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The Very Best of Team Building

The Escape Game is perfect for teams to bond and develop skills together. They’ll have to use teamwork and creative problem solving skills to complete their mission on time! Playing an escape room is a fantastic opportunity to treat your team to a fun and elevated team building exercise!

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The Escape Game Nashville is a fun activity that boosts morale and develops communication skills.

after team building at The Escape Game

after team building at The Escape Game

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3 Locations In Nashville

Berry Hill
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510 E Iris Drive

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162 3rd Ave N

Opry Mills
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523 Opry Mills Drive




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The Escape Game is Epic For Everyone!

Companies all over the country are choosing escape rooms for their next team building experience. Whether team building has been a part of your team culture for a long time and you’re looking for new and fresh ideas, or you’re new to the team building world, The Escape Game Nashville is a great choice!

Your team will experience new and unique challenges as they step into our expertly crafted escape rooms. More than a fun activity, teams work together to discover hidden clues, solve puzzles, and decipher codes. The elements in this team building game work to develop communication skills for group members. In order to escape, everyone needs to collaborate together!

There’s no doubt your team will be talking about their escape room experience for days to come, reliving the most epic moments. There’s nothing like a boost in company culture morale than a shared experience at The Escape Game Nashville!

Virtual Options

Looking for a virtual option for your next remote team building activity? We’ve got you covered! Say goodbye to mailing team building day packages full of binders, books and questions to break the ice. With The Escape Game’s virtual team building, we take care of the details.

Communication Development

Is your team having trouble communicating effectively? They’ll have to try to communicate well to complete their mission in time and escape. Most of the puzzles involve a collaborative effort, which will help your team learn to work efficiently together.

They’ll learn how to look at a complex problem and poke at it from different angles until they figure out the solution.These skills go far outside of the escape room and in the office! A good, healthy team is one that can think quickly and remain flexible. Communication and collaboration is vital to getting the job done well!

Innovation and Creativity

According to a Gallup survey, only 29% of workers strongly agree that they’re expected to be creative or think of new ways to do things at work. This means that the majority of corporate workers are just maintaining the status quo. You can break that mold in your own work environment by investing in team building activities that develop and encourage creative thinking!

Research from Psychology Today shows that “creative thinking involves making new connections between different regions of the brain, which is accomplished by cultivating divergent thinking skills and deliberately exposing oneself to new experiences and to learning.” The ability to think creatively is a skill many team leaders are looking for as they build a large group of team members. Creative thinkers are creative problem solvers, which are major assets to a company. But how can you bring your team to think more creatively?

That’s what The Escape Game Nashville is for! If developing creativity requires cultivating divergent thinking skills and exposing oneself to new experiences, then The Escape Game is the perfect place to do it! Your team will have to think in new and unique ways as they race against the clock to uncover hidden gold or recover stolen masterpieces in a prestigious art museum.

Other Team’s Experiences

People are raving about their team building experience at TEG Nashville. Check out what they have to say:

“Great fun! Our office used this as a team building exercise, and I learned so much about my office mates. The clues and puzzles were very challenging, and 5 people with Master’s degrees got out 42 seconds before our time ran out. Location is excellent, as there were restaurants nearby. Will go again when time allows.”

“I wish I could give this place 10 stars!!! The 3rd Avenue North location has the most amazing staff and fully immersive rooms. The detail and quality they have put into the rooms and puzzles is amazing. We ended up doing two different rooms—Prison Break and Gold Rush. Both rooms had such different puzzles, and were so challenging!

I was only visiting from Buffalo, but I plan to come back to Tennessee just to be able to complete all the rooms they have available. If you love puzzles, problem solving, and teamwork you have to make the visit here. This is great for birthday parties, special occasions, team building work exercises, or just finding a new awesome hobby! Thanks The Escape Game!!”

“The Escape Game is a slam dunk if you need to entertain a group or do team building. Plus, this location is right in downtown Nashville, so that’s a plus for entertainment as well. Definitely add it to your group outing plan!!”

“Been for two separate games—Prison Break & Nashville—for work team building events. Great staff, intense games—helps with teamwork and bonding. Try it!”

Amazing Food in Music City

We have three different locations in Nashville: Berry Hill, Downtown, Opry Mills. Each location is awesome, with tons of things to do and awesome restaurants to keep the team building day going.

The Pfunky Griddle – Berry Hill Location

The Pfunky Griddle gives you the opportunity to be the cook! They take care of all the prep and clean up, so you get to focus on making some delicious pancakes!

Stay Golden – Berry Hill Location

Stay Golden is the perfect, aesthetically pleasing spot to grab a specialty latte or delicious brunch together with your team!

Pinewood Social – Downton Location

Pinewood Social is a great place to hang at any time of the day. Grab some delicious food, coffee, cocktails, and enjoy a game of bowling before or after your great escape!

Martin’s Bar–B–Que Joint – Downtown Location

This location is in the heart of downtown Nashville. Grab a nice southern BBQ meal and enjoy the massive beer garden in the back with tons of seating, games, and a stage for live music.

Chuys – Opry Mills Location

This fun and funky Tex-Mex restaurant serves yummy food, great music, and an absolutely delicious selection of salsas and queso!

Looking for more to do in Music City? We’ve got you covered! Check out our list of things to do in Nashville here!