How to Beat an Escape Room: Conflict Edition

Posted: Friday, May 28 2021

Playing in an escape room is almost always an enjoyable, memorable experience!

But sometimes in an escape room, as the clock runs down, tensions can run high. Every team member wants to escape, but each person may have their own idea about the best way to accomplish the mission! Whether playing with family members, friends, or strangers, players can disagree or run into conflict together.

There’s no need to panic if this happens to you and your team! Here’s how you can deal with a conflict, resolve it, and move past the situation to complete the mission in time!

Take a Step Back

Sometimes when a problem is right in front of you, it feels bigger than it actually is. However, taking a step back allows you to view an issue from a different perspective.

Perhaps you were getting angry about something that actually wasn’t a big deal. Or maybe the way you were trying to solve a puzzle doesn’t really make sense. Allowing yourself a moment to think and breathe will prevent you from saying something you regret, get re-centered on the mission, and re-focused on collaborating as a team.

Consider Their Point of View

You might think you know the best solution to solve a problem. But that’s not always the case! Sometimes someone else is right. Take a moment to think about what your team member is trying to say. Why do they think their opinion is correct? Maybe by talking it out, they’ll see that you might be onto something or vice versa! Speaking calmly with one another allows you to demonstrate mutual respect and collaborate together once again.

Find Another Puzzle

Finding clues in an escape room

You’ve heard the saying: too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the soup! Sometimes you need to just get away and work on something else. Escape rooms are full of various types of puzzles to solve and codes to crack. Every team member should be able to find something to do.

If you feel like you’re butting heads with someone, go do something else! You’re likely both getting in each other’s way and will solve puzzles better separately. Even more so, in an escape room there really isn’t time to spare! It’s often beneficial to split up and maximize time!

Get a Clue

Looking through a tunnel in an escape room

Sometimes a team grows frustrated with each other when they’re stumped on what to do next. It happens! Try using a clue to re-invigorate your team and move onto the next step of the mission.

Those clues are there for a reason! They won’t give everything away, but instead will gently guide your team in the right direction.

Don’t Forget to Encourage One Another!

Working together in an escape room

Other players in the group are your teammates, not competitors! When we’re so wrapped up in the game, we sometimes forget that. But taking a moment to remember that you’re more likely to escape when working together can remind you to encourage your teammates as you all collaborate on winning! Nothing feels better in a high stakes situation than encouragement and trust from a team!

Remember That You’re Here to Have Fun!

An escape room can be intense, but it shouldn’t be causing undue stress. They’re supposed to be fun! Focus on creating a great memory together and you’re guaranteed to have a good time, whether you escape or not!

Ready to play?

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