How To Explain What An Escape Room Is To Your Friends

Three players in the Gold Rush Forest
Posted: Tuesday, Mar 6 2018

It’s more difficult than it sounds…

“You’re locked in a room and have to escape.”

“You have to do a bunch of puzzles in order to leave the room.”

“You have to work with strangers to do math.”

If you’ve ever played an escape room, you know how epic, fun, and awesome they are–but even if you’ve successfully escaped, it’s a totally different matter to explain escape rooms to people who have never played. Raise your hand if you have ever tried explaining and the other person goes, “Wait. Let me get this straight. You pay money to be locked in a room?”

I mean, even we have a hard time with it sometimes.

Take it from the game experts: Playing an escape game is always funnier than trying to explain one. To make your life a little easier, here’s how to explain what an escape room is to your friends in a way that actually make them seem fun and awesome.

Here’s what you should say.

“An escape room is a live 60-minute adventure. You and your team (that’s us!) get to select a challenge and have one hour to complete the mission and escape. There’s several unique experiences, all happening in a completely immersive environment. We could be in prison planning an escape, on Mars trying to repair a spaceship, or in a museum stealing back a piece of art.”

I mean, that sounds pretty awesome to us.

…if they still don’t get it.

Ask them, “Have you ever seen Ocean’s Eleven, Mission: Impossible, Indiana Jones, or James Bond films? So it’s kind of like if you were James Bond and you have a mission to solve.” Cue the light bulb coming on above their head and them going Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. 

…and if they still don’t get it after all that.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth way more. Send them the link to this video which will do all the explaining for you. (You’re welcome.)

See? It wasn’t that hard to explain what an escape room is to your friends! If they still want to learn more, you can always refer them to these helpful articles online. 

We’ll see you and your friends at The Escape Game.

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