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The Escape Game is perfect for teams who want to improve communication skills and become a more effective team together. Whether you want team bonding, need to work on problem solving skills, or are just looking for a fun activity option, The Escape Game Dallas is your next adventure!

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The Escape Game Dallas helps teams develop problem solving, communication, and critical thinking skills.

after team building at The Escape Game

after team building at The Escape Game

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The Escape Game Dallas
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Bring Your Team To The Escape Game

Team building is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. From big corporations to small companies, everyone is looking for ways to bring large groups of people together to improve company culture. Ice breakers are a great place to start, but what happens after you’ve exhausted the quick, in-office options.

At this point, it’s important to consider a team building event. People love to feel like the place they work values them as an employee. By investing in your team members, you as team leader demonstrate that you care. At the same time, you’re also allowing team members to develop their own skills and flourish professionally in the office and on the job.

What can The Escape Game Dallas do for your team?

Enhance Team Morale: When a team is dissatisfied in their workplace and with the people they work alongside, it negatively affects workflow. A happy team is a productive team. Creating opportunities for a team to bond as co-workers and experience the fun of an escape room will both improve morale and positively affect the overall company culture.

Improve Collaboration: In most workplaces, people will have to work together on various projects and goals, on both a small and large scale. Successful collaboration involves clear communication, mutual respect, and a common goal. The Escape Game encompasses all three of those markers.

As they find clues and discover new locks and codes, teammates need to communicate those things to each other in order to escape within a 60-minute time limit. They will need to collaborate to solve one puzzle after the next, as many involve more than one person to complete. A shared goal comes baked into the thesis of an escape room. The point is to escape!

These three elements can be experienced and improved as your group works together. Give your team an opportunity to learn new things about the way they each work. When faced with a new and exciting challenge, you’ll be surprised what comes out of people!

Encourage Creativity: The ability to be creative and think outside of the box are the keys to innovation. According to a Gallup survey, only 29% of workers agree that they’re expected to be creative or think of new ways to do things at work. Break that mold and encourage creativity!

Finding unique solutions to solve puzzles and codes is a quintessential element of an escape room. Your team will have to be creative in order to figure everything out, especially if they don’t use any clues!

Virtual Options

Are you looking for a virtual escape room team building option? The Escape Game has you covered with multiple options. Beyond multiple online options, our team will oversee all the logistics so that your team can maximize the experience.

This activity beyonds a virtual murder mystery party. Gone are the days of having to mail packets of s’mores and make-your-own-hot-chocolate kits to your team.  All you need to play The Escape Game virtually is an internet connection.

First, your team will join a Zoom call. Then they can play a hosted and guided adventure from the comfort of their home or work spaces. A virtual event from The Escape Game is limited either. Teammates can play virtually, in real life, or in a hybrid situation.

Your group can be the next of thousands of teams who have taken the adventure online. Read more about our virtual team building options for your next epic team building adventure!

What Others Have to Say

Many teams have chosen to team build with The Escape Game. Here’s what they, and other former players, have to say about The Escape Game Dallas:

“Quality and professional escape game! Our group had a lot of fun and had to work together to beat the room. Well designed for teamwork!”

“An adventure-quest packed with mystery where you must find clues and solve riddles in a very detailed, well thought out, and beautifully designed set. Not only is the gameplay on par with “theme park-like” quality and detail, the staff members are very helpful and quite understanding of recurring “learning curves” that new and seasoned escapees encounter (I can only imagine how hard they are laughing as they watch the screens 🤣). While I’ve enjoyed a few escape rooms over the years (some successes, and some not), the sets that The Escape Room Dallas offer to their customers will keep me coming back!”

Food Near The Escape Game Dallas

Another part of your team building event can include sharing a meal together. Do you need something conveniently located? Check out these spots close by The Escape Game Dallas.

Blue Goose Cantina

The foundation of Blue Goose Cantina is creating delicious handmade food, high-quality drinks, top-notch service, and a super fun atmosphere. The most important key is mixing all those elements together for a special experience for each diner. They guarantee to serve all of these elements without guests needing to sacrifice one for the other.

Grapevine Mills

Right around the corner from The Escape Game Dallas is the mall. If you’ve got a casual group with drastically different tastes, try taking them to the food court in Grapevine Mills. That way each team member can have a meal they feel satisfied with.


When in doubt, choose Chick-Fil-A. From market salads to juicy chicken sandwiches and signature waffle fries, this is a great option for a yummy and quick meal together.