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The Very Best of Team Building

The Escape Game combines problem solving and communication skill development into an impactful, adventure-based, fun activity. Whether you’re a smaller team, large group, or have remote team members, you can become a more effective team by playing an escape room together!

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The Escape Game King Of Prussia is an awesome team building outing that boosts morale and develops communication.

after team building at The Escape Game

after team building at The Escape Game

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Located in the King of Prussia Mall

160 North Gulph Road
King of Prussia,
The Escape Game King Of Prussia
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The Escape Game King of Prussia



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The Escape Game Is Epic For Everyone

Team building with The Escape Game develops essentials skills necessary for any thriving team, from positive morale and attitude to real communication improvement.

Collectively tackling an adventure and the rush of an escape, creates a unified bond like few other activities can. A team doesn’t even need to escape for this to be a successful team building activity. The fun is in the adventure, the strategy, and the shared goal of escaping together.

The Research Behind Team Building

According to this Science for Work team building article, the actual definition of a team building activity can often be vague or unclear. When researching the best approaches for team building, you’ll find it’s difficult to settle on one definition, because it’s different for every team.

For some, the objective may be to improve a team’s general functionality. For others team building could be more about conflict resolution and problem solving skills. Other teams may be looking to build morale and improve company culture.

While distinct activity definitions are varied, one thing researchers can agree on is the ideal location for a team building event. Research shows how important it is to get out of the office and host your team building activity in a space unrelated to your team’s day-to-day work space. That’s where The Escape Game King of Prussia comes in! Our escape rooms couldn’t be more different than your work environment in the best way possible.

Investing in an epic, out-of-office team building adventure for your company is a great way to switch up your company dynamic. Whether you play The Escape Game in real life, or via video conference your team will learn valuable skills for success and work towards developing a more vibrant, inclusive team culture.

The Goal of Your Team Building

One of the most important things to decide when planning a team building activity is the objective. What are you trying to accomplish for your group? The following are common goals teams have.

Discover strengths and weaknesses.

An effective team is one who identifies potential issues before they arise. No one wants to be stuck in an uncomfortable work situation because of poor communication or collaboration. Create a list together and learn what you need to do to help your team improve overall.

Instead of asking asking icebreaker questions in a trust circle, playing The Escape Game allows team members to discover their group’s strengths and weaknesses in a fun and safe environment. Individuals can show their leadership and critical thinking skills. At the same time, a pressurized situation can also reveal communication breakdowns in the group. Collectively team members are all a necessary part of the group’s successful escape!

Learn to communicate.

Communication is vital to a team’s success. You need to be able to count on your team to communicate clearly and effectively when you’re working against a looming deadline. When your team is rushing to figure out clues and codes, they’ll learn how to communicate like champs have better collaborative project management skills back at the office.

Build relationships.

If you’ve ever gone through an intense experience with someone else, you understand how quickly walls can come down and relationships can formed. When your team steps into an escape room, they’ll be immersed in an action-packed 60 minutes of intense adventure. After discovering clues and solving puzzles together, they’ll walk away knowing each other significantly better than they did before.

Build trust.

Just like you need to trust that you’ve hired the right people for the team, your team needs to know that they can trust each other. When a team member feels heard during a tough puzzle in an escape room, they’ll trust their teammates to also listen to their ideas in the workplace. When the group notices a teammate take charge and delegate tasks, they’ll be more likely to trust that person as an effective office leader.

Trust is important to a healthy work atmosphere. The Escape Game King of Prussia offers a unique and fun way to build it. Better than a trust fall? We think so.

Have fun!

Sometimes what your team needs is fun. Maybe you don’t need to assess strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps your team has been together for a long time and already has healthy trust and strong relationships. Maybe it’s just time to celebrate all the wins your team has accomplished over the years!

Wondering how you can possibly tackle all of these goals with just one team building exercise? The good news is, The Escape Game King of Prussia can help you achieve multiple team building goals all at the same time!

What Others Have to Say

Whether your team can join in person, or you choose our virtual option, The Escape Game King of Prussia is a great choice for your next team building activity. Take a look at what others have had to say:

“We did the gold rush game with our staff and had an absolutely amazing time! I’ve done many escape rooms in the past (15 +) and this was BY FAR the best one I’ve ever seen or experienced.

The actual game was a ton of fun, and creative with surprises around every corner. The staff (particularly Liz) was super fun and our team made great memories together. We can’t wait to go back again!!!”

“We arrived and had the opportunity to attempt Gold Rush. Liz and the team have really gone the extra mile to create a great experience.

While I haven’t done many Escape Rooms prior, my expectations were consistently exceeded and I found myself truly enjoying the experience.

Great team building experience. Would highly recommend it for groups as well.”

“First of all, I love doing any Escape Room, but not all are created equal. I’ve done several Escape Rooms, but this was my first time at The Escape Games King of Prussia and I WILL BE BACK! The room I did was the Gold Rush.

It was amazing! So interactive. So many hidden surprises. Several rooms in one adventure. It was just great.

I don’t want to give too many details and spoil it, but it is definitely worth it. I loved every bit of it. Can’t wait to do the other rooms.”

“We have done two Escape Games at this location: Playground and The Heist. Both were very well designed, intricately detailed and a lot of fun. We also really appreciated that the staff are paying close attention to your experience and are easily able to communicate hints in a timely manner. We have done over 15 escape rooms and we all agreed that these have been of the highest caliber and our favorites.”

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