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The Very Best of Team Building

The Escape Game is an epic team building exercise! Together your group can become a more effective team, improve their communication skills, collaborate on problem solving, and just have a good time!

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The Escape Game Minneapolis is a great team building outing that develops communication and problem solving skills.

after team building at The Escape Game

after team building at The Escape Game

Small Groups

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Large Groups

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Located in Mall of America

300 East Broadway
The Escape Game Minneapolis
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The Escape Game Minneapolis



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A Fun Activity and Team Building Experience

According to Gallup, “a strong company culture is a competitive advantage.” At The Escape Game Minneapolis, we understand the value in having a positive attitude around the office. We know how important it is to bring your team to activities that will create, develop, and sustain a strong, healthy culture.

Escape room team building can do more for your team beyond a boost in company culture. If you’re looking to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your team, we can help with that too.

Boosting Morale

People love working in a positive environment where they feel valued and useful. One of the most effective ways to hire talented, creative employees and have them invest a time commitment into your company, is to create a dynamic, lively work environment.

How does The Escape Game Minneapolis inspire your team and boost morale? First, the opportunity to just get out of the office and have exciting experiences together already puts your team in a great mood. It shows your team you care about them as individuals and you want to do your part to make the company an awesome one to work for. Whether you’re a small or a large group, your members will also be able to gain skills in communication, collaboration, and leadership.

Available Escape Rooms

The Escape Game escape rooms will keep your team on their toes guessing until the very last second! During their mad rush to escape in a 60 minute time limit, their ability to communicate will be tested, their willingness to collaborate will be essential, and ultimately, they’ll either win or lose together as a team. Let’s take a look at the stories you can choose from at The Escape Game Minneapolis!

Gold Rush: For nearly two centuries, the hope of gold has lured people to the hills of Northern  California. No one was captivated more than Clyde Hamilton, a greedy gold prospector who loved to gamble.

Clyde made too many bets with the wrong crowd and now he’s missing. You’ve been tipped off to where he stashed his gold… but so has the mob. Find it first!

Mission: Mars: You’ve just landed on the red planet for an exploratory mission, but your spacecraft experienced some major damage on the descent. Unfortunately, there is a larger problem at hand: a large fatal amount of cosmic radiation is heading towards Mars, which will cause serious damage to the control systems, making it impossible to get back home. You have exactly 60 minutes to repair your ship and launch if you ever want to see Earth again.

The Heist: Your world-class espionage outfit has landed you inside a prestigious art museum. A recently stolen masterpiece is presumed hidden within the office of the museum’s egotistical curator, Vincent Hahn. With the help of your intelligence agent on the outside, you have one hour to find your way into Hahn’s office, recover the painting, and slip away before Hahn returns.

Prison Break: The year is 1955. You’ve been wrongfully accused of a crime, and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Your new “home” is a cell that once belonged to an inmate who disappeared without a trace…or did he?

Some claim he escaped. Others swear he was murdered by the infamously cruel warden. But no one actually knows… Can you escape before you suffer the same fate?

Special Ops: Mysterious Market: You and your fellow field agents were sent to investigate the area’s local market. It’s late, it’s quiet…but something isn’t quite right. Just as you are about to wrap up your inspection, you encounter a twist you never expected. Should you have seen this coming?

Expert Craftsmanship

With a dedicated team of designers, set managers, and prop specialists, our escape rooms are expertly crafted. Each is built entirely from scratch at our in-house warehouse, with careful attention given to every detail. When inside our escape rooms, you’ll definitely notice the designs, props, and even robotics! With a team that makes all of these different elements come to life, your group will truly feel like they’ve walked into a different world.

Virtual Options

Can’t play together in real life and looking for a virtual option? We’ve got you covered! You can sign your team up for a virtual escape game. This is great for teams of three or even teams of 1,000. We can make it work for you!

Gone are the days of mailing s’mores kits and hot chocolate bombs to your team or simple ice breaker activities. Sign up for an epic adventure that each member can play from their own home, even when miles apart. You’ll have a real-time Game Guide in the room, being your eyes, ears, hands, and feet. You may not be there physically, but you’ll still be immersed in our epic worlds.

The Escape Game Minneapolis Reviews

See what other teams have to say about their experience at The Escape Game Minneapolis!

“My experience today was phenomenal! The staff create a welcoming atmosphere that just gets you pumped to crack the code and escape. They really seem to care about the customer’s experience. After you complete the room they ask for constructive feedback to improve their games.

This factor separates the good establishment from the bad…If you are looking for a challenge that is fun, hard, and team building then The Escape Game is perfect for your occasion. And remember, the key to all the puzzles are right in front of you. All you have to do is think outside the box.”

“This was a fun team building event for work! I’ll be going back with the family, so much fun!”

“Would highly recommend! The staff was amazing and helpful. Our team-building group of 42 people had a great time in each of our games!”

“We had a corporate team building event there. Two teams vied against one another to solve The Heist. We had a great time! Both teams escaped, one with just 1 second to spare! My team is already asking about doing another.”

“I had a great time with my team here! This place is for those who love solving puzzles. I was on my toes the whole time, intrigued by every small detail of the room.

This is also a great place for team building. My team and I were really impressed, and I can’t wait to return!”

What to Eat Nearby

The Escape Game Minneapolis is located inside the Mall of America, so there is plenty to do while you wait for your game or to celebrate your escape! Grab a bite at one of the many nearby restaurants.

Hazelwood Food and Drink – Across the street

At Hazelwood Food and Drink, an inviting atmosphere meets expertly crafted food and drinks. Enjoy their delicious and fresh take on modern comfort food. Whether you go for their wood fired pizza, or burgers, you won’t leave disappointed. 

Cadillac Ranch – Also located in the Mall of America

Cadillac Ranch is an eclectic mix of great food, amazing drinks, outstanding service, and a fun and entertaining experience. You can grab anything from steaks, burgers, pasta, salad, and so much more. If your epic escape wasn’t enough, see who on your team can last the longest on the mechanical bull!

Chevys Fresh Mex – Across the street

Chevys Fresh Mex serves Mexican food, carefully made from scratch by real people from really fresh ingredients. You’ve got to try their soft tortillas made from scratch for each order or order some guacamole and watch as they smash them fresh at your table! For Chevys, Fresh Mex is more than just a menu slogan.