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Whether you’re looking for a real life option or virtual team building solutions, our escape rooms provide an experiential opportunity to connect and build relationships with team members and improve company culture! The mission is clear—work together to escape…before it’s too late!

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The Escape Game Las Vegas is a great team building outing that boosts morale and develops communication.

after team building at The Escape Game

after team building at The Escape Game

Small Groups

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Large Groups

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Located in The Forum Shops At Caesars Palace

3500 Las Vegas Blvd S, Sapce T-11B
Las Vegas,
The Escape Game Las Vegas
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The Escape Game Las Vegas



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The Escape Game Is Epic For Everyone

From concerts and comedy shows to casinos and the Adventuredome, there are so many entertainment opportunities in Las Vegas. How about trying something new or different for your next group outing? It’s time to take on The Escape Game Las Vegas! Team building with The Escape Game promotes essential workplace skills and habits for any team.

While the objective and outcomes of a team building event can vary, The Escape Game Las Vegas is a great option for your next team building exercise or activity for connection-driven results. Your group will quickly bond as a team and collaborate on puzzles as they rush against the clock to uncover clues and escape!

Meta-analysis shows that group members who participate in team building activities feel more positively about their company and have higher employee engagement. They also have overall better interactions as a team, communicating clearly and managing conflict better.

What is the purpose of team building?

Team building types of activities are designed to use problem solving, communication, and collaborative involvement to bring a group together. At The Escape Game Las Vegas, we believe that team building shouldn’t be boring but instead a fun activity! A memorable activity leads to a successful team.

Why play an escape room?

A quick ice breaker on a sheet of paper at the beginning of a team meeting is great in a pinch. But sometimes you need something a little more intentional to make team building truly effective for your team. In an escape room, the fun of collectively taking on an adventure, combined with the rush of an escape, creates a bond like few other activities can.

Even the most skeptical people walk away from their escape room experience raving about it! Not only is it great for building creativity, communication, and problem solving for your team, but it’s fun! Your team will have an epic time tapping into their imaginations as they’re immersed into a completely different environment within our rooms.

These rooms are not just a collection of jigsaw puzzles. Each escape room is built entirely from scratch, in-house. Our dedicated designers, scenic artists, prop experts, and robotics engineers really bring each world to life. Nothing is ever as it seems. You may incorrectly assume you know how the game will progress based on an initial first impression of the room, but we fill each adventure with curveballs. Your team will have to stay flexible and creative as we keep you guessing up until the last second. An open mind and open eyes are necessary to crack the codes and escape!

Your team may find themselves in a prestigious art museum, searching for a stolen masterpiece, or in Clyde Hamilton’s cabin searching for hidden gold. Maybe they’ll be trying to escape from prison before the cruel warden returns to dole out a punishment worse than life behind bars.

Working together

Regardless of which epic adventure you choose, if you want to emerge victorious, collaboration is key! No one escapes alone. Your team will either learn to win together or lose together. A single player isn’t responsible for a joint victory. In the same vein, no one walks away as the lone loser. Each individual team member is important and necessary to make a daring escape!

Every epic adventure is challenging, fun, and memory-making. Your team will be talking about those exciting moments for years to come.

What’s stopping you from making the call to do an escape room for your next team building activity? Thoughts of being trapped in a dark room? Worried that the rooms will be cheesy with easy puzzles? That’s not what you’ll find at TEG Las Vegas.

Our carefully crafted escape rooms have been created with extreme attention to detail. The puzzles are challenging and will require your team to communicate and think creatively and critically as they move around the room.

Game options

In-store – You can choose from one of our four escape games: Playground, The Heist, Gold Rush, or Prison Break. We’ll have everything set up and ready to go for you when you arrive!

The John Maxwell Team Development Package – Take John Maxwell’s DiSC assessment and then play an escape room with your team at TEG. Leaders use the connection guide to lead a team discussion that ties learnings from the assessment to the escape room experience and makes those learnings stick. Leaders also get an Executive Report that has insight into your team’s unique communication style and dynamic. You’ll review this report with a John Maxwell Leadership Coach virtually.

Remote Adventures (Virtual Option) – Play our real escape games from anywhere in the world using our digital dashboard on your screen, and a real-time Game Guide as your eyes, ears, hands, and feet in the room. This works for small teams and large teams. Your team will still be able to work together to solve puzzles and unlock clues to make the daring escape, even when apart!

Unlocked for Teams (Virtual Option) – Unlocked for Teams is our high-pressure, competitive team building experience. Teams of 3–5 will compete to be the first to solve a mystery and stop an infamous art thief!

What others have to say

The options at The Escape Game are awesome. But you don’t have to just take our word for it! Here’s what others have had to say about their time at TEG Las Vegas:

“Prison Break was an amazing game to play. Came with a group of 7 and we all enjoyed ourselves. I would recommend this game and place if you are looking for a good team building/ communication activity for staff or friends.”

“We had the BEST time here! The employees were incredible and the actual escape rooms were so well thought out and complex. Our games had plot twists, puzzles, and a lot more; it really gets you thinking and working as a team.

We will absolutely be coming back to do another. We found the gold and escaped with 10 minutes to spare! We also beat The Heist!”

“Justin and Chris were so helpful and informative. The entire experience was supreme from front to back, they gave us everything we needed, helped us when we needed it but made sure we enjoyed the entire experience.

Such friendly staff and FUN games. We did Heist and it was a blast the entire time. Not too easy but not too difficult, would recommend for everyone!”

“We had such a fun time doing this escape room! We did the gold rush room and were so impressed with the design/set up of the room, the clues, and what we needed to solve. The staff gave us just the right amount of help and we were able to solve our way and beat it with time to spare. We definitely will be back!”

More Fun on the Las Vegas Strip

You’re in the heart of Las Vegas when you visit The Escape Game Las Vegas. Take advantage of the world-class restaurants nearby and grab some delicious food before or after your game.

In-N-Out – A couple blocks away

A crowd favorite, treat your team to an In-N-Out burger after your epic escape from prison. They use only the freshest ingredients with no heat lamps, freezers, or microwaves. They promise to deliver quality you can taste.

Momofuku – A short walk

Momofuku has gained worldwide popularity in recent times for changing the way we eat. David Chang draws influence from all over the world, including the US, Korea, and Japan to create a unique menu. Steamed buns, noodles, meat, and seafood are plentiful.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips – A short walk

Check out this fish and chips spot founded by the world-class chef and television star, Gordon Ramsay. He brings his take on the classic English street food to the LINQ Promenade for an excellent fast-casual meal.