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4 Leadership Styles for Managers

Jul 17, 2019

As a manager, it’s vitally important that you never lead with your mood. Instead, your leadership style should match the individual person and the project, goal, or situation. The more leadership styles you have available, the more flexible and successful your team will be. You can be ready for any situation as long as you can properly lead your team.

Building a huge arsenal of leadership styles takes a lot of time and experience through successes and failures. However, you can make a lot of progress with a few key styles of leadership. Here are the 4 leadership styles every manager should have at their disposal.


A Coach builds a strong team by being supportive and helping individuals to hone their skills.

To employ the “coach” method of leadership, you must find each team member’s strengths and emphasize them. The best way to do so is to continuously encourage each person by highlighting those doing it right, and gently correcting anything that is done wrong. As a result, you are taking a one-size-fits-one approach with each member of the team.


Encourage your team to get the job done to specification.

Be clear, decisive, confident, and direct. Define a proven path to success and help your team move quickly towards the end goal.


Empower team members by fostering trust and autonomy.

Organize the team’s tasks through clear delegation with expectations outlined in writing, and then get out of the way. Empower the team to make critical decisions and work through problems on their own. Give full decision making power and reinforce your high level of trust and confidence in their work.


Gain buy-in through inclusive decision-making.

Ensure all team members feel heard. Encourage the team to challenge leadership and colleagues alike and “let the best idea win.” Get as close to consensus as possible; everyone should feel included.

These four styles are a great start for any new manager trying to find their way when leading a team. Of course, you will level-up your management skills over time and have plenty more ways to lead, motivate, and train your team, but you should never forget these 4 styles.