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At The Escape Game, our games are perfect for teams who want to learn and grow together.

Looking for a unique and exciting team building activity? The Escape Game Orlando is a great option! At TEG Orlando, your team will learn and develop skills necessary for a healthy and effective team culture, all while having a blast! 

Your team will have to communicate better than ever, collaborate as if their lives depend on it, and tap into creativity to solve problems and uncover hidden clues. 

Creativity is more important in the workspace than people often realize. When your team feels comfortable taking risks by adding creativity to their everyday work, you’ll discover a team that operates on a higher level than they ever did before. Unfortunately, according to a Gallup survey, only 18% of employees strongly agree that they can take risks at work that could lead to important new products, services, or solutions. You could solve this problem in your workplace by investing in team building activities that encourage creative thinking—like The Escape Game Orlando!

Looking for a virtual option? We’ve got you covered! Your team can experience TEG both in-store and virtually. Read more about our virtual options here.

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Team bonding and team building are totally different but equally valuable. Bring your team members closer together and develop skills that will improve your office culture. The fun of collectively taking on an adventure, combined with the rush of an escape, creates a bond like few other activities can. They don’t even need to escape for this to work! The fun is in the adventure and the shared goal, with high-level teamwork built right in.

Team building with The Escape Game promotes vital skills and habits for any team,
from basic morale-boosting to real communication improvement.

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The Escape Game Is Epic For Everyone

There are clearly lots of awesome places to go in Orlando. We’ve got The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, for goodness’ sake. What makes The Escape Game so epic for team building? Why should you choose this over other places in Orlando?

It’s Immersive. 

To be an immerse, experiential entertainment option in Orlando, you have to be top-notch. We have in-house designers and creators who pay attention to every single detail of our set designs. From the decorations, to robotics, to the intricate puzzles, nothing is there by chance. When your team steps into one of our worlds, they’ll truly feel like they’ve been transported to another place and another time. 

Assess Team Strengths and Weaknesses.

Being a good leader is knowing how to help your team members reach their potential. When working their way through an escape room, you’ll see things in your team members that you probably won’t see in an office setting. We often find people fit into some of these categories:

The Spotter: This person comes in fast and leaves no stone unturned. They are great at noticing the details and collecting clues needed to solve the puzzle. In the workplace, this team member gets the ball rolling in brainstorming sessions. There are few people who can keep up with the fast-paced nature of the spotter’s brain. They see little goals that the team needs to accomplish on the way to the bigger goal. They’re great at getting ideas started when the team is struggling to find that next creative outlet. 

The Orchestrator: The orchestrator keeps lots of complex information in their head. They hold tabs on the team’s progress and contextualize it all within the larger story. They see the tasks and delegate them like a champ. They don’t like when multiple people are too focused on one thing. They want everyone to spread out and get the job done quicker. This person would make a great project manager at your workplace. Their ability to keep complex information sorted and plates spinning is a true gift. 

The Communicator: A great listener, the communicator can quickly assimilate new information and relay is back to their teams. They are great at making sure everyone is working together towards the same goal and that no one is getting stuck. This person is a great team player. They’ll do what’s needed to get the job done. This team member would also be a really solid assistant, willing to put others’ needs above their own. 

The Brain: The brain has a mind for analytics and is adept at discovering patterns, solving challenges, and cracking codes. When others get stuck, their teammates look to them for help. Every team needs this person—the one who is always there when the problem seems unsolvable. Don’t be afraid to throw the hard assignments at the brain. They’re always up for the challenge! 

The Tinkerer: Naturally curious, they have the patience and perspective to view a challenge from different angles until they arrive at that “aha” moment. While others might get frustrated, the tinkerer doesn’t get discouraged. They’ll keep fiddling until they figure it out. While your team member may become quiet for some time, don’t mistake this for resignation or frustration. Just let their mind keep working on the problem until they come up with a solution. 

When you see how your members fit these categories, you’ll know how to set them up for success at work.

Enhance Communication and Collaboration.

Something that can be difficult to navigate, depending on the personality types on your team and the working environment, is communication and collaboration. With so many people working remotely, or even just the effect of the digital age on face-to-face communication, this is something many leaders have to help their teams develop. In an escape room, communication and collaboration are absolutely essential to escaping. You have to be able to work together as you each uncover different clues and work to solve puzzles. You can’t escape alone. Your team will need each other in order to beat the clock. 

People are loving TEG Orlando. Take a look at what they have to say about us:

My first experience at an Escape Room place. I loved it. We did the level 7 Gold Rush 2. We finished with less than 2 minutes left and got help about 3 times.

It was a great team building activity and super fun. The puzzles were very creative and more difficult than I was expecting. I thought I was a pretty smart person, but I overlooked many clues. I only made it out because we worked together as a team.

If you’ve never done this, give it a try. Afterward, they offered us a 40% discount to try another escape right away, but we declined.

Super fun evening!”

“Took our corporate team here for some fun team building time and they did not disappoint.  Staff was great and the rooms were leagues above others I’ve done in Orlando.  Really immersive and really well thought out.  Highly recommend.”

“We went here for our team outing from work! And it was a great experience on top of a great teamwork opportunity. We had opted in to go in “The Heist” escape room. This was my first time and it was thrilling. We got out in the nick of time with 4 minutes left on the clock and the whole thing was amazing. Scavenging for clues to solve various puzzles and figure out one mystery after another while working with your coworkers was very fun.

I highly recommend workplace to take their employees here for a team building opportunity! I know my team had a blast!”

Miller’s Ale House – Down the street

Miller’s Ale House is a local restaurant and sports bar where you can hang out, watch sports, and be yourself. They’re known for a wide variety of food and cocktail specials. They also have a large beer selection with over 75 to choose from. This is a great spot for your team to come unwind after an intense 60 minutes in an escape room. 

Cafe Tu Tu Tango – Down the street

For more than 30 years, Cafe Tu Tu Tango has brought food, art, and fun to Orlando’s tourism corridor. The tapas-style, small-plates menu features a wide array of shareable dishes. You’ll enjoy live entertainment and resident artists working in the restaurant while sipping on craft cocktails, sangria, beer, or wine.

Tapa Toro – Down the street

Inspired by the culture and tradition of authentic Spanish cuisine, Tapa Toro offers a contemporary dining experience unlike any other in Orlando. Your team will enjoy tapas-style dining, a full-service bar and Flamenco dancing. After escaping with Clyde Hamilton’s gold or narrowly fixing your spacecraft in time, you can be transported to an evening in Spain at Tapa Toro

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