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At The Escape Game, our games are perfect for teams who want to learn and grow together.

There are many reasons companies are choosing The Escape Game Houston for their next team building activity. As you lead your team, there’s a deep desire to help everyone reach their full potential. One of the issues teams often face is a lack of creativity and innovation. When doing a google search on “creativity in business,” you’ll find 433,000,000 results. It’s clearly a skill people are trying to tap into. 

This is where The Escape Game Houston comes in! Companies all around the country are using escape rooms as their team building activity to tap into the elusive quality of creativity. The good news is, you’re likely more creative than you even realize, your team just needs the right environment to unleash creativity! 

Not only will our perfectly crafted escape rooms provide the groundwork for creative thinking, it will also help you determine your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Sign up for The Escape Game Houston to crank up the heat on your team as they work together to find hidden treasure, try to escape prison, or even save the world! 

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Team bonding and team building are totally different but equally valuable. Bring your team members closer together and develop skills that will improve your office culture. The fun of collectively taking on an adventure, combined with the rush of an escape, creates a bond like few other activities can. They don’t even need to escape for this to work! The fun is in the adventure and the shared goal, with high-level teamwork built right in.

Team building with The Escape Game promotes vital skills and habits for any team,
from basic morale-boosting to real communication improvement.

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The Escape Game Is Epic For Everyone

Why are escape rooms so effective for team building? The very nature of escape rooms—high intensity, necessity for good communication, constant problem solving—are the perfect environment for developing and assessing the skills your team needs to function well and effectively in the workplace. You’ll learn more about your team in those 60 minutes, than you could observing them work all week. 

What can you learn about your team? We find there are several types of players we see come through The Escape Game Houston. When you see your team members fall into some of these categories, you’ll be able to see how they can help your team accomplish workplace goals!

The Spotter: This person comes in fast and leaves no stone unturned. They are great at noticing the details and collecting clues needed to solve the puzzle. In the workplace, this team member gets the ball rolling in brainstorming sessions. There are few people who can keep up with the fast-paced nature of the spotter’s brain. They see little goals that the team needs to accomplish on the way to the bigger goal. They’re great at getting ideas started when the team is struggling to find that next creative outlet. 

The Orchestrator: The orchestrator keeps lots of complex information in their head. They hold tabs on the team’s progress and contextualize it all within the larger story. They see the tasks and delegate them like a champ. They don’t like when multiple people are too focused on one thing. They want everyone to spread out and get the job done quicker. This person would make a great project manager at your workplace. Their ability to keep complex information sorted and plates spinning is a true gift. 

The Communicator: A great listener, the communicator can quickly assimilate new information and relay is back to their teams. They are great at making sure everyone is working together towards the same goal and that no one is getting stuck. This person is a great team player. They’ll do what’s needed to get the job done. This team member would also be a really solid assistant, willing to put others’ needs above their own. 

The Brain: The brain has a mind for analytics and is adept at discovering patterns, solving challenges, and cracking codes. When others get stuck, their teammates look to them for help. Every team needs this person—the one who is always there when the problem seems unsolvable. Don’t be afraid to throw the hard assignments at the brain. They’re always up for the challenge! 

The Tinkerer: Naturally curious, they have the patience and perspective to view a challenge from different angles until they arrive at that “aha” moment. While others might get frustrated, the tinkerer doesn’t get discouraged. They’ll keep fiddling until they figure it out. While your team member may become quiet for some time, don’t mistake this for resignation or frustration. Just let their mind keep working on the problem until they come up with a solution. 

You’ll learn a lot about your team as they work their way through an escape room, solving puzzles and uncovering hidden clues. But why The Escape Game Houston over other escape game companies? We’ll let our reviews do that talking on this one:

“This is the original escape room company and you can tell the difference. This company has the best rooms, the design, the puzzles are the best out there. This is why the escape rooms have gotten so popular because the original was this good. My favorite place to do an escape game.”

“The Escape game was great! Having to solve puzzle after puzzle that secretly reveals a new clue and puzzle. It really keeps you on your toes as you’re fighting against the clock. This was a great team building exercise that I believe anyone will enjoy. I would really like to try it again.”

“I went to Escape Room Houston with my team from work to celebrate our two year anniversary as a company. The location in City Centre worked out perfectly because we were able to grab lunch and then just walk over.

We participated in the Prison Break game. It was SO MUCH FUN! I’ve been to escape rooms before and was literally just locked in a single room. This game took us on a journey. Once we solved problems in one room, doors were opened leading us to others.

Mandy was our guide and she was super helpful! I really like that they don’t box you in to getting only 3 clues, and chime in when they see that you are SO close to something, but still struggling a bit.

We didn’t ‘escape,’ but they did let us out. We all still had the BEST time!!”

“Very exciting Wednesday night out! Went for a co worker team building activity and got so much more out of it! Challenging and exciting. Would highly recommend this over the other escape games/rooms! Staff was hospitable and fun to chat with! Everybody needs to get out and play here!”

Make a day of it and treat your team to lunch before or after! It’s always nice to celebrate your great escape, or console yourselves after defeat. Try these nearby spots:

Izakaya Wa – A few blocks away

Izakaya Wa is a relaxed Japanese eatery serving sushi rolls, rice dishes, and grilled or fried meat and veggie skewers. “Wa” represents Japan and also means harmony. They want to offer an authentic izakaya environment with true Japanese style dishes and atmosphere. 

Creamistry – Just a few steps away

Not in need of a full meal? Grab a sweet treat at Creamistry! Looking for something new and interesting? Try one of Creamistry’s nitroshakes—milkshakes made with liquid nitrogen and your choice of base, flavor, toppings, and mix-ins. The perfect way to end a successful day after escaping!

The Tasting Room – A few blocks away

The Tasting Room is a contemporary spot for truffle fries, paninis, and cheese plates paired with wine by the glass. What began as a small wine bar and retail shop, has now grown into one of Houston’s largest west bars, offering fine wines, beers, cocktails, chef-inspired cuisine, and fine cigars. 

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