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38 Thoughts From My First Experience at The Escape Game

Here are 38 real-time thoughts that I had while playing The Escape Game for the very first time!

May 3, 20213 min read

Anecia Ascalon
Anecia Ascalon
Team Building Expert

I Still Remember The First Time I Learned About The Escape Game.

On the back of a car, with the signature lock logo, was “I Escaped!” boldly proclaimed on a red and black bumper sticker.

Escaped what??

Escape rooms had been around for years and yet, I’d never heard of them, let alone played! Never even came close. Well all that changed on April 9, 2021 when I FINALLY crossed the entrance into my first escape room adventure, The Depths.

Here are 38 real-time thoughts that I had while playing The Escape Game for the very first time!

Walking In…


i'm impressed gif

2. This is like the Universal Studios backlot!! I seriously feel like I’m on a movie set. And I’m the star hehe 🤩

3. Looking at our team like… We are definitely going to escape.

my team is so stacked gif

4. I’m so excited! Let’s start!! I want to touch EVERYTHING.

Getting Started…

5. Okay team, we only have an hour. Time to get down to business!! (…to defeat the Hun…) okay FOCUS.

6. I found a clue! 🙌🏼 At least I think it’s a clue…there are so many objects in here and I know all of them have a purpose. But what goes with what?

7. Hmm… 🤔

8. This thing on the wall!! It goes with this other thing on the wall!! We’re finally on to something! This one requires some teamwork. Love it!

hands in gif

Solving Puzzles…

9. We did it guys!! 👏

10. Ooo something just opened!!

11. Hmm, another clue. What is this supposed to be used for? What have we already used in the room? 🤔

12. Oh, I think I’m on to something!!

13. I literally feel like I’m some kind of super cool detective🕵️

14. Do the people watching think I look smart right now?


what, it's hard? gif

16. There is no better feeling than this in the whole world.

Moving Forward…

17. Loving all these story videos. Whoa, what’s that noise? It feels like our ship is moving…

18. We made it to the next room!!

oooooo gif

19. This is so cool!! Once again, I want to touch EVERYTHING.


21. Must find clues, must find clues, must find clues…I’m starting to panic a little.

22. Fish! 😍 🐠

23. I found another clue!! Oh wait a minute…I don’t think I was supposed to take this down. Oops 😬

24. This puzzle we’re trying to figure out doesn’t make any sense.

25. I think we’re stuck. Should we ask for a clue? I love that we can ask for as many clues as we want!

confused gif

26. Nice, we got it!! WOOP WOOP!! 🎉

27. Wait, we only have 7 minutes left?? 🚨 PANIC PANIC PANIC🚨

28. Okay team it is time to FOCUS.

focus gif

29. It looks like this is the final puzzle. But what are we missing? Can we have another clue please?

30. Only 3 minutes left??

31. So…are we not going to escape? 🥺

32. This is not the time to give up!! We can solve this team!

33. Wait a minute, did we just solve the final puzzle? I can’t believe we actually did it!

let's go gif


35. Okay, only 30 seconds left. Let’s launch this submarine!!

36. Wait, do we have everyone?? Okay yes, all crew members are accounted for.

37. Our ship is moving! Did we do it? Did we do it?? We did it! WE ESCAPED!! 🥳 🏆

applause gif

38. So…when are we booking the next game? 😏

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