, check out our Solitary Confinement hint guide.

For more info and to buy your own version of the "Escape From Iron Gate" board game, click here.

GAME: Basket Case

The Easter Bunny has hidden your basket, and you need to follow clues and solve puzzles to find it. Watch the video and click here to get started!

If you need a few hints along the way, check out our Basket Case hint guide.

If you need help with The Easter Egg Hunt, check out The Easter Egg Hunt hint guide.


There’s been a murder at the Patterson Mansion! During his monthly dinner party, Peter Patterson was found dead. The detective needs your help to solve the case. Use the clues collected in his briefcase to figure out where the murder occurred, who is responsible for the murder, and what weapon was used. Make sure you watch the video (clues are revealed) and then click here to get started! Good Luck!

If you need a few hints along the way, check out our Patterson Case hint guide.