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Team Building Activity in Washington, D.C.

Escape room team building at our 2 Washington, D.C. locations or hosted at your office, offsite, or conference.

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Games that bring out the best in your team.

The expert game design team at The Escape Game crafted each of our team building games to be immersive and collaborative experiences for your team. Teams who finish the game with an escape use every team member's strengths to their advantage and problem solve as a group. However, whether your team escapes or not, they will have an awesome time together and learn valuable skills to bring back to the office.

Our DC locations are within walking distance of great restaurants for a pre-game or post-game meal!

The Escape Game DC Team Building

Team Building at The Escape Game DC

Washington, D.C. Locations

The Escape Game DC in Downtown Washington, D.C.
The Escape Game DC
950 F Street NW
Suite 106
Washington, DC 20004
Capacity: 40 players per hour
Pricing starts at $36.99 per player

Our location in downtown Washington, D.C. is right by numerous national landmarks, like the White House, restaurants, and hotel options. This is a great location if you'd like to fit several different team building activities into one day or weekend. This downtown DC location also has our Prison Break escape room, where teams start out in two different jail cells which makes for a fun and collaborative experience.

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The Escape Game DC in Georgetown
The Escape Game DC
3345 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20007
Capacity: 44 players per hour
Pricing starts at $36.99 per player

Our location in Washington, D.C., Georgetown is right by a variety of landmarks and delicious local restaurant options — perfect for a meal with the team before or after your escape room adventure. This location is 5 miles from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and close to numerous lodging options.

3 Ways to Team Build with
The Escape Game DC

The Escape Game DC
At our 2 locations in DC
The Escape Game In-Person Team Building
We’ll bring games to you!
The Escape Game Virtual Experiences

Can your team escape?

First and foremost, escape rooms are fun! They also get the competitive juices going as your team has to prove that they have what it takes to escape. An added bonus of team building at The Escape Game is the chance to watch your team tackle a problem together. You’ll get to see who takes the lead, who motivates the others, and who has a knack for cracking codes and solving puzzles.

Reach out to our events team!

Fill out the form below to contact an Event Coordinator. We’ll be in contact within 1 business day. You can also email us at DC@TheEscapeGame.com or call us at (202) 410-3210.

Make it practical with Team Building Packages.

Team building packages enrich your experience by connecting the game to exclusive insight from renowned business leaders. Packages challenge your team to think about their escape game experience on a deeper level, connecting it to a topic like communication, collaboration, or problem-solving. All packages come with a debrief guide so you can lead a discussion with your team to make the learnings not only practical but also personal.

Image of Donald Miller

Donald Miller

CEO of Business Made Simple and Storybrand

Donald Miller breaks down the four roles you play in life. He’ll explain how two of these roles will help you succeed and how two of them will ruin your career. This package will give your employees a framework for how to be great teammates.

Learn More
Image of John Maxwell Speaking

The John Maxwell Team

The Team Development Package

The team development package is for teams looking to revolutionize their training and development. The package provides an integrated, experiential approach to team building that will improve your team’s communication and collaboration. It’s easy, transformative, and fun.

Learn More

Where to Eat Before or After Your Escape Game Experience

If you’re looking for places to eat before or after your game, we’ve got you covered. Both of The Escape Game DC stores are in locations with many options for food and drinks! These locations are situated in great spots and make it easy to keep treating your team!


Hill Country Barbecue Market

Hill Country Barbecue Market serves up hearty, Texas-style bbq in a lively, cafeteria-style environment. At night, they also have live music — perfect for a post-escape game kick back.

Ella's Wood Fired Kitchen

For a fun atmosphere, thin-crust pies, and endless pitchers of Sangria, you need to visit our friends at Ella's Wood Fired Kitchen.

Shake Shack

Burgers, fries, and milkshakes. Name a better combo. For a deliciously satisfying pre- or post-escape game meal, definitely go to Shake Shack. They're menu has all the best burger options and they're chicken nuggets are pretty darn good too!


Pizza is one of those dishes that almost everyone loves making it the perfect option for a meal with your escape squad. For customizable gourmet pizza pies, check out &Pizza.

Fogo de Chao

Fogo de Chao is a Brazilian steakhouse known for bold flavors, imported meats and cheeses and artisan breads with locations across the United States and one 0.2 miles away from The Escape Game DC.


Good Stuff Eatery

Craving fast food but just a smidge better? Definitely go to Good Stuff Eatery. They offer delicious burgers, fries, and shakes but with a mission to craft their food with the highest quality ingredients.

Harmony Cafe

Chinese food is always a crowd favorite and Harmony Cafe definitely delivers. Have some vegetarians on your escape squad? Even better — Harmony Cafe features several plant-based takes on Chinese food faves.

Curry & Pie

This well-loved local Indian restaurant serves up South-Asian classics from tandoori to curry and everything in between. Don't forget to order a refreshingly sweet mango lassi!

Georgetown Cupcake

Do you want some award-winning cupcakes? Of course you do! Who doesn't? You can get some delicious, one-of-a-kind sweets at Georgetown Cupcake. Their confections have even been featured on Cupcake Wars!

The Escape Game Is Epic For Everyone

Why do escape games work so well for unleashing creativity? How do they allow team members to shine?

When groups are put in a position that not only allows for creativity, but requires it for success, you’d be amazed at what even the quietest person on a team can do. People are often too scared to go out on a limb for fear of failure. However, that’s all part of the escape game process. You’ll try things that won’t work. But then you’ll try something that does work and gets your team one step closer to escaping! Exercising that creative muscle and developing communication confidence within a team leads to a more consistent willingness to try new ideas.

The Escape Game DC offers both in-person and virtual team building events. For in-person, all you have to do is book your event and we’ll prepare the rest. After stepping through the door, you’ll spend 60 minutes fully immersed in another world as your team collaborates to solve puzzles and find clues on the epic adventure of a lifetime!

If you’d like to organize a virtual team building activity for your company, our team makes it easy to pull off an epic event! Virtual escape rooms work great for teams with three members all the way to teams with thousands of members! While you won’t be able to physically be in the room, our Game Guide will be your eyes, ears, hands, and feet in the room. We’ve made it easy to keep track of your progress through the digital dashboard.

In an escape room, everyone is important and everyone is on a level playing ground. The individual skills of each team member will get a time to shine as you all work together. Any issues in communication your team may have experienced will be broken through because communicating well is key to escaping our rooms. Unleash leadership and creativity like never before in your team when you book an escape room at The Escape Game DC.

There are a few players types we see frequently in team building activities:

  • THE BRAIN: An analytical mind that is quick to see a pattern and crack a code.
  • THE COMMUNICATOR: The Communicator is a great listener that can quickly assimilate new info and relay it to the team.
  • THE SPOTTER: The Spotter is observant and is the first to notice something that changes the course of the experience.
  • THE ORCHESTRATOR: The Orchestrator can take a lot of complex information and direct team members through a series of small steps towards victory.
  • THE TINKERER: The Tinkerer is naturally curious. They are patient and will approach challenges from new angles until finally something clicks.

Who do you think will fit into some of these player types on your team? Book with us and watch an escape room bring out the creativity and leadership we’re all looking for in our teams. But, it’s also just really fun!

You can be the next team to experience the epic, high-intensity adventure of an escape room at The Escape Game DC.