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3 Steps For Delivering Epic Service

Jul 4, 2019

At The Escape Game, we have three simple steps that we follow daily to ensure we are delivering EPIC experiences for every single guest. These steps are designed for our business, but are applicable to any company.

Discover What Your Guests Want.

Anticipate your guests’ needs. Collect clues and connect dots until you understand what they are looking to gain from their experience with your company. Remember, you should consider your approach as “one size fits one.” Each guest should be treated as a VIP–a Very Individual Person.

Serve Guests Politely, Enthusiastically, and Efficiently.

You should always encourage your team members to smile, smile, smile. Use your guests’ names whenever possible. Research shows that just about everyone likes hearing their own name. Every guest should feel like they were the most exciting part of your day. You will (probably) never get a complaint that you were too enthusiastic. Finally, serving your guests efficiently means that speed and accuracy matter.

Go Above and Beyond.

At TEG, we like to say that Mars is the limit for how we can serve our guests and each other. This makes sense for us since we hav a game centered around trying to escape Mars. You might be able to create a similar saying for your company that helps your team members understand how they can best serve your guests.

Going above and beyond means doing more than a guest expects. This doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have already spent time listening to the guests and learning what they want, you can find simple ways to make their experience with you really special to them.

Here are some fun examples of how we go above and beyond at TEG, which may help you find ways that you can tailor the idea to your company:

-Recommending awesome restaurants or things to do in the area

-Making dinner reservations for a couple celebrating an anniversary

-Coordinating a marriage proposal in one of our games

-Calming down scared kids with toys or coloring books

-Giving superfans a special behind-the-scenes tour

-Giving a signed card to guests on their birthday