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The Very Best of Team Building

The Escape Game is a fantastic, fun activity for team bonding and improving company culture. Whether you want to become a stronger team, celebrate a client victory, or develop professional skills, an escape room is the perfect team building opportunity.

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The Escape Game Austin is an exciting team event that boosts morale and develops communication.

after team building at The Escape Game

after team building at The Escape Game

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Located in Downtown Austin

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The Escape Game Is Epic For Everyone!

For a 60-minute time limit, your team enters a high-stakes situation where communication and collaboration are the keys to success. Large groups and small teams have the opportunity to disregard job standings and work together towards a common goal in a fun game. 

In a recent survey, 90% of companies told us that their team meeting event at The Escape Game strengthened team communication.100% of survey participants said that the outing boosted morale. People love using escape rooms as team builders!

Who Team Builds at The Escape Game?

Organizations come to The Escape Game Austin for a multitude of reasons. Some are looking for a creative way to say “thank you” to a team of epic interns. Others are working to develop a group of new leaders and want to sharpen communication skills.

Some companies even make us a part of their hiring process! Most just want their employees to have a great time. For all of these reasons and more, The Escape Game Austin is an awesome team building option. The escape experience is very likely to be the best part of your conference, convention, event, or team outing.

Escape Game Environments

Are escape rooms scary and dark? Are they cheesy or really easy to solve? Just a bunch of locks and boxes? Nope! Maybe that is what you’ve seen on TVs, but that in no way resembles our experiences.

Watch this video to see inside a few of our escape rooms. Our sets are immersive, with challenging puzzles and epic stories. Your experience with us will definitely change your perception of escape rooms.

Live and Virtual Options

Our Austin location offers both real life and online team building activities and events. Events at The Escape Game Austin are great for teams big and small. We can host your team of 3 or put together a virtual event for a team of 1,000+ people. We’ve got events that are great for teams working from home, in an office, or are in a hybrid situation.

In-store experiences: Come play one of our 5 immersive in-store experiences. Game options include Prison Break, Playground, Classified, The Heist and Gold Rush. 

The John Maxwell Team Development Package: Take John Maxwell’s DiSC assessment and then play an escape room with your team at The Escape Game. Leaders use the connection guide to lead a team discussion that ties learnings from the assessment to the escape room experience and makes those learnings stick.

Leaders also get an Executive Report that has insight into your team’s unique communication style and dynamic. You’ll review this report with a John Maxwell Leadership Coach virtually. Learn more by clicking here.

Remote Adventures (Virtual Option): Play our real escape games from anywhere in the world. Great for small teams and huge events. Learn more about Remote Adventures by clicking here

Unlocked for Teams (Virtual Option): Unlocked for Teams is our high-pressure competitive team building experience. Teams of 3-5 will compete to be the first to solve a mystery and stop an infamous art thief. Learn more about Unlocked for Teams on our Virtual Team Building Page.

The Escape Game Team Personalities

Escape game success is dependent on a wide range of skill sets and personalities. You’ll be surprised who takes the lead, who brings the whole team together and who has the big “aha” moment.

There are a few player types and team leaders we see most frequently in our team building events.

  • The Brain: An analytical mind that is quick to see a pattern and crack a code.
  • The Communicator: The Communicator is a great listener that can quickly assimilate new info and relay it to the team.
  • The Spotter: The Spotter is observant and is the first to notice something that changes the course of the experience.
  • The Orchestrator: The Orchestrator can take a lot of complex information and direct team members through a series of small steps towards victory.
  • The Tinkerer: The Tinkerer is naturally curious. They are patient and will approach challenges from new angles until finally something clicks.

In an escape game, everyone is equal and everyone is absolutely crucial to the mission’s success. A successful team is one that has numerous personalities that can gel together. Bring your team together and see those personalities, skills, and talents at work!

What Other Teams Have to Say

What about escape rooms compared to other team building activities? A trust fall may build trust (or may not) and happy hour may be fun, but an escape game is likely to be the most fun team activity you’ll ever do and will build your team more than traditional team building experiences. But don’t just take out word for it! Here’s what a few happy teams had to say:

“Looking for a great Team Building outing??? So were we 2 years ago. We cannot get enough TEG. We have completed (and escaped) Prison Break, Heist, and Gold Rush.

Now it’s become a staple around our office that other departments are planning their Escape Games to challenge our times.”

“This was the perfect idea for a team outing! We did the “Playground” room and it had a 6/10 difficulty. It was challenging for our team but we managed to escape in the last few seconds.

It really made our team think outside the box and get creative and really build up each other’s strengths. Would absolutely recommend it for a great team building exercise!”

“What a perfect team building experience! We had a blast! Can’t wait to come back!”

“We actually went as a group from work for some team building – absolutely strengthened relationships and created a fun dynamic to exercise our problem solving skills.”

“We went to the Escape Game for a team building event and had a ton of fun. I have done an escape room activity in Miami before (different company) and I felt that The Escape Game had a far superior facility and was way more high-tech. The staff was all very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this location for anyone looking for something fun to do or a team building activity.”

“My company uses Escape rooms for our team building events every time we get together as a group throughout the year. We have gone through 9 now, including some internationally. This brand is by far the best”

“This is the third escape room I’ve done, and by far the most engaging and well-produced! The satisfying “voilas” and automatic hatches opening allowed the group to focus on the puzzles themselves versus the environment, and there was a palpable build of excitement each time a puzzle was solved.

We were a group of 9 engineers so I wasn’t sure how much engagement there would be from the group, but everyone got into it and had a blast. One of the best team-building activities I’ve ever done. Bravo!”

Local Eats

Looking for food before or after your experience? Here are a few of our favorite neighborhood options:

Austin Taco Project

This one is just a 1 minute walk from The Escape Game Austin in the Hilton Austin. They offer both “old school” tacos like carnitas and brisket and “new school” hits like Curry Shrimp. They also have private rooms for events.

Cannon & Belle

Just a two minute walk from The Escape Game Austin. They call their unique farm-to-table offerings “Tex Fresh.” They offer breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and some pretty epic desserts.

Chez Nous

Just a 4 minute stroll from our location in Austin, Chez Nous is some of the best food in the area. Simply great French cuisine. Bon Appetit!