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A Pirate's Adventure Game

A Pirate's Adventure

up to 8
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60 Minutes to

Break the Curse

Yo ho, yo ho! Ahoy, matey and welcome to your pirate ship, a place where the scurvy, salt air, and sea shanty songs never stop. From pilaging ocean vessels to avoiding anyone with a hook, it’s the pirate’s life for us. The only problem is that your ship is cursed! Whoops — probably should have checked on that before stealing it from those other sailors. The only way to break the curse is to find the mysterious lost gold of the Aztec Sun God. Can you find it in time? There’s only 60 minutes before the curse takes hold forever…

A Pirate's Adventure game
location pin  Georgetown
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A Pirate's Adventure Game
A Pirate's Adventure Players
A Pirate's Adventure Game

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